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10 Best Password Managers For Android – Get Better Security

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Android devices are one of the most widely used ones around the world. This can be due to the ease of use or the wide variety you get in Android devices. However, Android devices are not necessarily secure despite their popularity and are often under spying malware attacks. 

Therefore, it is crucial to protect personal information and credentials, and the best way to do so is through the best password manager for Android. But the problem here is that there aren’t many efficient password managers available as Android apps. Therefore, you must understand which one serves efficiently on Android devices before considering it. 

We’ve aligned some of the best options for Android below to help you figure such password managers. So let’s go ahead and discover them!

Why Use The Best Password Manager Apps for Android:

When you’re using your Android device, you’re often sure that you can efficiently work on it and browse through sites and apps without worrying about being hacked. Simply because a compact Android device doesn’t often harm us much, especially compared to how browsing and working through a laptop or PC does. Hence, we usually ignore online safety on Android devices, considering it to be less threatening.

But did you know that Android devices are more threatening in terms of allowing your data to get leaked or hacked? Since our Android devices contain all our chats, contacts, and other credentials, there are more chances of anyone getting into our details through phishing sites and getting access to them. But hey? That’s still not something you can’t avoid when there are password managers around to help you out.

Now the major question here is, ‘ which password manager would actually serve us well on Android too?’ Since most of the top-rated password managers we’ve primarily heard are best for laptops and PCs, and you can’t be sure of how effective they work on Android devices too. Therefore, it’s essential to explore the password managing apps that serve well on Android devices in terms of high-quality security of your credentials, as well as all the necessary features. 

10 Best Password Manager Apps for Android:

To eliminate your struggle of searching and understanding some of the best password securing options for Android, let’s discuss the top ones below, along with their free and paid plans.

  1. 1Password: Free version available for 30 days – $2.99-$4.00/ monthly paid subscription.
  2. aWallet Password Manager: Free version available – $3.49/ monthly subscription.
  3. Bitwarden: Available for free.
  4. Dashlane: The free version has all the basic features – $4.99 – $9.99 / monthly paid subscription available. 
  5. Enpass Password Manager: Available for free – $9.99/one-time feature unlocking fee.
  6. KeePass2Android: Completely free for users.
  7. Keeper: Available for free – $9.99 / monthly subscription and $99.99/ yearly subscription (with free trials for both subscription plans).
  8. LastPass Password Manager: Available for free with limited features – $2-$4/ monthly subscription.
  9. Google Smart Lock: Available for free.
  10. Password Safe: Available for free with limited access – $3.99/ subscription fee.

Now that we’ve discussed the names and pricing of the best password managers available for Android let’s go ahead and discover what they exactly offer us.

1- 1Password Manager:

1Password manager is familiar as one of the most competitive password managers. And that’s not just for Android but also other common platforms. 

The best thing about 1Password that makes it on top of the best options is that it has all the necessary features to get you going. That includes password generation, password management, and cross-platform support. 

And with all this, we can’t ignore the smart and organized security features it offers for the better safety of our credentials. , the only loophole here is that this password manager doesn’t offer you completely free usage. So after going for a 30-day free trial, you have to invest in one of its plans. But hey? With all that it has to offer, that’s undoubtedly not a bad thing too!

2- aWallet Password Manager:

As a password manager app, aWallet has been around and well-known for a very long time now. This app offers you all the basic and needed features, including storing your basic passwords, bank information, and other details.

 And, for a more effortless user experience, its addition of a built-in search, auto-lock feature, and the custom icon it provides is also worth praising here. And when it comes to securing your credentials, its AES Blowfish encryption covers this aspect just rightly.

3- Bitwarden:

Without a doubt, Bitwarden has been quite a safe and strong (in terms of security) app up until now. As This has not been around for a long while, but its security aspect for the users is just what you’ll need to rely on it – anytime, anywhere. 

This mainly includes the addition of AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2-SHA-256, altogether ensuring that your device is safe from any threats or hacking problems.

 Now that’s undoubtedly a plus in a completely free app. But that’s certainly not all here, as Bitwarden also serves as an utterly easy-to-use password securing app, being completely open-source. Now when you have Bitwarden, you might not want to have any second options.

4- Dashlane:

Another popular password manager app among all platforms is Dashlane. We’ve all surely heard of this app and how it serves well to its users with high-end security as well as basic features, right? Well, it has nothing less to offer on Android too.

With the free version having all the decent features of auto-fill, security alerts, 50 password storage, and easy-to-use functioning, it’s everything you might need. 

Yet, for more advanced and extra-special features, the paid plan is always there to serve you. Although, the best part here is that if you’re going to use it just for one device and not on your computer too, there’s no need to go for a subscription then. Amazing right?

5- Enpass Password Manager:

We’ve all probably heard about the powerful working of Endpass password manager, with the help of its 256-bit AES encryption, right? Well, that’s surely a plus with the fact that this password manager covers almost all the basic features you might need. 

And since you can also get its desktop version for easy and diverse usage, there’s nothing more you can ask from it. 

Also, the addition of backup and restore, cross-platform syncing, and syncing from other platforms; all adds more quality to this password manager’s user experience – making it the best option for your Android security needs. 

6- Keepass2Android:

If you’re someone who doesn’t require a technical or advanced password manager, this basic app is the perfect one. 

As with the fact that it serves you with all the basics, while also being an open-source app that doesn’t require you to subscribe for any feature, you’re good to go with it anytime.  

Besides, when your needs aren’t technical and more essential, a decent and easy-to-use password manager is enough to serve you, right?

7- Keeper:

Even though Keeper is an old option for password managing on Android, its frequent updates always keep it in the best ones. Therefore, it serves you well on all your basic password managing needs for sure. 

This includes the features of auto-fill and password generating, along with the addition of a vault for storing all your data, i.e., images, videos, etc. 

But that’s not all, as it also comes with all the advanced features for your extra efficient security needs. Yet, the only drawback here is the high-end subscription plans it offers that not everyone can afford. But hey? The free version is there to serve you, too, you know!

8- LastPass Password Manager:

As much as Lastpass serves unconditionally as a browser extension, one can’t go all drooling over its Android app features. But that doesn’t make it lack the basics that any and Android device user might require.

That means that you do get the auto form filling, photo and audio notes storing, password generator, password auditor, emergency access, and fingerprint scanner support. 

Now that’s indeed enough to call it a password managing option for Android, right? Yet, if you want advanced security additions of 2-factor authentication on your Android device, then Google Play also offers you with LastPass Authenticator. 

The only thing that lacks here is that it doesn’t offer much more than this to the free users. Therefore, if you can pay for it, you’re surely going to benefit more than the free users.

9- Google Smart Lock:

For a more fundamental and Google oriented password managing solution on your Android device, Google Smart Lock serves you just rightly. 

Since its basic and clean interface allows you to easily store your password, credit details, and other such info; so you’re less likely to face the struggles of signing in to everything on your own.

 Also, since it’s free, you can’t have a better basic serving password manager to help you with the basic security needs on your Android device.

10- Password Safe:

Lastly, but surely not the least, Password Safe and Manager App for Android serves you as another in-between password managing option for your smartphone. With the clean user interface and basic features to help you search, access, save, and edit your passwords and other details, you can surely eliminate the technical struggles here. 

And since security is also a worth considering factor, this app offers you a 256-bit encryption feature. Hence, you’re all safe and secure with your details on it. Yet, another factor that adds to its safety is that you don’t need to go online to use it. Therefore, Its offline working capability is worth your trust by all means. 

A drawback here, similar to other best apps, is that you can get more features as a paid subscriber. But since it’s not the most potent password managing option, and you still get all those basic needs fulfilled, there’s hardly any loss for you as a free user too!

In Summary

Securing your online presence on your Android device is also very important nowadays. Since most of our crucial day-to-day tasks are performed through our Android device, we can’t risk having it hacked, right? Therefore, trusting authentic and secure password manager apps for your Android device is very important. 

To help you figure out the best option, you can simply choose the above-mentioned best password managers for Android, according to your safety and password managing needs. Besides, it’s now, more than ever, the right time to secure your device the smart way!

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