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At PrivacyCrypts, we earn an affiliate commission when you purchase any service or products listed on our site. When you click on a link present in our content and decide to buy the service or product, the provider pays us a finder’s fee. 

Our team reviewed several VPN providers, antivirus software, and password managers. We only earn affiliate commission from the providers listed on our websites and nothing except them. If we add any new partners to our list, we update the readers about them. 

We always believe in being honest and authentic with our readers. For this reason, we present 100% impartial and unbiased content to the readers. Thus, we also criticize their flaws and suggest ways to improve. We do not aim to develop any commercial relationship with any of the products or services we recommend. Our sole purpose is to inform and educate the readers and to bring them close to some of the best discount deals available on the web. 

Almost every website you see on the internet makes a profit via affiliate commission, and there’s nothing wrong with it if they disclose this information to the readers. Therefore, to remain honest and transparent with the readers, we have disclosed this information and looking forward to your support. 

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