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How Safe is Avira Password Manager? Detailed Review

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How Safe is Avira Password Manager?

We’ve all heard of Avira and all its antivirus and security software. And no doubt, Avira does play an active and beneficial role in securing our digital activities through its antivirus software and other similar ones. But that certainly doesn’t make it evident that Avira’s Password Manager would also serve as the best option here. 

That’s precisely why we thought it’s better we go through a detailed review of Avira Password Manager and how it serves to secure your online activities. Hence, without wasting any more time. Let’s go ahead and discover all that Avira Password Manager has to offer us.  

What is Avira Password Manager?

Avira Password Manager is a password manager that serves as an extremely easy-to-use option for anyone; while being a complete web-based password manager. Hence, it might have similar features like password storing and auto-form filling, but it doesn’t work as a regular password managing software.  

However, this doesn’t make it count as a loophole for Avira password managers, as it is still available on all computers and devices. This means that even if you don’t get the software to add to your device individually, you can use it through the browser on any device you like. But that’s not even all to what this password manager offers, as there’s more to the features and benefits here.  

So, let’s go ahead and discover what more you can avail through Avira Password Manager, and how it is an excellent option to ensure your passwords and credentials security.  

Its Features:

The first and most important thing about any password manager is the feature, and that’s obviously what we all look for in a password manager. That’s why we considered having a short overview of each of the features this password manager has to offer us.  

Now, this ensures that Avira might not have everything the ‘best’ password managers offer us today; but its features still come as a complete pack of all one can need in terms of using a password manager. However, if you’re confused about what we’re talking about, let’s go ahead and explore the features!

Cloud syncingGives access to saved passwords through cloud syncing, even on the free plan.
Form fillingThe automatic form-filling helps you save time and effort.
Local storageWith local storage on your device, provides extra security
Password generatorUsers can easily import their browser data on any device they want. 
ImportingAllows importing passwords from different browsers and other devices.
ExportingHelp users export passwords to other devices.
Password reportGives a password report and feedback on each of your password’s strengths.
2-step verificationThe 2-step verification can help you safely store all your passwords inside the vault.

How is it Beneficial?

Before we invest our time and money on anything, we all are most likely to consider the benefits of the act or the product. Similarly, before you head on to trust any password manager for your password’s security, you might surely want to learn about the benefits it offers you, right? 

Well, if so, then you don’t have to go anywhere else to learn more about that. Simply because we’ve got all the significant benefits, you’ll get through Avira password manager, aligned below in a detailed discussion for you.  

So, let’s go ahead, and discover how you can exactly benefit from and why you should choose Avira Password manager as your online security option.  

Usage Ease:

Getting started with Avira Password Manager is a hassle-free journey, as you don’t have to go through any long and complicated steps. However, you don’t instantly get access to your vault and a master password, as Avira requires you to log in to your Avira connect account. 

This means that before you get the opportunity to create a master password to perform all your activities, you’ll need to have an Avira account and get signed in on it. However, this new process does add a smart and additional touch of security to all your data.  

Other than this, when it comes to importing your browser data inside your vault, it might get a little complicated and time-taking. This is mainly because Avira doesn’t offer you an automatic import option. Hence, you either get to add one password at a time (which is a slow process), or you can even head on to export all the data to a CSV file and then include them in your vault. 

And undoubtedly, this CSV method of transporting all your credentials inside your vault does serve as a fast and smart way here. Altogether, this might come as a bit of a struggle as a newbie handling an Avira password manager account, but it gets easier and faster to manage your vault over time.  

Multiple Device Syncing:

As a basic level password manager, one might have thought of all the limitations that Avira Password Manager might offer. Well, there might be a few things to add to that, but device syncing is undoubtedly not one of them.

 And since most of the password managers don’t sync your passwords and credentials on multiple devices, especially without having to pay for it, it’s certainly something worth appraisal. In terms of the various syncing options offered by the Avira password manager, you can always count on it, whether you’re an Android user, an iOS user, a Windows user, or a macOS one. 

And with the variety of devices it allows you to sync your passwords and credentials on, you can always be sure that all your passwords are with you, no matter what method you use. Now, this is undoubtedly a great benefit here. 

Customer Support:

The support feature of Avira is also not very amusing, but it has its ways of impressing you here. Don’t get it? This means that you might not get a 24/hour customer support service with Avira Password Manager, but you have a variety of options to get in touch with the people there. This includes options like email, community, on-call, Facebook, and Twitter.

 So, even if you aren’t getting in touch with the team of Avira Password Manager through call, you can always count on their social sites and get response there soon. Besides, as they say, ‘the more, the better is something that benefits us in one way or another.

 Also, to get started and get answered to primary and most searched queries about Avira Password Manager, you’ve always got the smart and time-saving option of accessing decent tutorials and searchable FAQs to explore your answer. 


The security aspect of Avira Password Manager is another great factor one can gain significant benefits through. This means that it backs up all your data and passwords through a 256-AES encryption format that ensures the next-level security of all your credentials. And as a matter of fact, not every password manager offers you with this advanced security feature while backing up all your passwords and credentials.  

Furthermore, with Avira, you also get a breach report of all your passwords and credentials. This means that you get to know what passwords and credentials are compromised in any way, and that helps you change the passwords into something more reliable and non-compromised. 

However, this feature isn’t the most remarkable feature offered by Avira Password Manager, but it’s still worth having as an additional one – since you don’t even have to pay for it specially. 

Is It Secure?

When it comes to the security offered by Avira’s Password Manager, one might consider it lesser than what is expected from an online security company. And with that, even though many password managers serve more advance in the security aspect, Avira isn’t also an option that you should have doubts about. 

This is mainly because Avira Password Manager does serve as a secure password saving option, with its 256-bit AES encryption that secures all your secured passwords, credit info, and notes. Also, since your master password is only stored by you and not Avira itself, there’s no way you can have doubts about your credential’s security. 

Although these may be the primary security aspects that all of the password managers offer (or at least most of them do), it’s still worth appreciating the additional features that come with it.  

Free and Paid Plans:

The best part about Avira Password Manager is that, like every other suitable and highly rated password manager, it comes as a free and paid option. Hence, if you aren’t willing to pay for a password manager, in the beginning, you can always go for Avira’s free password manager with all the necessary features. 

This includes features like unlimited cloud syncing, unlimited password storage, and auto-login for all your accounts. Now, this might not be enough, as most of the extra beneficial features are missing in the free plan, but it still is useful as you don’t have any limits in the free plan – which not many similar password managers tend to give. 

And when it comes to the paid version of Avira Password Manager, there’s more to the features you get as a plus. This includes a security breach alert, website monitoring, password analyzer, and a 14-day money-back guarantee (in case you change your mind). And you get this paid version for just a total of $2.66/ per month. 

Now, this is undoubtedly a premium version of a password manager coming at the cheapest price it can.  

What Platforms Does It Support?

Now, most password managers today support a variety of platforms for a multiple usage experience for their users. And since everyone’s platform usage varies, it’s a benefit for everyone. Whereas, when it comes to Avira’s password manager, you don’t get a lot of platform support. 

But that doesn’t even mean that you can’t benefit from it, as it is still available on all the highly-rated and most used platforms. This includes platform support of: 


  • Chrome 
  • Firefox 
  • Opera 


  • IOS 
  • Android 


Having a password manager to ensure your online security and securing your passwords and credentials while performing your online businesses; is undoubtedly a necessity nowadays. With the exceeding online crimes and phishing attacks now and then, one needs to secure their online activities too. 

And when it comes to doing so, having a password manager is the perfect option here. However, it’s hard for one to be sure which one serves well with the different options. And so, it’s always better you look for one according to your needs.

 Similarly, when you consider Avira Password Manager, we’ve discussed ensuring that it’s a decently serving password manager that anyone with basic password managing needs can surely trust. Besides, having a password manager of decent features and proper working is always better than not having one at all.

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