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How Safe is Norton Password Manager? Full Review

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Norton Password Manager Review

Norton Password Manager is a well-known password managing software that is compatible with a variety of devices. Its main working and services revolve around managing your passwords and faster-accessing sites while being extremely easy to access and make use of. Hence, with this software around, you can access your favorite sites in the least amount of time; with the help of the easy and smooth user interface that it offers.

Now at a time when internet security is highly important, one can’t really re-use their passwords on every other site. And other than, trusting every other site to be safe is also a risk factor, as we’re never really sure if we’re accessing a phishing site or vice versa. Therefore, trusting a password manager that serves well in keeping your online activity secured. 

Now for that reason, Norton serves its users just rightly as a basic and secure password manager. However, if you’re someone who isn’t well aware of everything that Norton has to offer, we’re here to discuss it all in detail. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss this highly rated, and popularly trusted password manager.

Security Features:

When it comes to understanding the features offered by Norton Password Manager, one can consider them enough to serve all the basic needs of securing your online presence. And even with the basic and decent features it offers, you can make the most out of this software as your go-to password manager. 

However, if you aren’t aware of all that it does offer, one can go ahead and take a look if these features are any helpful – before coming to a decision here. Besides, since it is completely free you can always rely on it without having to incest anything.  So let’s go ahead and learn about all the features that Norton has to offer us.

Import and ExportThe import and export options Norton provides are suitable for users having standard needs. 
Password GeneratorWith the help of its unique and strong password manager, users can eliminate the need to create self-passwords through both browser extensions and devices.
Secure VaultFor a secure vault, Norton categorizes it in different sections – so that all your data isn’t just in one place.
Browser ExtensionsThe simple and easy-to-use user interface of Norton’s browser extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
Safety DashboardThis new feature helps users to be sure that their vault isn’t filled with unwanted credentials while keeping it strong with an overall score. 
Norton Password Manager Features

1. Import and Export:

When it comes to importing your passwords and credentials from other devices to your Norton Password Managers vault, it might not be an easy task. This is because it requires you to download special software to get through the whole process. However, since we don’t need this feature on a day-to-day basis, it can serve as a decent feature.

Similar to the import function, Norton’s exporting function doesn’t even serve as an outstanding feature we can rely on it for. But since it’s not one of the most major needs a password manager for, it’s not something one should completely judge this password managing app for.

2. Password Generator:

One of the amazing facts of Norton Password Manager is that it keeps on working on including new features on its app and browser extensions too. Hence, even though it didn’t have a password generator feature on other platforms besides its website, one can now enjoy this feature on both.

Now Norton’s password generating feature doesn’t only give you a strong and secure password, but it also ensures that you understand why a password is weak and shouldn’t be used through the addition of its mini-FAQ in the password generator feature. Through this, you can be sure which passwords in your vault are weak or are at the threat of being hacked, and can simply change it into a stronger one.

3. Secure Vault:

As mentioned above, Norton divides your vaults credentials into different categories, making it easier to get to them when in need. These categories include Logins, Wallets, Addresses, Notes, and Favorites. Now the names easily define what you can store inside each one of them, right?

This makes it very easy for anyone to get to their passwords or other personal details by simply opening a specific category. Also, this way, finding something saves a lot of our time.

4. Browser Extensions:

The easy-to-use and simple working browser extensions that Norton Password Manager provides its users with are surely a great way to get going with. Even though one might notice where these extensions lack, since they do work properly and you don’t have to spend a lot of time to understand its functioning – it’s still a good one.

Now when it comes to supporting browsers for the extension, you can rely on Norton to be available on all the popular browsers. This includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

5. Safety Dashboard:

This beta addition of a feature to Norton’s Password Manager is another great thing we can adore this password manager for. This is mainly because this new addition is surely a source of great value for all the users.

Its functioning is based on keeping a check on your vault and determining all your passwords and credentials on where they stand. This means that you get to know which passwords are re-used, which are old, and which are weak in all your saved credentials inside the vault. 

After this determination, this safety dashboard also gives a total security score to your vault, giving you an idea of how well your credentials and passwords are being managed.

Why Use Norton Password Manager?

Even when we’re well aware of all the features that specific software provides us with, we’re still left with the question of why use it? This gives us doubts about what benefits we avail through such software. 

Similarly, it’s obvious for anyone to consider looking or the benefits when it comes to trusting this basic yet trusted password manager, i.e. Norton Password manager.

Now don’t worry if you haven’t come across the major benefits of this password manager, as we’re here to help you discover them. So let’s go ahead and discuss the benefits it offers us in detail. Shall we?

1. Serves Well on Autofill:

This password manager serves its users with an extremely fast and smooth auto-fill feature, giving them great usage ease altogether. This means that every time you open a site and login page appears, you instantly get the username and password bar to click and login in the least amount of time.

This feature works the smoothest and serves users fast, making logins the least hectic and time-consuming.

2. Easy to Use:

Norton comes as extremely easy to use the software, which directly offers you with apps or browser extensions on the website. This takes away great times and effort of understanding the usage or going through extended processes of availing the software for your device.

Also, due to the usage ease, anyone can easily understand the working and process offered by this password manager and make use of it easily for their basic needs.

3. Strong Encryption System:

The 256-bit AES system that Norton uses to encrypt your data is surely a great addition when it comes to understanding how it serves us well. Although almost every password manager serves you with this feature, the best thing here is that Norton doesn’t lack out on it.

However, along with this, its security feature is also extended with another great feature. This is due to the mobile unlock feature, which allows you to access your desktop vault right from your mobile. Sounds great, right?

4. Offline Availability:

Another great benefit of using Norton’s Password Manager is that you can access all your passwords offline too. This can be done when all your passwords and credentials are saved and then synced. After this, you don’t have to wait for an online connection to have access to all the passwords you’ve saved, making it easier to access your vault anytime anywhere.

5. Suitability on all Devices:

Having access to Norton comes with the ease of being able to access it on multiple devices and browsers. This eliminates the restrictions most password managers keep you limited to. Therefore, when you’re using this password manager for all your basic needs, you don’t have to stay limited to a similar device type, and can always try new devices while having access to your Norton’s vault.

Is it Really Safe?

For all your basic needs and uses, Norton Password Manager serves highly well with its amazing security feature. However, understanding what these amazing features are is really important in order to completely trust this software for your basic password managing needs. So let’s discuss how this software ensures the safety of your credentials, and why you should trust it.

  • To ensure that your vault data is private, Norton uses industry-standard AES system and TLS secure connections.
  • Since your vault password is the only way you can access your vault, this software doesn’t send it to anyone or stores it anywhere. Hence, only you have it.
  • This software doesn’t have access to viewing or seeing your details and credentials stored insides the vault or entered anywhere else. For this, your passwords and other details are instantly converted into a special numeric key after it is added.
  • Similar to the vault password, all other passwords stored by you aren’t stores or sent anywhere in any way.
  • The encryption and decryption process of your passwords and credentials is processed with the help of industry-standard AES encryption technique.

Pricing and Payment:

Having a password manager isn’t all just about the features and the benefits and the security it offers, but rather what price it comes into. Since the best password managers nowadays tend to come in very costly plans, and you can hardly have them for free. Therefore, it is highly important to ensure what price your password manager comes in before finalizing it.

Now when it comes to utilizing Norton Password Manager, there’s good news for all the users. This is simply the fact that you don’t have to go through any payment or pricing plans to use or access any of its features, this is simply because it comes completely free with all the features and working programs accessible for everyone. Now that’s a plus one, right?

Platform Support:

Ensuring that a password manager supports your used or desired platform is another important aspect before you trust any software for securing your credentials. In this way, it gets easier to utilize the software on the device or platform you already use.

Now since we’re discussing all Norton’s Password Manager, how can we miss its platform support details? However, this only includes browsers and devices, as it is not available as a mobile app. But since most of our password managing tasks are performed through browsers and other devices, it’s important to ensure it suits what we need it to work with, right? So let’s discover that.

Browser Support:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer)
  • Firefox

Devices Support:

  • Mac
  • Windows


With all that said and discussed, one might not be able to utilize and trust Norton for advanced business or family password managing needs. It’s mainly because this is more of basic software that can come in handy for all your basic needs. 

And since it comes as free software, it’s certainly not a wrong option for anyone who wants to get through their basic password managing needs with smooth and easy-to-use software.

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