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What Is A Dashlane Password Manager? Full Review 2023

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Passwords are the key to your identity over the internet. You need to prove your identity on different websites. But what happens when a key is weak or fragile? It breaks. You can apply the same theory to your passwords. If your passwords are weak, people with malicious intent can crack your passwords, making you a victim of identity theft. Using a strong and individual password for every website reduces the risk of password theft. Remembering all those passwords without the help of a password manager is impossible. Here a password manager comes into play. 

One such password manager is Dashlane. It does all the basic and advanced tasks of a password manager. Dashlane bundles a VPN and performs regular scans for weak passwords on all your accounts, making it more expensive than most of the Password Managers available.

This article focuses on a detailed Dashlane review. So, if you’re interested, then let’s jump into it.

What Is a Dashlane Password Manager?

Dashlane is a Password Manager for all major OS and web browsers, including Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can store unlimited passwords, addresses, notes and more, and sync them across your devices. It is the best option for managing passwords and accessing all your credentials anywhere on the web, without any limitations. With the Autofill feature, Dashlane makes it easier for you to make the most out of this password manager.

We will look at the price and features during this review and check on security, usability, and support.


Dashlane is like other password manager models but with several other unique features. It branches into other cybersecurity areas. Like it offers a VPN, identity theft protection, and 2FA. The downside is that Dashlane demands a high price for those more features.

The basic features accounted for with Dashlane include:

  • Multi-device sync
  • Unlimited password storage 
  • Password sharing

But, Dashlane has many other unique features rivaling the likes of Abine Blur. 

Security Dashboard, dark web monitoring, and identity theft protection are some of Dashlane’s features. The identity theft feature is not on par with IdentityForce (Identity Theft Protection Software). Also, it offers credit monitoring and $1,000,000 in identity theft protection. 

Furthermore, with an integrated VPN, Dashlane demands a high price. Although we appreciate the addition, we can not compare the bundled VPN to one of our best VPN lists. 

Quick And Easy Setup

Setting your account on Dashlane is as easy as signing up on Whatsapp.

  • You can download your Dashlane Password Manager from their official website.
  • Install the application once the download completes. 
  • After the installation, you can open Dashlane Password Manager and click on Create a New Account. 
  • Add your email address and create a master password.
  • Once you complete the sign-up form, you can log in to your account and start using Dashlane. 

With Dashlane, no matter what browser you use, you get the option to either import passwords from that browser or import via a CSV file. You can also save new passwords after every login attempt. It adds more ease to your instant account setup and quick form filling feature without having to put much effort into it.

Multiple Platform Support

Dashlane Password Manager provides many platform support. It doesn’t limit you to a specific browser or device. It gives you complete ease and a smart user-experience on whatever device or browser you are using for your online activities.

Whether you are an iOS user, a PC worker, someone who browses on Firefox, or a regular Chrome user, Dashlane is always there. It is still ready to support you anywhere and everywhere, even if you change platforms. The downside of Dashlane is that it only offers single device support on its free version. But with the premium package, you will get fast access to all the platforms.

User-Friendly Interface

Dashlane provides an attractive and easy-to-use interface. It offers everything to the user with the least complexity. With the Sidebar menu option, you can switch between:

  • Password Generator
  • Password Sharing
  • Password Health
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • VPN

Dashlane balances usability and functionality by making Dashlane Password Manager accessible for newbies and veterans.  The seamless setup process clarifies what you need to do; managing your entries is as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Analyzing Your Password Strength

With Dashlane’s Password Health Dashboard, you can analyze your passwords’ strength. This detailed analysis provides a rating on every password you store inside the vault. Also, it allows you to figure out all the strong and weak passwords inside your locker.

You can also edit and ensure your weak passwords’ strength while keeping an eye on all the newly added ones. Hence, you can be sure and stress-free that your passwords are vulnerable or hackable. 

Password Generator

Dashlane provides an analysis report about your passwords. It provides you with a list of strong and weak passwords, so you can change the passwords or create a new one for any of your accounts. You can generate a new password without putting in your time and mind to think of a strong password.

Dashlane’s Password Generator generates strong and complex passwords. The password generated is according to the options you choose, including symbols or numbers. It even lets you copy and paste the passwords into the desired login space. And once the username and passwords are stored, you can be secured by your Master Password. 

You don’t even have to remember all those complicated passwords on your own. Dashlane’s vault automatically retrieves it whenever you visit a website or can retrieve it on your own.

Automatic Password Changer

Dashlane’s most unique feature is its automatic password changer. With a single click, you can update your password on various websites. The automatic password changer resolves one of the most significant problems of updating your passwords. There are some risks in changing your passwords. Your old and new passwords remain unencrypted on Dashlane’s servers, so that it can be a worrying sign.

The information is only stored in system memory for the operation’s duration before getting flushed. The data is never stored. Even if you are concerned about your passwords’ decryption, you don’t have to use the password changer even temporarily.

Autofill Form And Payment Details

Dashlane offers a smart feature that Autofills all your form and payment details. It is one of the most used features by frequent online shoppers. The best thing is that it detects your credit card and other payment details after adding them once in the Dashlane Form and Credit Info. After that, you can end the need to keep adding all the details by yourself.

Dashlane fills all the details according to the required need. Here all thanks go to its smart detection feature. But, even with the benefits, you might doubt this thing too. Sharing your credit card and personal details online might compromise your security. You shouldn’t be worried much. Dashlane’s smart encryption encrypts all your data through your Master Password.


Dashlane offers standard security. It provides a zero-knowledge model and AES-256 encryption for your vault. By making changes in how you authenticate your device, Dashlane has become one of the most secure password managers around.

The white paper supplied by Dashlane on its website and a study of MIT’s application in 2016 is the basis of Dashlane’s security explanation. Dashlane tells most password managers’ familiar tales. It uses AES 256-bit encryption protocol, which is locked behind a Strong Master Password.

Additionally, it never sees the data stored in your vault. Dashlane doesn’t have any access to your master password or any of its derivatives used for authentication. The master password uses a 32-byte salt for generating an Argon2h hash. At the same time, the 256-bit key is used for encrypting and decrypting your information.

Dashlane creates a user device key for each device you set up, and don’t use your master password for device authentication. This key is not related to your master password. It gets created by compiling some characteristics of your device’s hardware and software. A total of thirty-eight characters are developed by using the Open SSL RANS byte function. As for what you can see, all you need to do to authenticate is enter a one-time password sent to your email.

 Most password managers authenticate using a stored hash of your master password and access to one of your devices or your email.

Dashlane 2FA Options

To enhance security, Dashlane offers a two-factor authentication option. You can use the best 2FA apps, like Authy and Google Authenticator. Also, hardware keys supporting the universal two-factor authentication standard, such as the YubiKey.

Dashlane VPN and Identity Theft Protection

Dashlane is more than a password manager. It offers a free VPN and identity theft protection with your plan. Although these features are welcoming and impressive, they shouldn’t sell you on the service.

Dashlane’s identity theft protection is acceptable, though nothing compared to a fully-fledged service, such as Identity Guard. The VPN is the more significant concern, in any case. Dashlane doesn’t offer its private VPN. It provides help through AnchorFree’s network, which owns Hotspot Shield.


Dashlane offers a surprising number of support options for a password manager. Although most features go without explanation, there are plenty of ways to receive clarification. That said, you can only ask questions during business hours.

Unlike most password managers, Dashlane offers two forms of contact: e-mail and live chat. Handling of email is taken care of through a contact form, with support for English, French and German speakers. English e-mail support runs seven days a week. But French and German representatives only respond Monday through Friday during Business Hours.

Live chat is similar, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. It’s worth noting that live chat is only available in English. Moreover, it has a Twitter account. Although we appreciate the contact options, a 24/7 live chat option would be nice to see. You can find answers to most questions in the knowledgebase.

Dashlane offers everything from small clarifications to full-blown tutorials in its knowledge base. No matter how little the topic, Dashlane covers it in immense detail, fit with plenty of screenshots when relevant.

Pricing And Plans

The free version offered by Dashlane has its limitations. It provides the user with an overview of what the user can expect from the premium version. Like, you can only use Dashlane on one device with a restriction of 50 passwords while using the free version. That’s a non-starter for most people and impractical in the age of smartphones. You can also only share five accounts with other users. Whereas, NordPass’s and Lastpass’s free tier puts no limits on the number of passwords or on syncing across devices. 

The free version also includes features like Secure note sharing, 2FA, and Emergency Contact Access. When you are getting all these features for free, why would you need to buy the premium version?

When you switch to the premium plan for $39.99 per year or a family plan for $59.99, you will enjoy more advanced features. The features include advanced 2FA, dark web monitoring, a VPN addition, unlimited storage, and many more.

The family plan also includes:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Identity restoration support.

 These features include five simultaneous collections with one license and private accounts for all five members.


Dashlane has transformed standard password managers with advanced features and extra services. But, it demands a price tag to match. Although we like the goodies, they are not for everyone, which could leave you overpaying. That said, with a crafted interface and unique security architecture, the extra cost is worth it.

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