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How Secure is 1password – Let’s Review It.

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1password review

In this 1Password review, we will be detailing all the aspects like security, features, pricing, reliability, user-reviews, and testing results.

Ever heard of 1Password’s Password manager? Now I’m sure we’ve all heard of this as one of the best password managers. But is it really one of the best password managers out there, or it’s just some people’s opinion? Now don’t worry if you aren’t sure of all that. As all the fuss about 1Password’s password manager has made to review it in detail. 

So if you aren’t sure if you should trust this password manager with your credentials and passwords, and if you’re new to trusting any password manager; we’ve got you covered with our detailed 1password review below.

Without further ado, let’s just go ahead and discover 1Password already!

Security Overview Of 1Password

Understanding the features offered by a password manager is always the major concern so that you can understand if it serves according to your needs. Now keeping that aspect in mind, we’ve aligned below all the important features offered by 1Password; along with their short overview.

WatchtowerHelps get an insight into the strength and weaknesses of passwords you add in the vault.
2-factor authenticationIt ensures that all your passwords and other credentials are secure and not compromised with even the software itself. 
Syncing on multiple devicesthis feature gives a smooth and smart user-experience
Password generatorusers can create strong passwords that reduce the chances of being hacked or compromised easily.
Backup and recovery of data backup or recover your passwords and credentials from other devices or on new devices – without going through many struggles.
Mobile app supportUsers can easily avail mobile applications to ensure your online activity is safe on smartphone let it be Android or iOS.
Browser extension supportOffers a variety of browser extension support, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
Auto-fill formsEliminates the struggle and time-taken in filling the form online
Auto-import of passwordsEnsures that it imports them from your vault and enters them in the right place; helping you save your time and effort.

Benefits of Using 1Password

Before you head onto using a password manager that offers reasonable features to you, are you even aware of the benefits you gain through it? Now understanding the benefits is very important, especially when you have a variety of options to choose from. In this way, you can figure out which password manager serves you well in the benefits you’re looking for. 

Now to understand all that you gain through 1Password, let’s go ahead and discover some of its benefits below:

1. Addition of Travel Mode:

If you’re someone who travels frequently, this feature and benefit would surely serve you as one of the best ones. Since 1Password ensures that during your travel journey, you get to move your entire phone’s data in the vault by the click of a single button. 

And further on your journey, if you face any phone theft or find your phone missing; you can be sure that all your phone’s data is stored in the vault and no one can access it. And after you find your phone or get a new device, you can simply restore the data on your phone with the help of a single tap.

2. Customizable Vaults:

Storing all you’re passwords and credentials in a single vault can be quite a mess while making you take a great time to find the password or detail you’re looking for. But with the help of 1Password’s Password Manager, you can simply customize the entry of your password in the vault. 

This means that you can characterize all your basic passwords and details and the ones that are important and work-related. This characterization feature can further be customized into different folders according to the type of passwords it would consist of.

3. Usage Ease

Using 1Password for all your basic password managing needs along with availing some advanced benefits; might not be as hard as many other options are out there. And as a matter of fact, 1Password has one of the easiest UI for its users. This is another reason why it is considered to be one of the best options.

 Setting up, making a master password, and getting your vault ready is an extremely easy and less time-consuming process through 1Password. However, you might not gain too much of the importing features through this password manager. But even with the limitations there, 1Passwrod has made sure that you can easily export the passwords into CSV from another password manager. 

Now, this might all be a bit more of effort, but after you’ve gathered all the information in your vault; you’d hardly face any more difficulties while using 1Password.

4. Advanced Security

The presence of 256-AE encryption for securing all your data in 1Password is also an addition of a great benefit here. Even though this encryption feature isn’t much advanced but rather just industry-standard, it still works efficiently in storing your data locally while transferring it to secure network lines (TLS/SSL).

 However, that’s certainly not all to it, as the zero-knowledge model here works efficiently as another addition of a great security feature to 1Password’s Password Manager too. This additional feature ensures that your master password isn’t also stored anywhere by the software; and that you’re the only one who would know about it. Now that’s smart, right? 

5. Reasonable Customer Support

Now how can we miss discussing the customer support offered by 1Password? However, it isn’t an outstanding feature offered by 1Password, but since it is reasonable, it’s worth the try. Now what makes it less outstanding is the fact that you can only contact the team through email, twitter, or a forum post. 

Yet, even with this limited contacting source, you do gain the benefit of having the team always stay responsive on the forum. Concisely, the team states to respond to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – which, by all who have tried to get in contact with them, have confirmed to be a fact. Now that fast response is surely something we need to praise here, right?

How Safe is 1Password?

A short answer to this would simply be that 1Password has all your data completely secured. Now heading to a more detailed discussion, you can simply consider that 1Password has all the necessary features that ensure the safety of all your passwords, personal information, credit details, and everything else you save in your vault.

 These security features mainly include the end-to-end encryption, the smart features, and the full transparency offered by it to all the users. This means that you can only access all your passwords, while the smart features offered by 1Password ensure that neither 1Password nor any phishing site get access to your details. Hence, you can be sure that when you store your details in 1Password’s vault; there are no threats of having any of your data compromised in any way.

Free and Paid Plans:

Now when it comes to considering the plans offered by 1Password, the free users might not gain many benefits here, this is mainly due to the reason that 1Password doesn’t offer any free plans. However, that’s not a huge flaw here, since the amazingly smart and secure features offered by a password are certainly worth paying for.

 And before you do pay for any of its plans, you also get a 30-day free trial of any plan. Also, with all this comes the different plan offered by 1Password. This firstly includes a subscription plan for teams, costing $3.99 / monthly. And other than that, you get the business plan for $7.99/ monthly for each user; along with an enterprise plan that allows you to create a custom quote for its price. Now that’s a vast variety of plans and prices, right?

Platform Support:

Understanding the platforms supported by a password manager is another important aspect before you finalize any software for your usage. This is mainly because all of them don’t’ support every browser or smartphone software. But when it comes to the platform supporting of 1Password; you’ve got a great variety here too. This includes browser support for:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

And mobile apps support for:

  • Android
  • iOS


Now using a password managing app or software doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from any kind of phishing threat at all. However, the fact that a stronger and more secure password manager does keeps the chances of you facing these threats to a minimum.

And so, when it comes to finding a stronger and more secure password manager like that;’ 1Password fills the needs and demands just rightly. And with all the discussion we’ve had above, there’s hardly any doubt in that fact, right? Well, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and make the most out of the best features offered by 1Password.

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