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8 Best Free Ad Blockers For Blocking All Annoying Ads

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8 Best Free Ad Blockers For Blocking All Annoying Ads

There is nothing more infuriating while surfing the internet other than having a multitude of ads obscuring it. Let it be simple browsing your favorite web page, or having to wait out annoying ads to watch your favorite video on YouTube.

Not only they are a source of constant annoyance, but they also track and hoard our data so advertisers can use it to send target ads. Therefore, from tracking your web activity to collecting information on your browsing habits, location, and interest, these ads are responsible for causing a gross abuse of your privacy.

Moreover, ads are also a gateway to spread malware in the form of malicious links that infect browsers and devices upon clicking. At times you don’t even have to click on them, and their mere presence of them can infect your device with malware.

Therefore, if you have finally decided to get rid of such nuisances, then ad blockers are the way out for you. These handy tools are not just there to block ads, but they have numerous advantages to them, too, such as:

  • Protect privacy by disallowing ads to track your activity and hoard your data
  • Prevent malware infection
  • Guarantee a better browsing experience
  • Give you a longer battery life
  • Allow faster loading of web content.

Best Free ad blocker to use in 2022

Here is the list of Top Best Adblockers which I have found trustworthy and safe to use:

1. AdBlock

One of the most popular browsers, extensions available, AdBlock lives up to its name. Not only does it block effectively out any annoying ad pop-up, but it is also efficient in blocking any other ads that you will find on the internet. It is even effective in blocking out ads from YouTube and other streaming services where many adblockers fail to be effective.

Moreover, AdBlock is highly customizable as it comes with various features such as setting up preset filters, blocking ads individually while allowing some ads to show, and whitelisting. It also has an option of “Acceptable Ads” by default where you can view certain safe and non-intrusive ads. You can, however, block all the ads by going in the settings and turning off this option.

Although most of its premium features are available in the paid version, it also offers varying features to its free users. This versatile software is compatible with many browsers and is easy to install and configure.

Distinctive features

  • Blocks unwanted ads, let it be pop-ups or pop-under, through a by default ad-blocking feature
  • A whitelisting option for listing down acceptable ads.
  • Filter lists where you can add a domain name to determine whether to show or hide ads.
  • Supports various web browsers.

2. Ghostery

Been around several years, this free software is favorable for many. It is available for various platforms such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Just like other programs it effectively blocks ads and social media trackers, thus taking care of your privacy and security

However, the stand-out features if this software is a large database it has, and it allows its users to link to privacy policies. It also gives its users the option to opt out of many tracking and tool spot options of companies.

A significant increase in its popularity is due to its upgrade to availability on mobile through the Ghostery Privacy Browser. Through this, both Android and iOS users can enjoy tracker spotting and ad-blocking functions of smartphones.

Distinctive features

  • Displays information for the comfort of the users through a detailed tracker dashboard.
  • Smart blocking feature to automatically block web page trackers
  • Protects from fraudulent websites through an anti-phishing protective feature.
  • Detailed data statistics history to keep a record of blocked content.
  • Allows blocking and unblocking of tracker in bulk and individual

3. Adblock Plus

Although often confused with AdBlock, AdBlock Plus is the oldest ad blocker available. It’s free and compatible with various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Moreover, it is arguably the most controversial ad blocker available.

The controversy lies in one of its features termed “non-intrusive advertising” in which it shares eh revenue generated through ads with the companies who display them. Therefore, it becomes unreliable as its business model is dangerously similar to the advertising companies you want to block.

Another drawback is that it often fails to block somewhat intrusive ads, but this occurrence is quite rare. Moreover, it has fairly simple user interference where you can toggle on and off advertisements for the sites you are currently browsing.

Distinctive features

  • Default ad blocking along with pop-ups and pop-unders.
  • Protection against malware and domain blockers
  • Allows blacklisted ads through browser language settings
  • Filter list is customizable to add in criteria for ad blocking
  • Prevents automatic profile creation through asocial media disabler

4. AdLock

This adblocker is available as software rather than just a mere browser extension. While concerning your privacy, AdLock is all the more useful as it contributes to security altogether. That’s because with this adblocker blocking ads doesn’t remain restricted to just your web browsers.

You can enjoy a premium non-invasive ad-less and secure internet experience over every application that connects over the internet such as BitTorrent or Skype.

However, you have to pay to get this premium software, and this payment has to be done for every device you install it on individually. Its availability covers various platforms such as Windows and Android. Therefore if you are interested in using it, you can get the 14-day free trial.

Distinctive features

  • It is a software so allows blocking of ads on applications that connect to the internet.
  • Available for various platforms
  • A 14-day free trial.

5. UBlock Origin

A simple and yet effective adblocker browser extension, UBlock Origin remains true to its word and fervently blocks all the ads that may appear on web content. Generally listed as a light content blocker, it comes with various effective features for your ease and privacy.

This effective tool comes with a native filter list, meaning it blocks ads by default.  You have the liberty to add a filter list to the blocker too. However, it is better to remember that the more filter list you add, the slower your browser might be as it will have to block more things.

Otherwise, the tool has a lightweight t interface and a low memory footprint making it by far the easiest tool to use. It also has a very user-friendly interface making it easier to install and use the tool. Also, by default, it comes with malware, ad, and privacy filter enabled; therefore, there is little that you have to do yourself.

Distinctive features

  • A default filter list for filtering unwanted content
  • Blocks all kinds of ads including pop-ups and pop-unders.
  • Filtering options available for local as well as global URLs
  • Prevents browser tracking patterns through third party access blocking.

6. AdGuard

Instead of just being a browser extension, AdGuard is an ad-blocking software that allows you to have a non-intrusive internet experience on apps connect to the internet as well. This subscription-based desktop and mobile software provide options to block out ads, cookies, content, and trackers.

Moreover, it also comes with a parental control module that allows users to restrict adult content. The options available on the tool are configurable and easy to use. 

AdGuard is available on various platforms such as Mac and Windows. For Android, it comes with a non-root version that efficiently locks ads over games and applications. However, for Android, you will have to download the app directly from the site instead of Google play store. The AdGuard app for iOS is compatible with Safari too.

Distinctive features

  • Bocks all kinds of ads let it be banners, pop up or pop-under by default
  • Protects privacy by blocking third-party trackers collecting personal data.
  • Protection through blocking malicious and fake website browsers.
  • Adult restriction mode for kids.

7. AdBlocker Ultimate

A subscription-free but serious ad blocker, AdBlocker Ultimate is strict about its work in allowing no ad through. It is known not to form any corporate relationships that allow ads to filter through the whitelisted website advertisement.

Moreover, it also blocks other seemingly menial threats over the internet, such as malware, adware, and tracking domains. It is highly compatible with the various platforms and has extensions available for popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Distinctive features

  • A by default ad-blocking option
  • Free and open source browser extension that is available on all browsers.
  • Protects from malicious domains and blocks viruses.
  • Whitelisting option is not available to support any domain.

Types of adblockers

These adblockers are available in varying sizes, and you can choose anyone you want depending upon your needs. Here are some of the generic choice options that you have:

1. VPN’s with adblocker.

VPNs are the most widely accepted tools of privacy and security on the internet. VPNs are primarily designed to protect your network from data hoarders and snoopers. Therefore, they can use them to get rid of ads.

Also, many VPNs have built-in apps that protect users from trackers and ads. However, it is important to consider that only a few legitimate VPN providers offer complete privacy and security online.

2. Privacy browsers

There are many web browsers available that are dedicated to providing privacy and security to users online. Such privacy browsers have built-in adblocking software. They further guarantee protection against trackers and malware.

3. Third-party extensions

Third-party extensions are available that help you protect from ads. These applications are both free and paid and are compatible with most applications and web browsers. They are highly efficient and allow you to customize for a better experience. 

4. Device or Router setups

Various ad blocker routers or viral routers are available that you can set up at with a DNS filter. They are dedicated to ad blocking and block every unknown request or a request from adware or tracking services.

My Thoughts

Although advertisements are now a key feature of most businesses. However, as a matter of fact, these advertisements in no way must become an abuser of privacy. Most advertisers don’t put this into consideration

Best adblockers 2020 This way, our privacy, and security online is indeed under constant threat. Which is why it is better to arm yourself up for protection. Ad blockers are an easy and guaranteed way to protect yourself from such intruders. Therefore it is better that you opt up for your favorite tool and enjoy a hassle-free internet.


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