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How Safe Is The Google Chrome Password Manager?

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Using password managers is not something we all opt for, as we consider it almost equal to not using one. But once you get started with using a password manager, only then can you know the difference and get used to the security software. Yet, before you head on to download a separate extension of a good password manager on Chrome; why not first consider what Chrome has to offer? Since we additionally get the feature of Google chrome’s password manager on our browser, we know what it does, right?

But even with all those amazingly free access of password and credentials securing feature we get just by using Chrome, it’s hard to consider if they do us a favor. Using a password manager is all about ensuring the safety of your details when you’re browsing. Hence, let’s go ahead and discover the benefits of Chrome Password Manager, and how safe it is.

Chrome Password Managers Benefits:

There are numerous benefits to using the password manager to Chrome, some of which are mentioned below:

Automatic form Detection:

 The first and highly beneficial feature of Chrome’s password manager is the fact that it provides you with the smart form detection ability. Since every online website or service requires registration to get forward with it, it’s something we can’t skip. That is why, with the help of Chrome’s autofill feature, you don’t have to invest a lot of your time in it. Hence, you don’t have to make the efforts of thinking of any strong or unique password, as Chrome does it for you.

Unique Password Generation:

 Generating unique and different passwords is a requirement everyone needs to follow. This is mainly because simple and similar used passwords help others (especially the hackers) to easily hack most of your account and get a hold of your details quickly. But don’t worry about having to generate different passwords every time, as Chrome’s Password manager helps you tackle this situation easily. Also, because Chrome doesn’t ever provide you with the same password while creating an account, you can always trust its suggestions.

Generates Passwords According to Requirements:

 Almost every site today requires some rules to be followed while creating an account on it. This mainly refers to the requirements of adding at least a number, an uppercase letter, and a lower case letter. But making sure we apply these details every time before creating a password can be hard. To eliminate this issue for you, Chrome’s Password manager makes sure that it follows all site password generating requirements by automatically detecting them. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Saves Password for You:

 Now one of the main features and benefits of having a password manager is to have them automatically saved on a decent platform or location. So how can Chrome not meet this requirement? Hence, the automatic addition of Chrome’s Password Manager serves you as an automatic password saver. This makes it easier for you to manage your accounts without remembering all the passwords on your own.

This feature by Chrome mainly works by automatically saving the passwords it generates for you, for helping you sign in quickly next time. Also, when you enter a password on your own, Chrome asks your permission to save it for your ease.

Safe and Encrypted Passwords:

Chrome’s Password manager ensures that all your added passwords are encrypted. This ensures that all your added information and passwords that Chrome saves are undoubtedly secured by it. But even with this benefit, some loopholes come along with the password securing feature of Chrome. Hence, you must make sure how you use Chrome’s Password Manager. Let’s discuss below this usage and how you can benefit the Chrome Password Manager’s security aspect.

Is Chrome Password manager Save and Worth It?

Most of us don’t find it necessary to download separate and independent password managers, which usually keep us at the risk of being hacked. But when that’s the case, it’s always a plus to have a free and additional password manager with your browser.

 And it’s not just Chrome, but various other browsers also offer their Password Manager as a free addition. Yet, we’ve all been aware of how smooth and efficient user-experience Chrome provides. And along with that, almost all of us trust it for their browsing needs. Hence, it’s always a benefit to have a password manager provided by our most used browser.

But even with all these benefits comes the unwanted threat of not having your passwords and saved details secured. Now Chrome’s password manager does provide you with a password encryption feature for securing all your passwords. 

And so, that’s not where it lacks in providing you with better security. But even with this encryption feature, there are some loopholes in Chrome’s Password Manager that neglect complete security. The first reason for this is that Chrome doesn’t always alert you if you’re visiting a compromised site for account making. And it doesn’t even offer proper security on visiting such sites. Hence, no matter how strong the password Chrome generates for you, this can still risk your details.

The Next loophole in the security of Chrome’s master password is the fact that your passwords can also be hacked through other browsers. So even if you have a strong master password for Chrome’s Password Manager, adding details on other browsers can help hackers access your Chrome’s Master Password easily. Hence, changing your browsers or not having access to Chrome’s browser all the time can surely keep you at risk.

How can You Resolve this Issue?

Now with so many security issues about Chrome’s password management, one can always be at a constant fear of whether they should even trust this password manager or not. But, if you keep in mind some specific solutions that can help you ensure that Chrome’s Password Manager is safe for you, then it would surely serve you well. Some such issue-resolving factors can include;

  • Stay connected to only Chrome’s browser: Since other browsers can easily access your necessary details and access your Chrome’s password manager for getting all your other details and personal credentials. So it’s better if you only use Chrome as your primary and only browser, as long as you might consider this password manager enough for your needs.
  • Log out of all your Google accounts every time you shut down your device: So anyone having access to your laptop and its basic pin can quickly turn it on and access your details. And you might not even know when anyone can access your details. Hence, it’s better that you don’t rely on luck and always log out of your Google account before shutting off your laptop. This would reduce the chances of having your data exposed to anyone.
  • Try Using Chrome’s Password Manager for basic needs only: Having a simple and easy to use a password manager like what Chrome offers can be a great way to get the basic needs fulfilled. But when it comes to trusting it for more meaningful and personal details like credit card numbers and so, you shouldn’t rely on it. Hence, keeping your usage of this password manager to fulfill basic needs is highly suitable.

Final Verdict

When we’re using online sites and sources to enable our personal and professional needs, we can’t ever be sure that we’re entirely safe. Moreso, as only the availability of your password encryption key, can allow hackers to access your accounts and details easily. And so, anything can be hacked, and we can only take limited precautionary steps towards it.

But since Chrome’s Password Manager is easy to use and provides you the basic features while being free. It’s definitely a great addition rather than not having any password managers at all. So why miss out on using it for your basic needs?

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  1. I have RoboForm Password Manager
    RoboForm works OK but it keeps disappearing whenever I restart Chrome.
    Is Chrome password manager as safe as RoboForm?
    Question 2
    Can my passwords be uploaded or electronically transferred from Roboform’s to Chrome’s safely?

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