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Top 10 Best Secure Password Managers For Business

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Top 10 Best Secure Password Managers For Business

Organizations have been using a Google Spreadsheet to secure all of their credentials, but it is considered both insecure and inconvenient nowadays due to increased cyberattacks. It is now time for organizations to find a good Business Password Manager to keep their credentials secured.

Organizations compromise a few hundred employees and span several different departments. Most organizations are remote-based; they spread worldwide, so they rely on their internet accounts for communication, project management, and work-based tools.

We found the 10 Best Performing Business Password Managers that offer a good range of features for businesses of all sizes. Features like:

  • High-end Security (high encryption, multi-factor authentication, etc.)
  • Essential Features Like Password Generating, Auto-Saving, and Auto-FIlling.
  • Intuitive admin and Employee’s Dashboards.
  • Quick and easy onboarding systems.
  • Business-Specific Features Like AD Integration, SSO (Single Sign-On), and Customizable Security Settings.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a password manager for a small or medium-sized business up to Enterprise-Grade SOftware for an Organization with thousands of employees. You can find the best Password Manager for your Organization from this Article.

How To Rate The Best Business Password Managers

High-End Security: All Password Managers in this article offer high-end security features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), AES 256-Encryption, and many more. Password Managers also maintain active zero-knowledge protocols to ensure the privacy and security of their users.

Easy Setup: All Password Managers in this article can either be customarily installed or offer a specialist’s manual to install the Application on your Organization’s systems. These products have User-Friendly Dashboards and make it simple for technical and non-technical employees to use all of the available features. 

Admin Control Panel: Admin Control Panel lets the administrator see how all their employees manage their Passwords and ensure that they follow proper security practices. These Admin Controls allow the administrator to restrict permission levels and implement necessary security protocols.

Features: All of the Password Managers present on the list have a wide array of basic password management features like Auto-Saving and One-click Login. Some advanced features like Login Security Audits, Secure Password Sharing, Dark Web Monitoring, and many more. 

Value: Most Password Managers are not cheap. Many of the brands offer little value for outrageous prices. The Password Managers we ultimately selected for this list offer a wide range of reasonably priced features.

1- NordPass

NordPass is one of the few Password Manager uses XChaCha20 encryption algorithm; this encryption method is better than AES 256-bit encryption (Every Password Manager uses). XChaCha20 is the same encryption algorithm that Google uses to keep you secured while surfing the web.

Other Features that NordPass offers are:

  • Option to add trusted contacts for sharing.
  • Password sharing
  • Admin Panel
  • Breached accounts scanner.

The trusted contacts options allow the administrator to securely connect different employees and negate any chance of a MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) Attack. The easy-to-use Admin Panel and Breached Accounts Scanner make NordPass one the most user-friendly Password Manager.

NordPass offers only One business plan, NordPass Business. It might not provide additional tools, but it is relatively cheaper than some of the Password Managers on this list.

2. Dashlane

Dashlane has been one of the favorite business password managers for many organizations. Dashlane includes everything that both small and big businesses need to secure and manage their passwords – including AES 256-bit encryption, an intuitive employee dashboard, a wide range of features, and an easy-to-use admin console.

Integrating Dashlane into an organization system is easy – Dashlane is easy to set up, and the intuitive admin console makes it easy for administrators to manage permissions on employee accounts and ensure everyone uses a unique password.

Dashlane makes it simple for Employees to create new passwords, use the browser extension, sign in to their Dashlane account via Company’s SSO provider, and share passwords with team members. The admin console also lets the administrator easily create company-wide logins and share with them the employees.

Dashlane provides the below-mentioned features:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • SSO Options (Single Sign-On)
  • Secure Password Sharing
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Advanced Security Reports
  • Remote Account Deletion

Dark Web Monitoring finds any leak credentials in a data breach. Dashlane finds the breached accounts and provides the most helpful steps in fixing the breached logins.

Dashlane comes with two business plans. Dashlane Team includes all the features except for the SSO options. In comparison, Dashlane Business consists of all of the features above, including the SAML-based SSO options.

3. 1Password

1Password is very secure, easy to use, and comes with a wide range of features for both admins and employees – including Two-Factor Authentication, Secure Password Sharing, and Dark Web Monitoring.

1Password has options to connect to Third-Party apps to add new users and manages their accounts. Like connecting a Slack account to 1Password, you can easily invite anyone to 1Password via Slack and Monitor notifications when someone needed their 1Password account recovered. 

1Password Also includes features like:

  • Admin Control Panel
  • Password Vaults
  • Advanced 2FA Options
  • Customizable Security Settings
  • Active Directory Integration.
  • SSO Options
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Hidden Vaults (Travel Mode)

1Password organizes specific Passwords into vaults and can allow specific Employees access to each particular vault. For Example, creating a vault for particular departments like marketing teams, so only marketing team members can access the passwords inside the vault.

1Password offers three business plans. 1Password Teams is one of the cheapest, but it doesn’t include many advanced options like AD integration. Whereas 1Password Business consists of all of the mentioned features with 5GB of encrypted cloud storage per user, 20 guest access accounts, and a 1Password Family plan for every user. Also, 1Password Enterprise includes all Business plan features and adds onboarding and training assistance and a dedicated account manager.

1Password offers excellent security, a wide range of features, and is easy to setup. The Third-Party Integration is one of the top features that 1Password offers, including intuitive admin controls and separate vaults for secure password sharing. 1Password has three business plans, which you can test with a 14-day free trial.

4. LastPass

LastPass has one of the most user-friendly dashboard interfaces. You can easily add new team members, enforce specific security settings (Two-Factor Authentication), and integrate  LastPass into the Organizations’ Active Directory Software.

LastPass also includes the following features:

  • Geofencing login policies.
  • Easy-to-set security protocols.
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.
  • Dark Web monitoring.
  • VPN integration options.

Geofencing allows the administrator to set up particular login requirements, like employees only logging into their accounts within a specific location. As soon as anyone leaves the radius around the office, they won’t be able to log in to any of their work accounts.

LastPass offers a range of business plans. LastPass MFA – a standalone multi-factor authentication software that integrates with apps used by an organization. LastPass Teams does not contain SSO and AD integration, whereas LastPass Business includes all of LastPass Teams’ features, including SSO and AD integration. There’s also LastPass Identity – this is the most comprehensive option as it combines all of LastPass MFA features and LastPass Business.

5. Keeper

Keeper is one of the most secure Password Manager with much-advanced Integration and Admin customization options. It also comes with an encrypted messenger app, known as KeeperChat, which makes communication between team members convenient and secure.

You can use KeeperCHat to create different chat rooms for various departments like Marketing, HR, IT, etc. THen can share files and even set self-destruct timers on those messages which contain sensitive information that will destroy after a set time.

Other Features that Keeper includes are:

  • Advanced Security Policies.
  • Many 2FA options.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Dark Web Monitoring.

Keeper also provides Administrative rights to specific security policies, like employees having to create a 20-character long password or activate two-factor authentication. It ensures the security of all employee’s accounts.

Keeper offers two different business plans; Keeper Business provides basic organizational features, whereas Keeper Enterprise provides SSO, AD Integration, Advanced Two-Factor Authentication, and provisioning option.

Keeper is a well-designed and easy-to-use Password Manager. KeeperChat also makes communication and File-sharing secure between employees. Keeper Enterprise is one of the best options for Large Organizations with all those extra features, and Keeper Business is for small businesses or new startups. Both versions come with a 30-day free trial. 

6. Sticky Passwords

Sticky Password is a good option for smaller businesses or new startups as it’s a pretty simple and easy-to-use business Password Manager. Sticky Password includes various admin controls to ensure all employees’ security, like setting Master Password requirements.

Sticky Password also provides features like:

  • Password Sharing.
  • 2FA options.
  • Customizable permissions.
  • Portable USB password vault option.

Sticky Password Portable USB option lets administrators access different accounts on any of the employee’s PC by inserting their External Drive and launching the USB version of Sticky Password named Portable Passwords.

Sticky Password is not as powerful as most of its competitors, but it as cheap as Sticky Password is, it is a better option for small organizations.

7. RoboForm

RoboForm has the best auto-fill capabilities out of all the competiting Business Password Managers. The auto-fill features allow legal forms, registration forms, and all kinds of login credentials. Even some of the top 5 best Password Managers can not handle complex legal forms, RoboForm has outperformed all other Password Managers on auto-fill capabilities.

RoboForm also has a range of other features:

  • Active Directory integration.
  • SSO Options.
  • Additional 2FA options.
  • Shared Access Groups Setup.
  • Advanced reporting.

The biggest issue with RoboForm is that manually adding passwords is not supported by desktop and admin dashboards. You need to install the RoboForm browser extension and then log in to your accounts to auto-save them. 

RoboForm is one of the cheapest Password Manager. Also, RoboForm offers more users and long-term subscription discounts.

RoboForm auto-fill capabilities are among the best among its competitors, accurately filling out even the most complex web forms. RoboForm includes a decent range of business features, including integration options and secure password sharing. RoboForm does not have a user-friendly GUI. So it might not be the best option for people who are not tech-savvy. 

8. PassCamp

PassCamp is the most user-friendly Password Manager on this list. Even a non-tech-savvy person can find it’s way on how to use PassCamp at its full capability. PassCamp is the easiest to set up but lacks advanced features.

PassCamp doesn’t provide some advanced features like Dark Web Monitoring and VPN Integration. PassCamp does not support Desktop Apps (It’s all in the cloud). 

The essential features of the password manager include:

  • Secure Password Sharing.
  • Guest Access.
  • Organization tags.

PassCamp provides easy Password Sharing. A panel on the left side of the user dashboard shows all team members’ accounts, sending passwords easy. Also, you can create free guest PassCamp accounts for temporary staff, interns, and contractors.

PassCamp offers two business plans. PassCamp Teams offers all the essential features but does not include SSO or Active Directory Integration options. In comparison, PassCamp Enterprise provides all the PassCamp Team features, including SSO and Active Directory Integration options.

PassCamp has an easy-to-use dashboard and is very secure, but it lacks many features, and it does not provide an offline Desktop App. PassCamp does have all of the essentials, which makes it simple to share passwords. You can also create guest accounts for non-employees. 

9. BitWarden

BitWarden is one of the cheapest options on this list. The Password Manager is quite versatile and is available as a web-based tool and a Desktop App.

BitWarden includes features like:

  • User Groups
  • Event Logs
  • Active Directory Integration
  • SSO Authentication
  • Self-Host Option

BitWarden can run your admin and personal vault from the same account. Also, it gives you the flexibility to set your employee’s Username and Password by yourself. Creation of different groups according to your organizational departments or different employees’ roles. 

BitWarden also secures all of your Event Logs; whether you create an employee account or deleting one, all the logs would be secure. 

BitWarden offers three different business plans. BitWarden Free Organization provides basic features for two users, including 2FA, Cloud Storage, and more. BitWarden Teams offer all BitWarden Free Organization features and include Event Logs, Password Health Support, Active Directory Sync, and more. Moreover, BitWarden Enterprise consists of BitWarden Teams’ features, including SSO, Custom Management Role, and more.

10. CyberArk

CyberArk is an Enterprise-Grade Password Manager that genuinely focuses on securing an Entire Company’s IT Systems. CyberArk’s advanced functionality requires a lot of technical know-how. CyberArk is best for Large Organizations that need sophisticated tools to manage and secure a massive amount of sensitive data. CyberArk also provides strict data security laws.

CyberArk’s advanced features include:

  • Automated credential changing.
  • Real-time account monitoring.
  • Advanced reports for compliance.

CyberArk’s automated process of changing account credentials gives IT administrators an easy way to manage Organizations Cybersecurity. Real-time account monitoring is beneficial, too, as it enables admin teams to quickly spot suspicious activity and stops any cynical damage that gets done.

CyberArk’s pricing feature is quote-based as it offers a wide range of different features. The Custom Quote is based on the number of users.


Password ManagersPricing Features per User
DashlaneDashlane Teams $5/mo.Dashlane Business $8/mo.
1Password1Password Teams $3.99/mo. 1Password Business $7.99/mo.1Password Enterprise Custom Quote.
LastPassLastPass MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) $3/mo.LastPass Teams $4/mo.LastPass Enterprise $6/mo.LastPass Identity $8/mo.
KeeperKeeper Business $3.75/mo.Keeper Enterprise Custom Quote.
NordPassNordPass Business $3.59/mo.
Sticky PasswordsSticky Passwords Team $29.99/yr
RoboFormRoboForm Business $39.95/yr.(The price decreases depending on the number of users)
PassCampPassCamp Teams €3.50/mo
PassCamp Enterprise Custom Quote
BitWardenBitWarden Free Organization $0/mo.BitWarden Teams Organization $3/mo.BitWarden Enterprise Organization $5/mo.
CyberArkCyberArk Business Custom Quote.


Selecting a sufficient password manager for businesses is difficult. But after going through the above, I’m sure you now know which one is the ideal option for you. Password Managers have become a necessity for organizations but choosing the best possible choice for oneself is hard. 

All the Password Managers in this list provide similar features with different price plans. Still, some of the few in the list provide advanced security features like CyberArk that provides Security Reforms for your organization.

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