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Chrome browser introducing new password reset feature

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Chrome browser introducing new password reset feature

Chrome browser has recently announced a new feature to its password manager to further protect users’ online privacy.

The company announced a new feature along with its password manager on Tuesday. The latest feature introduced can automatically change a stolen password just with a single click.

Previously, Google allowed users to check if their credentials are being compromised or not. But, with this new feature, you can even change your passwords automatically. 

The automated password changes are built on the tool’s capability to check the security of the saved passwords. When Google Chrome finds a compromised password after a data breach or identity theft, it will help the users with a warning that urges them to Change the Password button. Upon tapping on the button, Chrome will not just navigate to the website but will go through the entire process to change your passwords.

The company also announced that the Android password manager for Chrome will also get improved for better results. These improvements include:

  • Password alerts warn you about the saved passwords that are compromised in a breach.
  • A tool that allows you to import passwords from other password managers.
  • Deep integrations with Chrome and Android to fill passwords across apps and websites no matter if you’re using it on desktop or mobile phone.

The latest password manager feature is being rolled out in Chrome for all Android users in the USA. Users’ who choose to sync their passwords can easily use this option. In the upcoming time, it is soon going to be available in other countries as well.

The security change is a part of the various new privacy policies which Google announced at their annual Google I/O developer event. This also includes a Privacy Dashboard in Android 12 that is offering a pie chart view of permission settings like camera, location, and microphone, along with information about what data is being accessed and by which apps. 


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