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Gigaset Android phone install malware on users’ devices by hacked servers

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The owners of the Gigaset Android phone have been hacked. The hackers have reportedly installed malware on users’ devices. Malware infects Android phones by the end of March. It happened soon after the malicious agents compromised the vendors’ update server during a supply-chain attack.

Gigaset is a famous German telecommunication manufacturer company comprising a series of smartphones that runs Android operating systems. The company has accepted that news about the discovery of malware infection in their Android device is accurate. The infection occurs because of a compromise of a server that belongs to an external update service provider.

The Gigaset Android phone when infected with malware shows symptoms like:

  • The browser windows popping up with unwanted ads,
  • Someone taking over the Facebook account
  • Blocked WhatsApp
  • Malicious text messages sent to all your friends and family without your consent.
  • The device automatically goes to Do Not Disturb Mode and starts performing slow.
  • The phone battery drained much faster than normal. 

The hackers install the malware via the malicious apps on the Android device. It does so by hacking the official update channels which the devices called the package ‘com.redstone.ota.ui’. Other malicious apps found along with it include gem, smart, and xiaoan. But, the victims can remove the malware by using the traditional methods because the hacker uses a pre-installed system app.

The German manufacturers said that they have taken steps to warn the update service provider regarding the issue. The company has also asked the users to be vigilant and check for the possible signs of malware infections. The user of Gigaset Android users should visit the Setting apps and uninstall any malicious app they found never before. Also, keep your software updated to the latest version available for the device. 

Although the Android device of German manufacturers got affected, it will affect the device manufacturers all across the globe. A few days back, the Android malware infects mobiles via What’s App messages. The developers need to pay close attention to this issue and come with better solutions for enhanced user and device security and privacy. 


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