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Which Is The Best Password Manager For Chrome?

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Chrome is a widely and most often used browser for almost everyone. Whether it’s on our android device, our laptop, or computer; we all trust chrome to be a suitable and quality browser for all our instant search engine needs.

But even with the ease and quality of user experience, comes the security of our personal details and credentials. And for that, we can always trust suitable password managers to be by our side for securing our personal details.

And when it comes to using them on Chrome, it has always been a versatile browser option by providing us the accessibility of all the best password manager plugins. This includes some of the best password managers like Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password, etc.  

But when it comes to actually have a suitable password manager’s plugin on our Chrome, one might also think if it is even necessary or not. And as a matter of fact, since we’re most likely to head on to Chrome for all our searches and major internet needs; it’s obvious that we might get in contact with sites that aren’t secure or trustworthy. 

At times like these, our personal details/credentials are most likely to be leaked or hacked by a scammer, without even making us alarmed. Now, this can cause great trouble to us, all in unwanted ways. Hence, it’s always better and smarter to have a security plugin available to serve you at all times. That is why to help you figure out Which password manager would serve you well on Chrome too; we’ve aligned a list of the top 10 along with their details. 

Password managers For Chrome Are listed.

LastPassFree version available with limited features – $6.00 – $48.00/ Yearly subscription
DashlaneAvailable for free with a lot of great features – $59.99 – $119.99/ Yearly subscription
RoboFormFree plan available for serving users best from one device – $2.88 – $47.75/ Yearly subscription
EnpassFree version available with limited access – $11.99/Yearly subscription
1Password 30-day free trial of each plan available – $35.88 – $95.88/ Yearly subscription
KeeperFree trial of 14 days for Business plan only – $19.99 – $59.97/ Yearly subscription
BlurFree version available – $39.00 – $99.00/ Yearly subscription
Zoho VaultFree version available – $ 43.20 – $75.60/Yearly Subscription. 
BitWardenOnly available for a 7-day free trial for each subscription package – $10.00 – $12.00/ yearly subscription. 
MykiAvailable for a one-week free trial – $47.88/Yearly subscription.

1. LastPass:

 This password manager is perfect and the best option for everyone, as it doesn’t serve as a great Chrome password manager but is also available on other platforms. 

This feature helps you easily sync your details on any and every device or platform you require. Amazing, right? But that’s not all to this top password manager for Chrome, as it also comes as an easy-to-install extension with all the necessary security features accessible on your Chrome browser.

2. Dashlane:

 Whether you need the best password manager for other devices or platforms or one for chrome; Dashlane serves you well. As it serves with clean, smooth, and extra smart features; that combine to make it a superb Chrome plugin that is worth trusting in. 

Also, it has a one-click system for enabling and utilizing every feature helps you save a lot of time and manage your passwords easily. Although, it’s highly preferred and suitable to simply head-on for the paid version of Dashlane; as it serves the best.

3. RoboForm:

 Even with the presence of a browser extension and an app of RoboForm, its Chrome extension is one of the best options to opt for. This easy-to-use password manager’s Chrome extension makes it one of the best with its decent and quality features along with the offline access and local storage it offers. Also, since it also provides you with the decent and smart features of password generating and two-factor authentication; it’s definitely worth it.

4. Enpass:

 Since Enpass is the first-ever offline password manager that works on Chrome, it’s definitely a worth trying option for everyone. But that’s definitely not all the reasons to head on for Enpass as your Chrome password manager extension. 

And that’s simply because it has got a lot more to offer than just offline availability. This includes the amazingly versatile working of this chrome password manager, along with the extra secure working it offers.

5. 1Password:

 The amazingly simple and extremely easy-to-use features of 1Password, makes it a super smooth password manager for Chrome. And along with that, 1Password’s browser extension serves you with all the smart and needed features that might be a great benefit for anyone. 

Yet, with all that, the worth praising feature of 1Password is simply the fact that it automatically catches all the passwords from websites you visit. Like, can you find a more advanced working password manager for Chrome than this?

6. Keeper:

 This versatile password manager serves well on all platforms. Hence, if you’re someone utilizing it as a Chrome extension; you’re sure to avail yourself one too many features from it. This literally means A LOT of smart and helpful features are available on the browser extension. 

Some of them include device syncing, password generating, and record sharing; altogether working as a safe and secure option. And even though there’s no completely free plan by Keeper for you to utilize; it’s still a worth it option for everyone to invest in.

7. Blur:

 Want to have a better hold on the security of your credentials? Now there are a lot of people out there who are highly conscious about the security of their personal details. Hence, it’s hard for them to go for a decent password manager. 

But that’s nothing to worry about, as blur serves as the best extra-secure password manager option for Chrome. And so, through the Chrome browser extension of Blur; you’ll surely see the extra secure working it’ll serve you with.

8. Zoho Vault:

 This is a Chrome extension of Zoho Business Suite Software and is a perfect option for a password manager for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Although, this Chrome extension of Zoho Vault doesn’t only serve you well as a password manager; but rather also provides you with the general Zoho software. 

Now using this password manager as a Chrome extension isn’t all easy and sorted; as it comes with labeling and detailed data saving features. But it still adds an extra touch of secrecy and data security for you, while serving you well as a Chrome password manager.

9. BitWarden:

 If you’re looking for a to-the-point password manager option for your Chrome, then BitWarden’s chrome extension is surely enough for you. As it silently serves you as a suitable and smart password securing option, it’s everything you’ll ever need.

Also, the fact that this password manager’s Chrome extension works as an easy and pleasantly serving option; while providing you with all the needed features like password generating, etc. – all make it a highly suitable Chrome password manager.

10. Myki:

 Since almost every password manager requires you to remember the master password, it’s always a struggle to remember that one too (for most of us), right? Well, that’s exactly why this chrome password manager serves the forgetful users in the best way too. 

That is mainly because of the fact that its Chrome extension allows you to create a Myki Pin instead of a master password. Hence, there is no way you’ll have to remember that long and hard password here. 

But that’s not all here, as Myki’s Chrome extension also serves as a highly organized password manager option. This means that you get all the ease-giving features here; like for one, you don’t have to keep switching between different devices in order to sign in to the vault.

Final Verdict:

We are most likely to visit all our major and important websites through Chrome. That is why it’s important to ensure that we have a suitable and quality password manager that would secure our credentials while we roam around browsing all along the day. this would not just give us a better user experience, but also the benefit of availing all the extra features a good password manager’s Chrome extension has to offer.

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