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REvil Ransomware Attack Group Targets Acer and Demanded a $50M by March 28th

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Recently, Acer experienced a REvil ransomware attack that demanded the $50M ransomware. It is the highest ransomware demand in history. 

The hackers that launched the attack gained access to the company network through the Microsoft Exchange vulnerability. The attacker leaked the images of financial documents, spreadsheets, bank balance, and banking communication. The hackers offer a 20% discount to Acer until March 28th, or otherwise, it will leak the collected data. The hackers warned that the ransom would get double to $100 million if Acer doesn’t pay the money on time. 

There is no guarantee that the hackers won’t harm the data. Several companies suffered from ransomware attacks even after paying the ransom amount. According to Bleeping Computer, the same group also demanded a $30 million ransom payment from the Dairy Farm.

But, till now, Acer did not give any clear statement whether they suffered a REvil ransomware attack or not. They are saying that they reported some abnormal situations. Acer is among one of the most popular brands that fall victim to ransomware attacks. In 2019, the company generated $7.8 billion annual revenue and $3 billion in quarter four 2020.

The Advanced Intel cyber intelligence platform Andariel revealed that the REvil ransomware group attempted to abuse Acer’s Microsoft Exchange server to access sensitive data. These vulnerabilities affect more than 30,000 US organizations. If this gets proved, it would be the first noticeable attack related to the mail server software hack. 

The REvil ransomware group in the past has contributed to various attacks. One is the Travelex ransomware attack back in 2020 that demanded a $6M ransom. But, later, the ransom settled on a $2.3M in bitcoins.

In May, the New York-based firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks also experienced an attack by the REvil ransomware gang. The entertainment and media law firm represents some of the leading companies and public personalities in the USA. At first, the hackers demanded $21 million and leaked 2.4GB of data about Lady Gaga. After failed negotiations, the ransom demand reached $42 million. 

Ransomware is the most prevalent type of cyber-attack. It threatens large companies, organizations, and NGOs worldwide. Some of the earliest ransomware types aimed to target individual users. But, now, they are a powerful weapon that’s capable of large-scale damage. 

We are still waiting for an official statement from Acer regarding this reportedly ransomware attack. The company will probably have to pay the amount as they can’t afford to lose the data. 


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