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10 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives For Better Torrenting Redditer’s Choice

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Kickass Torrent Alternatives

The Kickass torrent remains a popular choice of users for downloading torrenting until, in 2016, it was shut down. The US Department of Security arrested the website’s founder and charged him with criminal offenses and copyright violations.

The website users in different regions were happy since they could still access the website. However, since the website contained pirated and unsanctioned content, it soon got banned in other areas, including Australia. Fortunately for avid Kickass Torrent users, there are several Kickass alternatives available that can help download secure torrents. 

10 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives to Use in 2022

If you’re an avid torrent downloader, you must look for torrent websites that provide the same experience as Kickass torrents. If you’re tired of searching for alternatives, you shouldn’t look for them anymore. The next section of the article gives an insight into the ten best Kickass torrent alternatives you can consider using:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. LimeTorrents
  3. Zooqle
  4. EZTV
  5. YTS
  6. RARBG
  7. 1337X
  8. TorLock
  9. Torrent Downloads
  10. IP Torrent

01. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent downloading site, which is entirely free to use and offers vast content in various categories. It mainly depends on a skull system to find the torrent files. The website is easy to use and allows users to download content in multiple languages. 

The website contains copyrighted content and thus has been blocked in various countries like China, Australia, Germany, and Italy. However, it is still possible to access the website and download torrents unlimitedly with a VPN. 

Website link: https://thepiratebay.org/

02. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is among the best Kickass torrent alternatives you can use without any doubt. The website offers all types of content libraries that include all entertainment stuff and makes your experience worth amazing. Once you select the torrent file from the given categories, you can instantly download it via the magnet links. The interface is also clean and easy to use and navigate. Also, it is secure to use because, in the privacy policy, it’s mentioned that the website doesn’t log or share the user’s IP address and other sensitive information.  

The website is accused of containing pirated content in larger amounts. Thus, it is banned in different countries. Also, it doesn’t host torrent files, which prevents users from using them.

Website link: https://www.limetorrents.pro/

03. Zooqle

Zooqle is another featured-packed Kickass torrent website that allows users to download their desired torrent files from different categories. As soon as you open the website, you can find a search bar to find the torrent files easily. Moreover, with the “My Subscription” box feature, you can get alerts when there’s a new upload.

Also, when you download the torrent files using Zooqle, it ensures that you always end up with original files. Thus, it does provide details about the torrent files. However, the only issue with Zooqle is the intrusive ads. 

Website link: https://zooqle.com/

04. EZTV

If you’re looking for the best Kickass torrent alternative that offers an extensive TV show archive, you should consider using EZTV. The website offers a great range of TV shows, and you can even use the calendar feature and notifications when there’s a new upload. Among the few torrent websites listed in the article come features that can enhance your online anonymity. 

The website offers an impressive anonymity checker feature that maintains your privacy while downloading torrents. Moreover, it further protects from IP leaks and doesn’t reveal your downloading history. However, the website won’t save you from pop-up ads so, make sure to use a reliable ad-blocker. 

Website link: https://eztv.re/

05. YTS

YTS is another best Kickass torrent alternative that offers an extensive content library in movies. It includes a wide range of old and new movies and allows users to enjoy them in HD quality. It comes up with various impressive features like the light bandwidth one. The size of the HD movies is usually minimal, so it even allows the users to save much of their bandwidth without setting limits to their downloads. 

The website offers a clean and simple user interface similar to Netflix’s. However, there are two significant drawbacks of using the YTS site. Like any other torrent site, it also comes with numerous pop-up ads and also, it doesn’t offer any content category except for movies. 

Website link: https://yts.mx/


RARBG is another name that makes the list for the best Kickass torrent alternatives. The website is pretty popular among users for providing ultra-fast downloading speed. Also, it comes up with an impressive data warehouse feature that most of the other torrent websites lack. 

The website includes a vast content library that consists of all major categories like movies, TV shows, music, games, and software. However, since it’s accused of having copyrighted content, it faces a ban in Australia, the UK, and India. Also, as long as you use the website to look for your desired torrent file, intrusive pop-up ads will fill your experience. 

Website link: https://rarbg.to/

07. 1337X

1337X is also the best Kickass torrent alternative because it provides all relevant details about the torrent files, like seeders to leech ratio and uploading time. Moreover, it is among the few torrent websites that won’t interrupt your experience with irrelevant ads. The website also displays the top 100 torrent torrents from each category. You can check the list and can directly download torrents from there. 

The Kickass torrent website comes with an impressive interface and easy-to-use. When you open the website, you can find different categories, and by going into each category, you can find the torrent files you’re looking for. The content library includes movies, TV shows, music, anime, games, and apps. 

The only thing that’s a bit concerning about 1337X is that it hasn’t received any software updates for a long time. It means that even if it has some security flaw or vulnerability, the users remain unaware of it, and it’s possible that it can put users’ security or privacy at risk. 

Website link: https://1337x.to/

08. TorLock

If choosing the best Kickass torrent alternative reliability is your main priority, you should use Tor Lock. The website claims to allow users to download only original torrent files. They have even put up a challenge that if anyone finds any fake or bogus torrent file, they can make a claim, and in reward, the person will receive $1. 

The website offers a clean and sleek user interface that inspires the most. Moreover, besides offering a vast content library in different categories, the torrent website also allows the users to get an insight into the primary and relevant information about the torrent files before downloading. 

Website link: https://www.torlock.com/

09. Torrent Downloads

Torrent downloads are yet another best Kickass torrent alternative for offering an extensive content library and reliable downloading speed. The users can find all types of content on this website and enhance their torrent downloading experience. The website provides an excellent user experience to the users. However, unfortunately, you can’t access it if you’re in the UK. The government has requested the ISP to ban the site from preventing users from downloading copyrighted content. 

Website link: https://www.torrentdownloads.pro/

10. IP Torrent

Unlike most of the best Kickass torrent alternatives, the IP Torrent is a private torrent website. You need to make some donations or join it via an invitation to access the website. The website provides an excellent experience to the users, and the credit goes to its active community. It offers an extensive content library that includes almost every category, ranging from anime to movies and TV shows. The downloading speeds are also consistent and fast, and the users don’t need to wait for much to watch their favorite online content. 

Moreover, since it is a private torrent website, it is free from adware and other potential online risks. Like in the private tracker’s community, users have to meet the seeding criteria similarly; they’ve to do it here as well. The only drawback of IP Torrent is it’s a pretty complicated registration process; otherwise, it’s fun to use it. 

Website link: https://iptorrents.me/

Why Should You Use a VPN With These Torrenting Sites?

A torrent VPN is the best tool to use on any torrent downloading site. A VPN for torrenting reduces the risks of torrenting and ensures a hassle-free downloading experience. Here are the fundamental reasons for using a VPN with torrent websites:

– Boost Your Online Security and Privacy

A reliable VPN provider offers top-notch online protection while you use torrent websites. It converts the torrent traffic into deep packets in scrambled form and is impossible to view and read. The ISP or other snooping eyes need a decryption key to view the data content. Hence, no one can learn about your online activities because of strong encryption. 

The most significant risk of torrenting is downloading pirated content, leading to legal implications. Your ISP or copyright trolls may send you various settlement letters or impose hefty penalties on you, but there is nothing to worry about all this with a VPN. It hides your IP address and obscures your location, making you anonymous and private on the web. It even uses a kill switch and split tunneling feature that enhances your anonymity during torrenting. Your ISP won’t be able to track you or your activities via a VPN, and you can continue with your torrent downloads. 

Access Torrent Websites

A reliable VPN provider comes up with a range of privacy and security-focused features, and obfuscation is one of them. With this feature, the VPN helps in bypassing strict censorship and internet restrictions and allows the users to access the blocked websites. As many torrent sites are blocked in various regions, you can use the VPN’s obfuscation mode to circumvent the geo-blocked restrictions and access any torrent website, making your torrenting experience worth amazing. 

Block Malware and Other Potential Threats

Some VPN providers even come with an added feature of ad and malware blocker to enhance your digital privacy. With this feature, a VPN prevents you from accessing any malicious site that can infect your device with malware, spyware, or viruses. 

Prevents Throttling

If you access the torrent downloading sites without a VPN, your ISP can easily detect your P2P behavior. Since torrenting takes up much of the bandwidth, the ISP may start throttling your connection to stop you from using the excessive bandwidth. In the middle of the downloading process, you may experience frequent lags and slow speed, which might ruin your downloading experience. A VPN ensures that you enjoy a blazing-fast and consistent downloading speed during torrenting. It offers unlimited bandwidth to the users and uses dedicated P2P servers to help in quick connection. 

The above reasons signify that a VPN is a vital tool on torrent websites. It protects your online identity, prevents the ISP from monitoring and tracking your online activities, and speeds up the downloading process. So, make sure that you first install a VPN before connecting to any of the best Kickass torrent alternatives. 

Does Kickass Torrent Still Operate?

In 2016, the US Department of Homeland Security took down the famous Kickass torrent for copyright violation allegations. Since then, the website isn’t functioning anymore. Though it is found that various mirror websites are springing up with the same design, features, and name, it isn’t reliable to use them. Instead of using the mirror sites, there are the best Kickass torrent alternatives; you can use them and enjoy downloading torrents. 

How to Access These Torrent Sites Safely?

To access the torrent sites safely, you need to follow some security tips. Here are a few guidelines that you should always consider using:

  • Select a reliable torrent VPN and install it on your device. 
  • Download and install the best antivirus software on your device. 
  • Run the antivirus program. 
  • Turn on your VPN and connect to the P2P servers. 
  • Access any of the best Kickass torrent alternative sites of your choice. 
  • Search your favorite torrent file and start downloading. 

A VPN and antivirus software increases your online security while torrenting. You don’t have to worry about downloading any malware-infected files because the antivirus software will scan all the files and block downloading any file containing malware or virus. A VPN will mask your online identity, encrypt the data traffic, and make it impossible for the ISP to see your torrent traffic. If you want to know more about downloading torrents safely, click on this link.

What Will Happen If You’re Caught Using Kickass Torrent Alternatives?

Since your ISP knows about your IP address, it monitors and tracks your activities. If you’re using any Kickass torrent alternatives, your ISP will eventually learn about it. Here is what your ISP might do after catching you for downloading torrents:

  • Throttling: The ISP will deliberately throttle your connection, impacting your internet speed and making downloading difficult. 
  • Block the Torrent Traffic: By using specialized filters, software, and technology like the deep inspection packet, the ISP blocks your torrent traffic. 
  • Settlement Letters: The ISP can also send you various notices and letters warning you to stop downloading torrents, or otherwise, legal action will be taken against you. 

Thus, it’s essential to hide your torrent traffic and identity from the ISP. 

Final Thoughts

The Kickass torrent remains a top choice of the users, but since it went down by the US government, its users are left disappointed. Although the website is now closed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t download torrents. The best Kickass torrent alternatives get the job done for the users. These alternatives are reliable torrent websites that work like the Kickass torrent. You can benefit from its clean interface and extensive content library to get your desired torrent files. Hence, choose any of the best Kickass torrent alternatives and start downloading now but make sure you use a VPN and don’t compromise your online security and privacy. 


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