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10 Best Password Managers For Mac – Better Privacy Measures

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10 Best Password Managers For Mac

Mac is infamous as the most suitable and secure device present today. But for all the real Mac users, it might not be something new to find malware or viruses on the device too. So you can’t always be sure that your online security is maintained by all means through a Mac device too. 

So, you can’t blindly trust it as Mac users can still fall victim to phishing. Hence, it is essential to use a password manager for Mac, password managers help us save our personal information while allowing access to them with ease. 

However, choosing the best password manager for Mac is a hassle. Since not all of them serve well on different devices, and their features and functions differ on each of them. So it’s highly important we look for password managers that work on Mac devices. So let’s go ahead and discover some of the best ones, shall we? 

List Of Password Managers for Mac In 2021

Using Mac might be an advanced option for everyone, but it’s still not any bit secure. Since you’re browsing online, you’re always at the risk of visiting phishing sites and having your data leaked through them. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t always be sure which site is safe for you to visit. Hence, password managers are always necessary for us – despite what device we use. 

Although, with so many password managers available around us, it’s hard to figure out which one would serve us well. And that’s especially when you need to choose one according to your device since not all work well on every single device or platform. Hence, looking for what works is the first important task in terms of having a suitable password manager. 

And after you’re done with having your options straight, only then you can figure out which one would serve you well. So without further ado, let’s discuss the best password managers you can utilize on your Mac device. 

1. LastPassFree version available – $36/ Yearly subscription
2. KeeperFree version available – $29.99/ Yearly subscription
3. DashlaneFree version available – $39.99/ Yearly subscription
4.1PasswordAvailable in business and family premium plans – $2.99/ monthly subscription
5. NordPass$35.88/ Yearly subscription
6. EnpassAvailable for free on macOS – $17.99/ yearly subscription.
7. RoboFormFree version available – $1.99/ monthly subscription.
8.LogmeOnceFree version available with limited features – $1/monthly for premium plan, $4-$7/monthly for bundle packs
9.Bitwarden$10/ yearly subscription plan – $5/monthly for separate enterprise plans

Reviews of the Best Password Managers for Mac:

To understand how each of the best password managers for mac works, let’s discuss a short review on each of them. 

1. LastPass:

Now let’s start this list of best password managers for Mac with one that is nothing less than the ‘best’. Yes, I’m surely referring to LastPass as the most suitable and surely ‘best’ password manager for all the Mac users. And that’s simply due to the amazing features and extra-amazing security features this password manager has to offer.

The dead-simple user interface, extra functions to manage the software easily, the variety of things it can safely store for you, the extra secure vault with industry-standard encryption system, two-factor, and multi-factor authentication, and everything else offered by LastPass – all add an extra touch to it being the ‘best’ password manager for Mac. And when you get so much with just a single password manager, you’re surely not going to have any online security issues ever again!

2. Keeper:

This cloud-based powerful and clean tool makes it extremely easy for anyone to store their passwords, card details, notes, or other personal information inside it. Yet, that’s not the best thing about this password manager. As it’s extremely easy, clean, and sorted user-interface takes most of its points single-handedly. 

The two different encryption systems, auto log-in feature, secure audit feature, and secure sharing feature; everything Keeper has to offer is something we can all benefit from. Now there are a few loopholes like a not so smart password generator or other tiny issues. But even with their presence, it’s hard to ignore the benefits this password manager for Mac has to offer. 

3. Dashlane:

There’s no denying in the fact that Dashlane is one of the best password managers you can ever have, for any device. And that’s not just because of the strong encryption system it consists of, but rather the amazingly beautiful and clean user-interface too. Everything about Dashlane is worth noticing and adding to your user-experience in every way. And with so much ease and quality working experience, there’s hardly anything you’ll miss here. 

And if all that’s not enough to please you with Dashlane’s services, then you might want to pay attention to its amazingly dedicated VPN and audit report. Now availing a complete pack of security with anything and everything you might ever need – is more than what we can ask for at times. But Dashlane hears us all, and serves it all!

4. 1Password:

Now you’re looking for a similar, and yet efficient working password manager to Dashlane or LastPass – then 1Password is the one for you. As this popular password manager serves well on Mac while offering you with all the amazing features other ‘best’ ones have to offer. 

And when it comes to discussing the security of your passwords, this password manager offers nothing less here too. Infect, along with the 256-bit AES encryption it offers to secure your information, it also generates ‘Secret Keys’ for every single sign up you go through. Now that’s a next-level security feature, right?

5. NordPass:

The fully-featured desktop extension offered by NordPass, all combine to make it a great password manager for Mac. From its smart features of fast password importing, local encryption algorithm, decent architecture, password generation to the storage security, and neat interface it offers – all ensure that you can completely trust in the services of NordPass on Mac. 

And since this password manager serves you at a reasonable price, you can eliminate the stress of affordability here too! Now is that a reasonably smart solution to your internet security, or what? 

6. Enpass:

Even if you’ve got a Mac device for your day-to-day browsing needs, it’s not necessary to opt for expensive password managers for it, right? Well, there’s good news for you here then! Enpass is just the perfect security feature you can include in your Mac device, without even having to worry about having to pay too much for it. Since it’s availability on macOS is completely free to use, while having cheap subscription plans for other devices. 

And if this isn’t enough to please you with this amazing password manager, then do consider the factor that it stores all your data encrypted on your device. Hence, there’s no chance of having it leaked on the internet. Sounds satisfying right? Well, that’s one thing Enpass surely is!

7. RoboForm:

This outstanding software comes with everything a good password manager has to offer you while being a cheap option for anyone to easily afford. It’s extremely easy working and functioning makes it highly suitable for anyone and everyone. And when you get a smooth working out of it on your Mac device, there’s nothing more you can ask for, right? 

But wait! How can we miss out on the security features of this password manager? Well, you can surely be stress-free with the amazingly strong encryption method this software managing software provides you with. Since it ensures that no one can get access to your data in any way! And even when you get some advanced features only as a paid user, the safe and secure vault you overall get through it covers up for everything just rightly!

8. LogmeOnce:

Now you might consider the design and outlook of this password managing software a bit outdated, but that’s surely not something that should stop you from using it. Since it comes with all the amazing features you can look for, while being a completely free option. Now, what can be better than that? 

Also, since you can easily avail this software with a browser extension; without having to download complete software for it – this power tool becomes even more suitable. The easy-to-use outlook it portrays along with the extra-efficient data security feature – also makes it a perfect addition for anyone. 

9. Bitwarden:

This cheap and richly featured password manager might be the last in the list of best ones for Mac, but it’s surely not the least perfect one. With the help of it’s amazing and countless features, you can’t consider it any less helpful. The availability of both the web and desktop app that is easy to use makes it a suitable password managing option for everyone. 

And with all this, Bitwarden’s decent and straight user-interface with the availability of all the needed features is everything you’ll need. 

Final Verdict:

Having a password manager isn’t as rewarding and beneficial, as having a good or relatively secure password manager is. And when it comes to trusting software that would serve us on different devices, the decision can get even harder. But that’s surely not something you should be worrying about here! As these best password managers for Mac are surely going to be enough options for you to make the most suitable and secure decision in terms of securing your personal details and credentials.

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