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8 Best Torrent Clients To Download Torrents Faster In 2022

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Various torrent clients’ availability has made it pretty easy to manage and download large files using the P2P system quickly. While using a reliable torrent client, you can enjoy some peace of mind during torrenting

However, despite the plethora of torrent clients available on the internet, not all are reliable and good for your online security. Also, there are high chances of ending up downloading malware and virus-embedded files with your torrent file. Hence, it’s crucial that you use a trusted torrent client and a VPN that masks your IP address and helps secure downloading. 

Fortunately, you can still find a few reliable torrent clients that make the downloading process hassle-free.

Best Torrent Clients To Download Torrents Safely

Don’t worry if you still can’t come up with the best torrent client. After a lot of research and testing, here discussed below is an insight into the best torrent clients you consider using. So, go through them and choose one for yourself:

List here. 

  1. BitTorrent
  2. Vuzu
  3. Deluge
  4. uTorrent
  5. qBitTorrent
  6. Web Torrent
  7. Halite
  8. Zbigz

01- BitTorrent

The oldest yet most popular torrent client still used today is BitTorrent. If you’re new in this realm of torrenting, then using BitTorrent is the perfect choice to make. It offers a simple, clean and comprehensive user interface along with a range of features that boosts your torrent downloading experience. Some of these features are listed below:

  •  Cap your upload and download speeds
  • Manage your paired devices
  • Restrict the bandwidth
  • Private trackers
  • Schedule your downloads

It is a reliable torrent client because it uses encrypted connections and makes efforts to protect your online identity while torrenting. Also, with the IP filtering feature, you can manage the traffic flowing to and fro your network. The torrent client has a search box with different categories and allows users to choose a file from it. It means that you don’t have to rely on or visit a third-party website to download links. For this reason, there are fewer chances of getting exposed to malware or spyware. 

Moreover, it is a closed-source software meaning that you’d be receiving frequent software updates. BitTorrent comes with multiple device compatibility features. It works best on Android, FreeBSD, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows. You can use it in the free version or buy the premium plan.

02- Vuzu

You can even use Vuzu and enhance your downloading experience. It is a closed-source software with numerous features for downloading torrents. The most impressive thing about Vuzu is its searching ability and downloading process. Once you’ve found your desired torrent file, you can download it at a consistently fast speed. 

The torrent client comes with a built-in antivirus protection feature that keeps your device protected from malware and viruses. Other than this, here are some of the features that Vuzu offers:

  • Built-in search feature
  • Magnet link support
  • DVD burning
  • Check other users’ comments and ratings given on the torrent files. 
  • Different modes of use based on your experience. 

Vuzu comes with both free and paid plans. The paid version is popularly called Vuzu plus and provides access to all the features. But if you use the free version, you can’t access all the features. Moreover, the free plan doesn’t offer any support against intrusive ads. So, it’s better that you use the Vuzu Plus version that is available on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. 

03- Deluge 

Another free and open-source torrent client that ensures a hassle-free downloading experience is Deluge. It provides fast downloading speed and advanced features that make it the best torrent client to consider using. Moreover, it comes with a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to use, but many users don’t find it compelling. 

Deluge does offer various third-party plugins that further strengthen your torrenting experience. It even uses an encryption feature that hides your identity and makes it difficult for ISPs or other snooping eyes to detect your activities and online identity. Here are some additional features that Deluge offers:

  • Per-torrent bandwidth
  • Third-party plugin support
  • Local peer discovery
  • lightweight and easy-to-use

It works fine on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Moreover, despite being free, it is free from ads which means that intrusive and pop-up ads won’t ruin your experience.

04- uTorrent

Despite several vulnerabilities and security flaws, uTorrent is a good option to use. It is a lightweight torrent client that possesses a similar design to BitTorrent. uTorrent’s popularity is stemmed from the features it offers to the users like:

  • Less storage size
  • Scheduled downloads
  • Integrated search engine
  • Use proxies
  • Remote management

Moreover, uTorrent also allows users to restrict their bandwidth, upload, and download speed. Also, you can add the RSS feeds that fire up the download when a new file is added in the torrent file section. You can use uTorrent freely or buy the premium plan. However, compared to other torrent clients, the uTorrent premium plan is pretty expensive. 

The most significant concern about uTorrent is that it doesn’t meet the required security and privacy standards. The torrent client fails in providing anonymity to the users. It belongs to a jurisdiction that’s a prominent member of the five eye, nine eyes, and 14 eyes alliance. Besides this, it even logs users’ data and has experienced hacking incidents in the past.

05- qBitTorrent

qbitTorrent is the best torrent client that comes up with multiple device compatibility and various impressive features. It is open-source software that is safe to use and is even free from pop-up ads. Here are the features that qBitTorrent use to make your torrenting experience worth amazing:

  • Built-in searchability
  • RSS feeds
  • Use proxies
  • UI lock

The UI lock feature is the most amazing among all other features. With this feature, you can prevent people from getting unauthorized access to your software. The only concerning thing about this torrent client is that it is hard to decide the reliability of the torrent file because you won’t find other users’ comments. 

06- Web Torrent

Web Torrent is another best torrent client that is free to use and can be used on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. The most impressive thing about this torrent client is that you can stream it online without even downloading the torrent file. The torrent client interface is not complicated; it’s minimalistic and quickly helps users find their desired torrent files. 

To download a torrent file using Web Torrent, you must paste the URL in the download bar. The speeds are also reliable and consistent and won’t take a long loading time. Some of the amazing features offered by Web Torrent are as follows:

  • Built-in media play option
  • Allows fast streaming of data

Another good thing about this torrent client is that it enables users to watch the online content on various streaming devices like AirPlay and Chromecast. However, be ready to see pop-up ads as you use Web torrent.

07- Halite

Another popular torrent client that is light in weight and offers a range of impressive features is Halite. It is an open-source and free torrent client that works particularly on Windows platforms. If you’re a newbie, then it can be pretty tough for you to download and set up the torrent client. 

It comes with a sleek interface that is easy to use. You need to add the selected torrent file to the list, and it starts downloading instantaneously. Also, the downloading speeds are above-average, so you can quickly download your favorite torrent file. The torrent client is also featured-packed that further enhances your torrenting experience. Here’s a list of some of the features offered by Halite:

  • Disk cache support
  • IP filtering
  • Protocol encryption
  • Super seeding

Like any other torrent client, Halite does come with vulnerabilities. When using Halite, you won’t receive any software updates, which means you won’t be notified if there’s any bug or other flaws. Moreover, it only offers compatibility on the Windows platform.

08- Zbigz

Zbigz is yet another torrent client that makes up the list of the best torrent software. It comes with fast downloading speed, and even the process is pretty easy as you don’t need any configuration or installation setup except for a magnet link. The best feature about this torrent client is that it allows users to upload torrent files in the cloud and uses HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol helps in ensuring anonymity and ensures a better downloading experience. Other features that you can avail after subscribing to the paid version of Zbigz includes:

  • Music & video streaming
  • Unlimited download speed
  • No ads
  • Personal account
  • Unlimited file storage size

Zbigz also offers compatibility with popular operating systems and devices; you can download it on Linux, macOS, and Windows devices and enjoy downloading. The iOS user can download the Zbigz app using the filer lite or mymedia apps in the Apple Store. But, if you are an Android, you can’t avail of its services. 

It offers free and paid versions. The premium version offers four different subscription packages that you can select according to your needs. If you don’t want to invest, you can use the free plan too, but remember that the free version comes with limited features and includes pop-up ads that can ruin your torrenting experience. 

Do You Have to Use a VPN With Torrent Clients?

A VPN is anonymity and privacy-enhancing tool that makes you anonymous and private regardless of your activities. Using a VPN with a torrent client proves handy in maintaining robust security and privacy during torrenting. The torrent clients aren’t capable of encrypting your data traffic. Also, quite a few even hide your IP address, which means it’s easy for your ISP and copyright trolls to know about your online identity. 

A VPN helps mask your IP address and protects your real identity from exposure. Moreover, by using the industry’s highest military-grade encryption and secure tunneling protocols, it hides the content of your data traffic. As a result, neither your ISP, any hacker nor the copyright owner can view what you do. Moreover, using a VPN also helps access the blocked torrent websites and makes the downloading process easier. So, make sure that you always use a torrent VPN before you start downloading torrents.

Things You Should Look in the Best Torrent Client

Several options claiming to be the best torrent client might confuse you, and you might make a wrong decision amid this confusion. As torrent clients are vulnerable to adware and malware, one bad decision can put your privacy at the sake of you. Hence it would be best to look for specific features while choosing the best torrent clients. 

Here’s a list of things that you can’t afford to ignore if you value your online privacy and security:

  • The best torrent client should offer fast downloading speed, and the downloading process should be simple and easy.
  • It should be light in weight, have a clean user interface that is easy to navigate and use. 
  • Ensure that the torrent client is free from unnecessary ads or comes with an ad-blocker that can help block intrusive pop-up ads. 
  • Always choose a torrent client that offers impressive customizable features and setting options like setting up data caps and downloading preferences. 
  • Try to use a torrent client that is free but provides excellent reliability. Even if a torrent client offers a paid version, it should fall within your budget and provide multiple device compatibility.
  • Ensure that the torrent client you’re choosing provides information about the torrent file aimed for downloading. This includes the number of seeders and peers, seeders to leechers ratio, downloading speed, and other relevant information. 

Luckily, the best torrent clients discussed in this article possess the features listed above. It means that they are reliable to use and ensure a fantastic torrent downloading experience. 

What Safety Measures You Should Take While Downloading Torrents?

Downloading torrents is full of risks and dangers, sometimes either as zero anonymity, malware invasion, or settlement and penalties from the ISPs. Hence, practice some safety measures to protect your torrent downloads. The following mentioned below are some of the safety tips that you should always exercise during torrenting:

  • Always use a reliable torrent client who makes some efforts to protect you against malware and potential online threats. 
  • Invest in a reliable VPN provider. A VPN provides robust security and anonymity while torrenting by hiding your IP address and encrypting the data traffic. 
  • Stop downloading torrents using public trackers because they don’t hide your IP address and contain fake and bogus torrent files in bulk.
  • Use trusted torrent websites to download torrents and check relevant file details before downloading. 
  • You can even use legitimate antivirus software that scans all the downloaded files and prevents any malware or viruses from harming your device. 

By following the precautions discussed above, one can maintain security and enjoy downloading torrents without risk. If you want to know more about downloading torrents safely, follow this link.

Final Thoughts

Torrent clients provide a hassle-free experience as you download your desired torrent files. But since there are various options, picking out the most reliable torrent client is pretty challenging. Always use a torrent client that is light in weight and provides a user-friendly interface. 

Moreover, it should be free from unnecessary adware and the potential risk of malware and viruses. The torrent clients mentioned above are the best service, performance, and features. You can trust them somehow and use them for downloading torrents. However, as they don’t guarantee maximum online security and protection, make sure that you always use a VPN along with them.


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