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6 Reasons Why VPN Used For – Enhance Your Privacy

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A Virtual Private Network commonly referred to as a VPN is a security tool that is used to get privacy and anonymity online.  Primarily it is used to:

  1. Hide your IP address
  2. Encrypt online traffic

This tool has always been relatively common. However, now I honestly think a legit VPN service has become more of a necessity! 

Now before you plan to term me as paranoid, wait up and look at the world around you. Our online privacy has ceased to exist, and everyone is fervently abusing it in any way they want! Come to think of it; the ISPs are allowed to monitor, save and sell your data. 

Apart from that, there is government surveillance to get uneasy over along with other cybercriminals. And the cherry on top? Even the ever-reliable Google and Facebook have turned up against us! After all, you might have heard of the recent fines Google had to pay! 

SHOCKED!? That’s understandable! 

Amidst these issues, VPNs are our only hope. Also, there are many other perks to having a legit VPN connection. 


Well, this article contains the information you need on what are VPNs used for. 

What is a VPN used for?

With growing awareness of digital privacy violations, VPNs ate getting exceedingly popular. This is because a trusted VPN service is your best friend online! There are many reasons why people opt for using VPNs, such as:

1 – Encrypt internet traffic for privacy

By now, you are aware that our online information is tracked and monitored by:

  1. Government 
  2. ISP
  3. Data snoopers

To protect you from them, VPNs use encryption. This means that they convert on encrypt your online traffic into a code that is next to impossible to a crackdown. The only way to crack that code down is to decrypt it through a decryption key. 

Also, apart from that, VPNs send any data online through a highly encrypted tunnel. This encrypted tunnel is also impossible to crack down; thus, this way, no one can snoop on the data present. Therefore VPNs act as a shield and protect our online data from any prying eyes online. 

2 – Use VPN for anonymous browsing

As the Government and ISP strictly monitor us and track our online activity, it is crucial to be anonymous online. For this VPNs come in handy as with them you can gain anonymity by:

  1. Changing your IP address with a fake one
  2. Switching your original location to another one. 

Now your IP address is, to put it in simple words your online identity. Therefore, if you replace your real IP address with a fake one, then there is no way anyone can trace your online activity back to you. Moreover, with a VPN, you can change your online locations as VPN have many servers in various countries. 

Therefore through a VPN, you can change your location by connecting to any server present in some other country. This way, anyone monitoring your activity will view that data emerging from the VPN server. Thus through this way, you can get complete anonymity online. 

3 – Use VPN to unblock restricted content

 Often you might have come across sites that are blocked in your country. Such as China’s great firewall. Or if not, there are certain offices, schools, or other places where social media sites are blocked. In such circumstances, you can use a VPN to unblock those sites. 

This is possible as VPN providers have many servers in numerous countries. This way, you can easily change your location by connecting to any server that is not in your country. Through this, anyone restricting and monitoring your data will provide access to the content as the traffic will be coming from a server that is not blocked. 

4 – Use VPN for streaming Netflix and Hulu

All the movie buffs might be aware of the craze of watching a new TV show or movie. However, how frustrating things get when you can’t stream properly and face troubles such as:

  1. The video is loading with poor quality 
  2. It is buffering after every few minutes 

Ruins the fun, doesn’t it? Well, you can use a VPN to stream content on Netflix and Hulu with ease. This is because the buffering issues are due to slow internet. Slow internet is mainly because the ISP, who is monitoring your data starts throttling bandwidth once they notice you streaming. 

However, with a VPN your activity is hidden so you can stream whatever you want freely. Also, with a VPN, you can get access to the Netflix US library. This is actually easy as all you need to do is connect to a US server and you are good to go! 

5 – Use VPN for anonymous torrenting

Torrenting is something all of us surely do to quickly download movies, songs, games, books, etc. However, there are some problems associated with torrenting such as:

  1. Although our work is undoubtedly harmless, many countries have labelled torrenting as illegal. 
  2. Many copyright organizations have also started to track down people downloading torrents. 
  3. The ISPs strictly monitor our online activity, and If they find anyone torrenting, they start throttling their bandwidth

Imagine having to pay hefty fines for just downloading your favorite content! Therefore, to get rid of Government, ISPs, and Copyright organizations from monitoring your data, you can use a VPN to get anonymous. 

This is relatively easy as with a VPN you can hide your IP address and change your location. Moreover, you can also protect your web activity by channeling your internet traffic in an encrypted tunnel through a VPN. This way no one will be able to track your down or link torrent downloads to you, and you can enjoy complete anonymity. 

6 – Use VPN with Tor browser

Tor browser is a notorious browser used to browse the internet privately. However, with Tor, there are some issues that you may come across when you use it, such as:

  1. It protects data through a layer of concealment. 
  2. With Tor, you will face speed issues as the ISP throttle activity of users using Tor. 

Now using Tor with VPN is the ultimate solution to these issues. This is because first off VPNs carry your information through an encrypted tunnel. Also, the encryption provided by some of the legitimate VPN services is military-grade and therefore impossible to track down. Thus through this, they make sure that your privacy and security are better guaranteed. 

Furthermore, with a VPN, you can also get rid of ISP throttling your internet upon using Tor. This is because you can gain anonymity by:

  1. Changing the IP address
  2. Switching location 
  3. Having data in an encrypted tunnel 

This way the ISP remains unknown of all of your internet activity and therefore also remains clueless about you using Tor. Thus as they are clueless, they don’t throttle bandwidth, and you are free to enjoy Tor at optimum speeds. 

Final words

Using VPNs is indeed crucial with internet privacy, so paper-thin. Apart from privacy, there are many things for which people use a VPN. However, it is essential to keep in mind that ultimate privacy, along with other perks happens through a trusted VPN connection. 

Therefore if you value your privacy and want to enjoy a stressful secure internet connection, you should get a VPN.


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