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At PrivacyCrypts, we welcome tech-savvy and cybersecurity bloggers. If you are enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge with other readers, then you are in the right place. We accept guest posts related to AI, Big data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Internet Security, and VPNs.

Submission Guidelines

Make sure you fulfill the mentioned below criteria before reaching us:

  • Your article should be around 800-1000 words and should be valuable for our readers.
  • To make your article more readable, make paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings.
  • Your article should be based on facts and free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.
  • Your work should be 100% original and should be published anywhere else.
  • We have the right to edit, update, republish, and remove your work.
  • Provide us a brief bio of yourself explaining your credentials.

How to Pitch Us?

So, are you ready to write for us? Send us an email at rebecca.beencrypted(at)gmail.com with the subject of ‘’Request for Blogger Contribution,’’ and we’ll contact you within 24 hours. Do make sure when you pitch us, so it also includes:

  • Writing Samples- Any previously written or published article.
  • The topic idea on which you are interested in writing a guest post.
  • Your experience.

Good Luck!



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