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Tor Browser Privacy Settings – How To Setup Properly

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Tor browsers became vulnerable when you access the deep and dark web. There are federal agencies working, hackers snooping around.

There are two major issues with Tor Browser:

  • Browsing speed pretty low by 40 to 50% to your regular internet speed.
  • Privacy Issues, it will not provide data encryption and other preventions.
  • Your ISP does know that you are using Tor browser.

Tor does provide layer-to-layer encryption, but it will not provide your actual data encryption like VPN does, which is necessary if are using Tor for Whistle-blowing, access the dark or deep web, sending and receive encrypted emails.

In this article, I will show you how you can overcome these situations.

  1. Increase the speed of Tor browser
  2. Privacy settings are necessary to configure
  3. How to stop ISP tracking
  4. tips to increase more private browsing on Tor

Why Tor Browser Is really slow?

Case 1: Tor uses its own onion router to route your traffic within multiple layers, which caused a drastically low browsing experience.

Whenever you browse something on tor, it will go through relays of layers to reach the desired location. because of this layer-to-layer communication take time to communicate back to the first layer.

This way you can have an anonymous browsing experience but keep in mind. The last node will naked your connection and access the last point.

Case 2: Your ISP can determine if are using a secure browser like Tor to browse. Your ISP played a big role here, they throttled down your connection without any notice or something.

These are the steps to speed it up:

Before getting started with settings, please make sure you have some trusted VPN for tor browser, once you got it! now download the Tor browser and run the app.

Restricted Tracking: the first thing to configure your Tor with important settings to make it frustrating for surveillance guys.

Note: If you already have the VPN behind it, you don’t need to go through these steps. you can skip this part. by setting up with bridges will help you to bypass ISP throttling.

  1. Bridge Settings: https://bridges.torproject.org/options
  2. Click on drop-down options
  3. Click any of these provided options, it will make your connection more anonymous and difficult for your ISP to know if that’s Tor traffic or not.
  4. After choosing the option and solve the spam filter you will get a code like this
  5. Relaunch The Tor Browser and instead of click on "Connect" click on "Configure"
  6. Click on "Tor is censored in my country"
  7. Then click on "request a bridge on torproject.org"
  8. After finishing everything clicks on “Connect”

Restart your Tor and compare the speed test, you might get better performance.

Necessary Privacy Settings & Configurations

Step 1: Increase privacy settings from “Standard” to “Safest” you can disable browser most features, which cause some sites you want to visit won’t work. Also, keep in mind by increasing the privacy you will reduce your speed more.

Why this is happening?

By disabling features like javascript loader, it could be good or bad, in both cases, tor restrict the site to don’t render. scripts mostly used to collect user information, data and involved in tracking.

Step 2: Always create a new identity:tor-browser-new-identity-settings

Step 3: type in URL about:preferences#search Make sure your browser set default search engine to “Duck Duck Go.” which one of the private search engine.

Step 4: Make sure that your script blocker is working perfectly.tor-browser-no script

Step 5: URL about:preferences#privacy and scroll down for “history section” and select “never remember history.”

These are the necessary checks, which you should check before into any web search.


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