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How Safe And Trustworthy Are They? LastPass Review

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LastPass Review

Securing your online accounts with the help of passwords does keep us relaxed with the thought that no one can get through our accounts. But even with this ease, there are those times when remembering all these passwords becomes a struggle

And no, this isn’t something rare that only you might face, but rather something that almost everyone has gone through from time to time. Now to keep track of your passwords, without having to change them every time you forget them, you must seek help from an advanced option, right? Now for this advanced help, what can be a much better and safer option other than LastPass?

LastPass Overview

Since Lastpass is considered to be one of the safest and most popular password managers, it is undoubtedly something everyone would consider. But if you’re someone who isn’t well aware of how well-known this service is or hasn’t had any experience with it before, then you might have a hard time trusting the security of this password manager. Walking through the pros and cons can give you a specific idea. 


  • Provides local encryption of passwords
  • Syncs details automatically on all devices
  • Contains built-in guideline for new users
  • Encrypts data in transit and rest
  • Consists of a third-party audit for conducting internal processes


  • The quality responses are poor
  • The premium plan is costly
  • Collects some of your data
  • Can share some user data

However, there remain to be a plethora of trust issues, which come to the most obvious question; ‘is LastPass safe’? Now the doubts and struggles of trusting something like LastPass for your private data i.e. your passwords; might not come just with the fact of not knowing it much. 

But instead, the previous security breaches that went on with LastPass safety features are also something that keeps us in doubt. And that is why to clear the question of whether ‘LastPass’is safe or not. Let’s have a detailed review of it. So without wasting much time, let’s just start with it, shall we?

How it Works:

The working of LastPass is divided into two different steps

  1. requires you to make a master password along with creating an account
  2. encrypts your data through end to end encryption 

With that, it adds up further security measures for extra security. Yet, for a detailed understanding, let’s discuss these aspects of LastPass, and its working furthermore.

Creating a Master Password:

When you create an account in the LastPass app, it requires you to first create a strong master password; which ensures the security of your details by all means. Now to ensure its security and eliminate the risks of having a password that is easily guessed; LastPass requires users to create a password that is 12 digits long. This password of 12 digits requires upper case letters, symbols, and numbers. Yet, for more secure usage of LastPass, the master password you create is encrypted by the app. Now, this encryption also eliminates the chances of recovering your password, in case you lose or forget it.

Another factor regarding the master password that you create on LastPass, is that it uses PBKDF2-SHA256 for hashing your master password. This slows down the force attacks on your master password, which allows hackers to use a database of leaked passwords in order to hack into your account. This way, there are the least chances of your master password to be guessed, and it also reduces the chances of having hackers open your account quickly.

Other than this, multi-factor authentication ensures extra security of your LastPass account and the master password. This mainly refers to the need to complete an extra verification step to log into your account. This extra verification process may include a code sent to your number, a code generated through a phone app, or your fingerprint. Altogether, this multi-factor authentication and other security features that come along with your master password make it even harder for anyone to hack into your account in any way.

Encryption of Your Data:

Similar to any security service, LastPass also provides secure end-to-end encryption for the user’s data. This strong end-to-end encryption mainly ensures that all your information goes through encryption before it leaves your device, or otherwise during transit and at rest. Since the working of LastPass consists of the usage of encryption through an industry-standard TLS; so it eliminates any chances of facing man-in-the-middle attacks. This mainly means that the encryption of LastPass encompasses a direct and safe transfer of the data between your device and the servers of LastPass.

Along with this, LastPass also uses an AES encryption that secures data present within their servers. This is the same system that banks, military systems, and other various secure VPNs use; adding an extra touch of security to all your data and private information stored in the LastPass vault. 

Other Measures that Ensure Security:

Although, the above-mentioned measures and working of LastPass really add a clear thought to how secure LastPass is. Yet, for further and enhanced security of the data and personal information of its users; it consists of some other security measures too. This enhanced security measure mainly includes regular conduction of audits and penetration tests. And along with that, it also releases regular reports of transparent incidents, while also offering a bug bounty program. 

Other LastPass LastPass Details:

Now before we go ahead on what features LastPass offers and further onto its working, it’s essential to learn about its ownership too. This helps you understand more about its origin and creation, adding ease for you to trust its services and working.

Who Owns It?

So LastPass has been serving users as a trusted source of storing your passwords, since August 2008. After some time, during 2015, this product was bought by LogMeIn. Now the changed ownership did make some loyal customers put forward their concerns about the new owners. But even with the concerns, there is no clear evidence that the company uses the user’s data in any malicious way. Hence, it has proved to serve as a safe password managing option for its users.

Other than this, the Boston-based company that owns LastPass also manages various other cybersecurity products that ensure a better user experience for your privacy.

Can It Be Hacked?

Now with all the details mentioned above, what adds a lot more curiosity in our minds is simply the question ‘if LastPass can be hacked,’ right? Well, there are many ways for any security service to be hacked; either easily or through various complicated methods. So, it’s always a concern for users to have before trusting any security service with their data. This is also because the working and data securing tendencies of every such service are different from one another.

But we’re here talking about LastPass, whose security-focused working is highly dedicated to securing your data, which is something not many other services provide their users with. An example of their high dedication to security is simply the time of 2011 when they forced their users who were accessing their account from a new computer; to change their master password. And it should be noted that they made these arrangements when they thought that their services ‘might’ have been hacked.

Yet, there are concerns that a LastPass could be hacked through the master password. But it isn’t possible if you’re using the two-factor authentication feature on LastPass. So, this mainly determines that LastPass and its security is something we can surely rely on. Besides, having a password manager to open your apps easily (without having to remember all those passwords), is definitely a great way to get along with this technological world. And the extreme security working of LastPass, allows anyone to be stress-free about their details; while being able to live in this advanced era comfortably.

It’s Features:

LastPass is available for both free as well as subscribed users. Yet, not all the following features are available for both the free users and the paid ones. But there are many useful features that the free users can avail, for securing their passwords through this product. Now let’s discuss some such features of this product below, which are available for all users.

  • This product supports various platforms, including Android, IOS, macOS, and other well-known browsers.
  • It encrypts data in both times, during transit and at rest, while ensuring the safety of your data.
  • The secure password generating feature provided by LastPass allows you to automatically figure out a suitable password, without having to think much onto it.
  • It consists of a secure password sharing technology that helps you share your password with anyone, without facing the risks of your passwords leaking.
  • The users avail proper and complete reports and analysis of the usage and working of this product; every time an activity takes place on it.
  • LastPass consists of a 2FA and multi-factor authentication support that provides a more secure working experience with it; while limiting the fear of data breaches and hack attacks.
  • The password import and export feature offered by LastPass allows you to quickly move your data from any device or browser; without any difficulties.
  • The encrypted file storage in LastPass adds more advanced security to all your files and data added to your vault.
  • It also helps you sync all your data and personal info to all your devices and browsers. This way, you can easily access your account and details from anywhere you want.
  • The emergency access feature offered by LastPass helps someone else to have access to your account data, in case something happens to you.
  • LastPass authenticator helps users to ensure; that no one can open their account and use the details in it without proper verification.
  • The LastPass application feature consists of a Windows desktop app that can easily access your LastPass vault and can automatically enter passwords to other desktop apps for you.

Is LastPass Really Worth It?

Now LastPass is a great option to quickly secure your passwords and manage them according to your needs. But how good it would serve you, mainly depends on your needs. So if you’re someone who is just in need of the necessary password securing from LastPass, then it has various programs and options for your usage. This includes making use of it as a password manager for a family, a team, or an entire enterprise. And altogether, LastPass can turn out to be a great password manager for your basic needs.

Yet, there surely are some security and privacy threats that come with using LastPass. So, it’s always better to ensure how severe your privacy and security needs; are before you head out to trust any password manager. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t focus much on the security and privacy management of a password manager, then LastPass is the perfect option for you. 


3 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


Since Lastpass is considered to be one of the safest and most popular password managers, it is undoubtedly something everyone would consider.

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