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Google’s New Update Let Android Users Prevent Ad Tracking

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The Financial Times Report, highlights about Google’s new update. According to the report, now it’s harder for Android apps to track users who’ve opted out of receiving personalized internet-based ads. Previously, Google has already announced the changes regarding how it will manage the unique device identifiers that allow advertisers and marketers to track the users between the apps. 

The new change will roll out later in the year 2021. The development is followed by Apple’s move to allow the iPhone and iPad users to opt out of ad tracking. 

With this new update, Google is expected to end developers’ access to the Advertising IDs and show a string of zeros in its place. The Google Advertising ID (AAID) which is analogous to Apple’s IDFA is a unique device identifier. The app developers use it to track users when they switch from one app to the other. The main purpose of doing so is to target users with ads and measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. 

The news update about Google’s advertising policy was announced via an email to Play Store developers. Also, Google has updated its support page for Advertising IDs. The company had made it clear to the developers that these changes will give users more control over their data and help in boosting their online security and privacy.

Google has already allowed Android users to manually limit ad tracking and reset the Advertising IDs when needed. 

The identifiers are also used for some non-advertising purposes like analytics and fraud detection. But with this new update, this is not going to happen. Since the non-advertising use of identifiers plays a vital role in protecting ones’ digital privacy, the company intends to provide an alternate solution for it by July.

Google has always been criticized by security experts for being reluctant to improve its privacy controls. But over the years this has changed. Google’s new update opt-out is set to be available as an update to Google Play Service for Android 12 later this year. The new update by Google is great news for Android users. It helps them in improving their online privacy and prevents advertisers from breaching their privacy. 


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