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Is Samsung Password Managers Safe To Use?

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Being a Samsung User, you would be aware of the Samsung Pass Feature. But, because a feature exists doesn’t mean you would be using it. If it’s a password manager, as we are usually in doubt if it’s worth it.  It is quite evident for anyone to be cautious about their details and credentials.

Samsung Pass is a neat software by Samsung that uses biometric data to log in to websites or applications on your Samsung Device. Even when you are using a smart, famous, and highly prized brand like Samsung, the worries don’t go away. Hence, to clear your doubts and ensure whether Samsung’s addition of a Password Manager is worth it or not.

Let’s now discuss all the pros and cons of Samsung Pass.

What Is Samsung Pass?

Samsung Pass is application software, built-in your Samsung Device as a Password Managing App. But, it’s not like a typical Password Manager. Samsung Pass helps you with quick logins and one-click form filling by saving your details. It requires your biometric data to provide you with this smart and easy feature on your Samsung device.

But, not all apps or websites may support this authentication system. For some, you will still need to enter the password in the usual manner at certain stages of the process. 


Trusting a Password Manager is because of the features and services; that make a user go for it. Since all password managers’ essential components are the same, it is always better and necessary to look at the exceptional features a password manager offers.

But, Samsung Pass is not a typical Password Manager. It does not have a Password Manager’s standard features. It doesn’t act as a password manager; instead, it acts as password storage and retriever. 

The features Samsung Pass include are:

Pre-Installed Application

One of the significant benefits of Samsung Pass is that you don’t have to find and install a suitable password manager on your Samsung Device.

It comes as a built-in application in all the latest Samsung devices. It means you don’t have to worry about finding or purchasing a suitable Password Manager. So you need to sign yourself up on this tool and get access to all the Samsung Pass features.

One-Click Auto Details Filling

Once you have entered all your information on Samsung Pass, you don’t have to put in any more effort now.

This means, after you have added your details, you can rely on the software to enter appropriate and suitable details wherever needed in the least amount of time.

The fast-working and functioning of this auto-filling feature cut all your needs to type in the details ever again.

Military Grade Security

Samsung Pass comes with a biometric encryption feature. It helps you secure all our passwords and personal details. This biometric encryption ensures that all the passwords and credentials you store in this app are safe and secure.

Samsung Pass puts the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) technology into action. This technology is for simpler and secure authentication. It results in providing high-quality encryption of your details while keeping it secure on your device and online.

Fast And Simple Usage

When you have a Samsung device in your hand, you can hardly doubt the fast working experience it has to offer, right? Now from time to time, Samsung has provided us unconditional models of smartphones that have served us in the best way. This represents its smart and advanced software, which is almost everyone’s favorite.

One can’t miss the fact that not the device itself but all its features and tools also serve faster and smoother. 

Multiple Ways To Verify Your Identity

There’s one more thing you will adore about Samsung Pass. It offers many identity confirmation features on every entry of your passwords or credentials.

Hence, this app eliminates the need to login and adds your details everywhere. It also ensures that your device and passwords are in safe hands. This happens through fingerprint verification or facial recognition. Through this, there’s no way anyone else can enter details saved in your device without your consent.

Setting Up And Working

With Samsung Pass, you can forego the normal procedure. It can be done using your fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition after you open a login page on an app or website to enter your account details.

How To Set Up

  • Select Options.
  • Choose Lock Screen and Safety.
  • Click Samsung Pass to the dropdown.
  • You have to sign in to your Samsung Account with your Samsung Pass Master app key.
  • You will have to register your biometrics such as fingerprint and iris on your Samsung account device.

How To Use

When you navigate to your Internet Browser New Login tab, you will only enter your username and password as usual. But with Samsung Pass active, you will be prompted to store your login credentials after clicking the signup. After you have stored your credentials, you can go over to the login page every time you need to access your credentials. Using your biometrics verification on the Samsung Pass prompt, you can log in to your account. 

How To Fill Forms And Payment Details

 Here’s how you can set up Auto Forms and Payment Details filling.

  • Open Samsung Pass Application. You can do it from the Configuration Menu or the list of your Preferred Apps.
  • Go over to the Types in Autofill page.
  • Tap on Add Address. Fill in the information (you can add several addresses like work, home.).
  • To sign up for Credit And Debit Card Information, Click on Connect Card Page.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Whenever you try to fill out a form or credit card information, Samsung Pass will prompt you to fill out the form by verifying your biometrics.

Samsung Pass Pros

The beauty of Samsung Pass is the seamless integration between hardware and software. The feature was designed for Samsung phones, and that is obvious from the get-go.

Let’s start by looking at some of the benefits you will see from using Samsung Pass.

Free To Use

You get access to use Samsung Pass when you buy a Samsung phone, as long as you have a Samsung Account.

If you own a Samsung Phone but have not been using Samsung Pass, you can set up Samsung Pass by following the guidelines mentioned above.

Easy And Quick

Samsung Pass has been developed for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Hardware. It’s the fastest and most secure password management option for Galaxy users.

Unlike the iOS Password Manager App, you don’t have to download a separate app and then try it on your device.

With Samsung Pass, you don’t have to remember your different complicated passwords for every other website or app. Once you have set up Samsung Pass, it will ask you to save your password on your first login. Once it stores your password, you can use your biometrics verification to log in to your accounts. 

More Than A Password Manager

 Samsung Pass offers more benefits than a traditional password manager.

When in 2016, Samsung Pass was first introduced, it was marketed as a solution that would replace IDs and passwords. Samsung developers even believe it would replace physical keys to your house or car with IoT development.

While all these years away, it does highlight another benefit of an integrated password solution. Samsung Pass can also be used to buy items by authenticating them with your biometrics.

Samsung Pass Cons

With a free service, not everything would be fantastic. There is some major disadvantage that needs to be pointed out. Being a Samsung Galaxy user, it’s unusual if you are not using Samsung Pass. What I’m about to share with you might give you enough of a reason to consider other options.

Let’s take a look at some of the cons of the Samsung Pass.

Only Supports Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Pass doesn’t support any top-tier internet browsers, and it is the biggest con. You can’t use the web with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. You have to browse the web using the default Samsung Internet Browser on your Samsung Galaxy Phone. It only works with those apps that support Android Autofill Framework.

Samsung Galaxy Exclusive

The most crucial disadvantage of using Samsung Pass is that it only works on Samsung Galaxy Devices.  It means that if you are on your computer, smart TV, or any other Samsung or non-Samsung device, you will still need to type out your passwords.

This may not seem like a big deal but consider the primary purpose of any Password Manager. It is to create and store strong and complex passwords. If you make a complex password for Samsung Pass to remember, you will have to find a way to retrieve your password and type it on other devices.

That can become unmanageable and not worth the effort.

No Password Generator

Samsung Pass fails to create strong passwords, unlike most of the other Password Managers. With the IoT advancements, passwords will vanish, and using your biometric data will be the only option left for you to log into your accounts.

In this essence, take steps to create stronger passwords. The only thing that Samsung Pass is helping you do is to remember your old and wrong passwords. You can not create a more robust password profile; you are making it more convenient to log in. 

Vague Security Process

Another disadvantage of Samsung Pass is that it doesn’t detail the security measures it takes to keep your data secure.

Samsung does not inform users about the encryption it uses for Samsung Pass. Remember, you are entrusting your most secure password with this tool. If it gets breached, you are in big trouble. 

The chances are that your data is secure with Samsung.  But that they should be more transparent about this process instead of forcing users to trust the software.


If you are a Samsung Galaxy User, it’s an attractive option that I would recommend using.

If you are looking for a top-tier password manager app, Samsung Pass does not come near the top. It is because it does not help you create strong passwords. Also, it does not provide cross-platform support.

So you can still use Samsung Pass on your phone if you want. I recommend using a good password manager to help you generate better passwords and understand how secure your password profile is.

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