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Top AI Trends – That You Need To Know

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At the dawn of the new decade, cybersecurity analysts have been having a field day scrutinizing the emerging and existing patterns within the cybersecurity world. With that said, however, a pattern that significantly stood out from the rest of the technologies is none other than artificial intelligence. 

As the industrial landscape evolves and continues to get more digitized with each passing day, the amalgamation of AI into the modern enterprise has resulted in an organization’s reaping multiple benefits from the tech. Not only does AI bring forth greater agility, operational efficiencies, flexibility, and cost benefits to an organization, it also helps steer the enterprise into the direction of further technological growth. 

It is also equally important that we look ahead into the highly digitized future of tomorrow- which is why we’ve highlighted the top AI trends to look forward to in the new year! 

More AI-Centric platforms to spring up

AI, no matter how complex, comes added up with numerous benefits. With its advancements, there is now a much better recognition of the technology amidst various industries. It is, therefore, dominating a more significant half of the world by taking over most industrial sectors. 

This is primarily as AI is now evolving to become more user-friendly. These programs and machines work to bring ease into lives. Additionally, the users don’t have to go through tedious learning processes to work with them. These tools come with simple interferences and mainstream dashboards. 

As per surveys, almost 37% of businesses by now have started to implement AI into their company. With AI proving to be so beneficial, it is likely for these numbers to increase dramatically with time. 

AI to shine in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a global concern that has the whole world on edge. With a relatively rapid increase in IoT and cloud devices featuring flawed security, chances of security breaches increasing are likely. 

Additionally, there is an estimation of the year 2020 having an approx of 24 billion IoT devices connecting to the internet. This increase in such devices means an increase in phishing and hacking attacks. 

Also, the danger of these attacks in number is not the only concern here. With the advancement in every sphere of technology, cyberattacks will become more high tech and hard to detect. 

Amidst this, traditional cybersecurity methods are bound to become useless, calling for reformation within them. In this case, integrating AI within cybersecurity can become a popular method of safeguarding against cyberattacks. 

AI is known to learn, evolve, and adapt with time making it an ultimate safety standard against tricky cyber attacks, something traditional methods to security might fail at. This fact is rapidly getting recognition with various security firms turning towards AI-bolstered cybersecurity systems. 

These systems are known to have better malware and viral detection capabilities. They are “smart” enough to spot even the slightest distortion within networks way before malware intrudes the network. Apart from that, another added advantage of having an AI-integrated system is their ability to predictive functioning. 

AI to become more “ethical.”

As AI’s popularity is increasing with time, developers are now focusing on integrating the quality of ethics in their work. Since 2019 an ethical framework for development and use of AI is being designed. It also sets out guidelines on how human designers should develop and use their inventions. 

These guidelines will also define how AI should act morally as well as ethically. With the successful integration of “Roboethics” in AI, there won’t be any use of AI in for unethical or “human harming” purposes. Therefore, any chances of “I-Robot” occurring, in reality, are surely getting eradicated. 

Humans and AI to start working together

As AI will rapidly face advancement, there is an evident increase in people’s interest in it. Just now, AI is slowly but surely getting infused in our lives, and this is a process that will go on for some time. 

AI-powered tools and bots will most likely become our evergreen companion in our day-to-day lives. With that, there is to be massive production of such tools that are most likely to bring out the best of our social skills. 

Many of us will work alongside AI tools and programs to hone our talents and produce works. Additionally, these software, tools, and programs will help in learning new skills. 

Final words

Despite being around for decades, AI is still massively a game changer. With time, people are becoming more accepting towards it and its use if growing around globally. 

Identifying and keeping up with AI trends is no longer a “geeky” habit. In fact for many,it can be an ultimate game changer allowing them to stay ahead of the game. AI has massive potential for human development. It is a field of technology in which the deeper you dig the richer you get! 

Its use if far spread over every sphere and with time, it will surely coem on running besides us. 


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