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Emotet malware self destructs itself from all infected computers

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Emotet malware is one of the most vulnerable and critical email spam botnets. After a series of patience, the malware is being uninstalled from all the infected devices on April 25th. This task becomes a successful one because of a malware module delivered in January.

The botnet uninstallation is a great achievement of law enforcement. The international law enforcement actions allowed the security investigators to take control of Emotet’s servers and disturb the malware operations. 

After seven years of carrying out the malicious activities, the law enforcement was able to take control of the infamous Emotet malware. The law enforcement authorities of eight countries participated in this action. The countries included were Canada, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, the UK, Ukraine, and the US. 

The malware variant Emotet is one of the most wanted malware for a long time. The bot performs the malicious function of sending millions of spam emails along with malicious attachments. 

The Netherland Police seized two central servers located in their region and revealed how they had deployed a software update to counter the threat that Emotet posed. The infected computer systems after automatically retrieving the update become free from the Emotet infection.

The entire process involved pushing a 32-bit payload called EmotetLoader.dll through the same channels that used to spread the Emotet malware to all systems. The cleanup mission was triggered automatically on April 25th. It removed the malware from all the devices and also deleted the autorun registry key and terminated the process.

The cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes confirmed that the infected systems with Emotet malware are now free from it. They published a blog and provided a detailed overview of how the uninstallation takes place from the Windows system.

Malware distribution is on the rise these days. Every other day we hear about news regarding malware being a real challenge for security experts. But this mass action is the second time in recent history when the law enforcement agencies have come together as a collective entity to remove malware from the infected machines.  


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