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About Time To Approach Cyber-Security In A New Way!

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After bidding goodbye to 2019, and having welcomed 2020, it’s about time to dive into what the new year has to offer. Specifically, in terms of cybersecurity, there is much anticipation of what the new year has to offer. 

2019 has cybersecurity issues making a headline every day. There was a drastic increase in data breaches, along with numerous malware and ransomware attacks. With this year successfully morphing into 2020, several cybersecurity trends might dominate their presence in the new year too. 

In light of such predictions, there seems to be a desperate need to upgrade the mainstreams, rusted approach to cybersecurity. After all, why not? If cybercriminals continue to grow and continuously evolve at a heinous pace, security checks and balances need to keep up with the competition too! 

However, before looking into changes that cybersecurity trends need in 2020, here is an insight on possible trends that are most likely to go on within 2020.

While figuring out ways to revolutionize cybersecurity measures in 2020, it is crucial to consider what cybersecurity may look like in 2020. Some of the significant trends that most likely will occur in 2020 are as follows:

Data breach remains the biggest threat to security

You all might have heard of the phrase “knowledge is power.” Well, the online world takes it to the next level and is keen on acquiring every kind of information. 

The governments, ISPs, and cybercriminals are always on the lookout for collecting every ounce of personal data they could get their hands on. 

With personal data, one of the most valuable commodities off the black market, data breaches are most likely to remain an issue during the 2020s.  

The advancements in the world call out for newly developed IoT devices. However, while this branch of technology is a final call for comfort and leisure, security might not be in its best interests. 

Therefore, security blunders revolving around IoT devices are no old news. With insecure wireless communication, unencrypted data, vulnerable web interferences, it brings about a wide gap within security that is hard to cement. 

A rise in state-sponsored attacks

There has been a dramatic increase in cyber-attacks against governments and states. Within the past month alone, some of the major cities in the US had a face-off with cyber-attacks where primary government services were halted or sabotaged. 

The year 2019 featured a sum up of 140 ransomware attacks, which means an average of three attacks in one day. All of these attacks had the government, public, state, and healthcare facilities as targets. 

While putting such events into consideration, it is most likely that these attacks remain constant within the coming year, too, and may as well take up the shape of a cyberwar

Hackers find new vulnerable targets

Albeit social engineering or phishing attacks, have long since been around for a considerable time. However, since the advancements in security methods and online protection tools, there is a revival of this method. 

These attacks are one of the most effective methods of stealing identities and credentials. Not only that, but they are also apt in spreading malware, cryptojacking, and creating fraudulent payments. 

These attacks are generally versatile, and with humans becoming vulnerable to them, there is a steady rise in their occurrence — something which will most likely go on in the near future. 

A new approach to cybersecurity

By now, it is pretty apparent that cyberattacks are rising at a steady pace and will most likely continue to keep rising. Within this situation, the best way out is to cook up some new approaches towards cybersecurity.

Within 2020, here are some security lines that need to be redrawn:

Stronger passwords and multifactor authentication

As data breaches and phishing attacks are bound to be on a constant rise, it is crucial to have stronger passwords. Apart from that, in case anyone tricks you into revealing passwords, having multiple-factor authentication is crucial too. 

Primarily as multifactor authentication relies on biometrics and private entities such as cell phones or emails. It consequently provides a foolproof way to steer off password compromises. 

Education in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a grave matter and has everyone as a target from large scale organizations to small businesses along with governments, states, and individuals. It is, therefore, necessary to spread awareness in that matter. 

Primary education on cybersecurity and how to stay safe online can help cease off cyberattacks. As most attacks such as malware infections or phishing occurs through naive or unaware individuals awareness can ensure security.

Security upgrades in IoT

IoT, ever since its advent, has become a core part of our lives. We relish in the luxuries it provides. However, the security aspects are not that great, making them a target for cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

In spite of this, IoT is centralized in our lives. Therefore, people are raising voice against its security concerns. With 2020 here, it is about time these devices come with an upgraded security status making them more efficient and secure for use. 

A holistic approach to cybersecurity

Cyber threats continue to drastically increase. Therefore, instead of only relying on security tools such as VPNs, or anti-malware programs, organizations will opt for a more holistic approach to cyber-security. 

It is an outlook of viewing cyber-security as a shared responsibility. This strategy works as a combination of skilled employees, carefully integrated online security tools, a robust threat analysis program, effective policies. 

Parting words

Although 2019 was a year of seemingly unfortunate events, a healthier perspective can reveal it to be an eye-opener. From the experiences faced in 2019, forging a new approach to cyber-security can help cease cyber risks. Furthermore, it can also ensure a safer online experience.


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