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Trusted, Worthy and Most Reliable VPN Services In 2020

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I have spent the past few months reviewing and testing various VPN providers. While doing so, I found a few of them are actually providing what they are claiming to offer. I, therefore, compiled some of the trusted VPN providers I came across.

This is how I review and test the VPN provider

  • Credibility: before buying the product and search its reputation online, mostly on Reddit.
  • Data Leak: After analyzing its reputation, I will also check if there are previous records or leaking data?
  • Installation: While getting the product, I will check how easy to get the product and how easy to install and use it.
  • Encryption test: first I will run it through encryption test, what encryption type they are using.
  • Speed test: then I will check how much it reduced the Speed.
  • IP Leak Test: I will check is there any IP or DNS leak been found within 24 hours or not!
  • DNS Leak: Is it featured with DNS leak protection and kill switch or not.
  • Based In: it’s important to check and make sure it’s not in any jurisdiction country.

These are the major aspects if we talk about privacy and security. I will also check if it’s working with streaming and Anonymous torrenting or not.

List Of 5 Trusted VPN’s in 2020

4PIA VPN$3.33/monthpiavpn.com
5CyberGhost Pro$2.75/monthcyberghost.com

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The company is focused more on ‘Security’ and has some of the best features a security tool could have. Not only does it’s SSL secured servers are optimized for Streaming and P2P but also protected with Anti-DDoS security.

Test Features and Pricing

  • P2P optimized servers: for anonymous torrenting.
  • Tor Compatibility: Best combination for the Tor browser.
  • Wide range of servers: will provide the fastest server and internet speed.
  • American Netflix: guaranteed access to the US Netflix catalog.
  • Encryption: it will provide up to 256bit encryption.
  • Supported devices: all devices are supported.
  • login limits: 5 simultaneously connections.
  • Free trial: 30-day refund policy guaranteed.
  • Discount Coupon: 75% Off Discount Available Today

A highly user-friendly VPN service provider, it is all up for good security. It is equipped with decent security tools and is very well developed. It has a reputation for being secure and fast, while here are some of the key features it offers:

  1. Location: this service provider is securely tucked hidden away from the 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes jurisdiction in the lush British Virginia Islands.
  2. Log Policy: this non-US-based VPN provider follows a strict no-logs policy
  3. Encryption Test: they provide encryption through the ever secure encryption methods that are the AES- 256- bit encryption
  4. Speed Tests: they claim to provide good speeds. So to satisfy myself, I run it through various speed tests. It turns out they really do fulfill their claims.
  5. Payments methods: they provide payments through standard credit/ debit cards along with the very secure Bitcoin
  6. Dedicated servers: they offer an impressive amount of 160 P2P optimized servers.
  7. Free trial: 30-day refund policy guaranteed.
  8. Discount Coupon: 49% Off Discount Available Today

Notorious for the super-fast speeds it provides, this VPN service is known to offer reasonably good security too. Along with that, it has a relatively friendly user-friendly experience. While testing it, these are the key features I came across:

  1. Location: very much like ExpressVPN it is also tucked away from the steely grasps of the 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes jurisdiction in the lush British Virginia Islands.
  2. Log policy: They are non-US based VPN providers and are safely away from the grasps of European laws too. Therefore, they let their users enjoy a strict No logs policy.
  3. Encryption Tests: instead of the standard AES-256-CBC algorithm, it offers a notably faster and very secure AES-256GCM algorithm. This modernization is to suit up with the optimized speeds it provides.
  4. Speed Test: they claim to offer super-fast speeds. To check if they live up to their claim, I ran some speed tests and was happy with the results.
  5. Payment Methods: they accept payments through credit/debit cards. And if you are looking for security, they allow payments through the ever secure Bitcoins!
  6. Dedicated Servers: it offers a relatively good number of 500+ servers.
  7. Free trial: NO But 30-day refund policy guaranteed.
  8. Discount Coupon: 83% Off Discount Available Today
4CyberGhost Pro$2.75/monthcyberghostvpn.com

This VPN service though started small, is, however, now recognized as one of the largest VPN providers. It offers good security and privacy and numerous other feature such as:

  1. Location: it is based in Romania, which keeps it well away from the strict 14 eyes.
  2. Logging Policy: I checked their logging policy, and it follows a strict No Logs rule.
  3. Encryption: it offers the ever-secure military-grade AES 256 bit encryption to its users.
  4. Speed Tests: I tested the service through various speed test round the clock and was very satisfied with the speeds they offer.
  5. Payment Methods: they allow users to pay through the standard credit/debit along with ever secure Bitcoins
  6. Dedicated Servers: they offer a relatively high number of 3,999 servers which is quite impressive.
  7. Free trial: NO But 45-day refund policy guaranteed.
  8. Discount Coupon: 79% Off Discount Available Today
5PIA VPN$3.33/monthprivateinternetaccess.com

This VPN service promises to provide its users with reasonably good security and exceptional speed. And all that at reasonable rates. Some of the key features it offers are:

  1. Location:  its location is something to be cautious about as it is located in the US!
  2. Logging policy: although they are based in the US, they are still bold enough to offer a strict no-logs policy. This surely makes them somewhat trustworthy!
  3. Encryption:  They are serious about the security they are offering. It proves with the encryption method they use, that is the very secure AES 128 and AES 256 bit encryption
  4. Speed tests: this VPN provider is known to be fast and very reliable. To check if it lives up tp outs reputation, I ran some speed tests on its and was satisfied with the results.
  5. Payments methods: it sure puts security into consideration as it offers payment through Bitcoins too, along with the standard credit/ debit cards
  6. Dedicated servers: they have impressively provided a good number of 3,300 dedicated servers, which is just great!
  7. Free trial: NO But 30-day refund policy guaranteed.
  8. Discount Coupon: 67% Off Discount Available Today


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