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623 million payment cards stolen from Swarmshop marketplace

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Cyber-criminals are yet another on charge and sets another example of identity theft. This time the Swarmshop the cyber card shop has been hit by hackers. The cyber-crooks compromised the website and users database that contains payment-card data and posted it online.

The details about the hacking incident are still under the cover. But, the hackers leaked 12,344 records. The records include contact details, browsing history of Swarmshop, hashed passwords, and a list of sellers and buyers. It also consists of 623,036 payment card details, 498 sets of online bank account details, and 69,592 sets of Social Security and Canadian Social Insurance numbers. 

The hacking incident was first reported by a Threat Intelligence Analyst. Sergei Kokurin from the threat Group-IB Group Pvt Ltd. reported the data compromised from the Smarmshop was exposed online on March 17th. The attack was described as a revenge attack. 

As mentioned above, the database contains details of the payment cards. The issuers belong to different parts of the world. This includes Brazil, Canada, China, France, Mexico, Singapore, Saudia Arabia, the UK, and the US.

In January 2020, the Swarmshop was targeted by a fellow cyber-attacker. At that time, someone claimed to sell the Swarmshop user database and posted screenshots from the card shop’s admin panel. However, it is still unclear if they are the same preparators that work in the latest attack or not.

The report mentioned that the hacker forums get hacked from time to time but the card shop breach doesn’t happen quite often. According to the threat intelligence, the hacking incident might affect the reputation of Swarmshop because they are not going to compensate for the loss of the sellers.

Swarmshop is a mid-size Russian-speaking store that’s in function since April 2019. Group-IP claims that the number of Swarmshop users is 2.5 times more than it was in January 2020. The volume of traded payment records increased from 485,617 pieces to 623,036 in the last month.


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