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20 Best Torrenting Sites – Movies, Games, Books – All Working (Oct Updated)

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Best Torrenting Sites

Finding trustworthy torrenting sites in 2023 can be a challenge. While torrenting remains a popular and efficient way to download movies, books, music, and games, the proliferation of fake torrent websites has complicated matters. Notably, the shutdowns of prominent sites like Kickass and The Pirate Bay due to copyright violations have led to the emergence of numerous “mirror” sites. However, many of these mirror sites are fraudulent, often containing malware and viruses.

But malware isn’t the sole concern when dealing with fake torrenting sites. Users may also encounter frustratingly slow download speeds due to a lack of seeders, inaccurate information about torrent files, and a shortage of relevant content. Therefore, it’s imperative to rely on reputable torrenting websites and take privacy and security precautions, such as using a VPN, to ensure a safe and efficient torrenting experience.

Important Note!

We highly discouraged and never intended to provide illegal and copyright downloading tricks. This article is only to help readers safely download torrents.

20 Best Torrenting Sites In 2023

Below is a detailed overview of each best torrent site listed above, displaying their features and downsides to ensure you choose the one site best suitable for you. 

01. YTS

YTS is the best torrent-downloading website for movies. It enables users to download movies from a wide range of choices. The library content is pretty extensive, with a good collection of old and new movies. The best feature of this site is that it comes with different downloadable formats that make it easier for users to download their desired torrent files in any form. The website even offers a sleek and attractive interface that looks like Netflix.

Another best feature about this site is its light bandwidth. Thus, it won’t make your ISP believe that you’re involved in downloading torrents. But since YTS has only films categories, if you want to download torrents in some other type, this site won’t help you out. 


RARBG is yet another torrent site that offers an extensive content library in various categories but is best for downloading movies. It allows the users to choose from the most popular and most downloaded movies from the website. The site has a simple interface and is easy to use and download. What impresses the users most is that it comes with a large community. Also, while viewing the torrent files, the website gives you details like the file size, seeders and leechers ratio, cast and crew of the film, and uploading time.

The torrent site also has a blog page and a separate web page where you can watch TV shows and movie trailers. The biggest drawback of RARBG is that it bombards you with lots of advertisements and ruins your browsing experience. 

03. LimeTorrents

Another best torrent site in this list is LimeTorrents. It is somehow secure and reliable to use because it doesn’t log or share the IP address with any third party but does log the IP address of the uploaders. The torrent site offers mixed content, including movies, TV shows, music, and other categories

Besides this, the website is an excellent option to consider because of its sleek interface and instant downloading options. The speeds are pretty reliable and won’t make you wait for long. However, the site comes with some drawbacks. It doesn’t host its own torrent files and depends on other websites to show the torrent files. Also, you might view a few ads while browsing the site. 

04. EZTV

EZTV is among the best torrent downloading sites that focuses on TV shows and movies. But, since it offers a wide range of TV shows, it’s best recommended for downloading TV shows of all time. The site is pretty reliable to use and comes with various impressive features. 

One such feature is the anonymity checker that tells if the users’ IP address is leaking sensitive information or not. Moreover, it comes with a calendar feature that enables torrent downloaders to track the latest episodes and inform when the episodes are ready for downloading. 

The site has an attractive and easy-to-use interface. It offers a search bar from where you can find the desired torrent file. However, the thing that doesn’t please the users is the pop-up ads so, you better use the best ad-blocker while using this site. 

05. 1337X

1337X is the best torrent site with a directory style list of popular torrents in various categories. This is the perfect site to download anime, apps, TV shows, movies, or documentaries. You can find the relevant torrent file by entering your query in the search bar or sorting each category. It offers the top 100 torrents in each category and improves your downloading experience. 

While looking for the desired torrent file, 1337X tells you about other details like the number of seeders and leechers, when the file was uploaded, and even checking comments. Apart from this, the torrent site has a simple interface that is easy to use and download. The downloading speeds are above average, which further enhances your experience. But like other torrent downloading sites, 1337X also displays pop-up ads that can be invasive and put your privacy at risk. 

06. Zooqle 

Another name in the list of the best torrent sites is Zooqle, which consists of an extensive content library and impressive features. You can enter your search queries in the search bar and get desired results regarding the torrent files’ cast, crew, directors, and other details. The site offers the best results for movies and online games so, if you’re an avid gamer, you should check out this site. 

The website’s interface is also modern yet easy to use. You can instantly download your favorite TV show, movie, songs, games, and apps. It claims not to have any copyrighted content; hence, it is a reliable torrent site. The only thing users don’t like about Zooqle is the intrusive pop-up ads that interrupt your browsing experience. 

07. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is among the best torrent sites that are relatively new and have been functioning since 2016. It is an easy-to-use site that gives an extremely fast performance. The site works like a search engine that shows multiple torrent files when searched. When you search for the desired torrent file, you also get relevant file details like file size, seeders and leechers number, and how old the file is. It even offers magnet links and allows users to download the files directly or through those links. 

But the website comes with some significant drawbacks. The site does contain fake malicious links embedded with the torrent files, and upon clicking those links, you can end up infecting your device. Besides this, it’s been reported that Torrentz2 does log users’ information and can expose your torrenting behavior. Hence, you should use a VPN to hide your online identity and ensure a safe torrent downloading experience. 

08. Demonoid

Demonoid is a reliable torrent downloading site that has been in operation since 2003. It comprises a vast user community that exceeds over 10 million and provides plenty of torrent files to the users. You can download movies, TV shows, apps, and software from this website, but it has the best content library for movies and TV shows. The downloading speeds are also more than average, so you don’t have to wait for much to watch your favorite torrent file. 

Another best thing about Demonoid is that it allows users to download torrent files in multiple languages. However, the website faced downtimes, and thus, people could not access it. But after 2019, there aren’t any reports of people facing difficulty accessing the site so that you can use it without any hassle. 

09. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is also one of the best torrent sites you can consider using. It comprises more than 14 million torrent files and enables users to find their desired torrent files. The interface is good and easy to use; however, the downloading speeds don’t impress users. The site takes a pretty long time downloading the torrent files compared to other sites, thus driving the users away from using it. 

The website consists of some copyrighted content and thus is not accessible in the UK. Still, you can always use a VPN to bypass such geographical restrictions and download your favorite music, movies, TV shows, anime, ebooks, and software.

10. IP Torrents

Besides using free torrent downloading sites, you can even use a private site like IPTorrents to enhance your torrenting experience. IP Torrent is a reliable and secure platform from which you can download original torrent files and can join this platform via invitations or by making donations. It offers a relatively faster download speed than many other websites mentioned in this article. Moreover, you must fulfill the seeding quota to remain a site member

The most impressive feature about this site is that it’s free from pop-up ads, and you won’t find any malicious or fake torrent files. Since it’s a private site, users can complain about suspicious files and get it removed from the website. Besides this, it comes with an extensive content library that includes various categories like music, TV shows, films, apps, anime, and more. 

To benefit from this site, users need to go through a registration process that’s a bit complicated, and not all users like it. 

11. TorLock

TorLock is also a reliable name in the list of the best torrenting sites. It has a vast content library and allows you to choose from over 50 million torrent files. The homepage has different categories like anime, games, ebooks, TV shows, and files. You can navigate to each type and find your desired torrent file. You can even see the details about the uploaded files, seeders and leechers ratio, and other specifications about the torrent file. 

The website claims to provide the most authentic torrent files and even challenges the users that if they find any fake torrent file, they can complain and get a reward of $1. Though the website doesn’t have any significant drawbacks, it is best that you use a VPN and an ad-blocker to boost your digital security. 

12. Torrend.To

Torrend.To is also the best torrent downloading site that works like a search engine and hosts files from other sites. It has a vast content library and allows users to download their favorite TV shows, movies, and music. The downloading speeds are also stable so, you don’t have to experience any lagging during the downloading process. 

The only issue with Torrend.To is that it doesn’t host the torrent files, so you can end up downloading unreliable torrent files. For enhanced security, make sure to use a VPN and antivirus software. 

13. iDope

iDope is another best torrent downloading site that is more of a search engine than a torrent site. It works like a search engine and possesses over 15 millions torrents database, so finding your favorite torrent file is not difficult with iDope. Besides this, the website also offers a mobile-friendly interface that further enhances your experience and makes it easy to download torrent files even on mobile phones. 

iDope has some significant drawbacks. You encounter annoying pop-up ads, and the downloading speeds are not fast. But you can always rely on a VPN to increase your downloading speeds. 

14. QC Torrents

QC Torrent is a perfect choice if you like to download French content. It is a private torrent website and thus ranks in the list for the best torrent websites. You can join it via an invitation or by paying the subscription fees. On QC Torrent, you can find a wide range of content libraries in different categories and enjoy downloading at a fast speed. 

Like other private sites, QC Torrents also set specific user criteria. You have to be an active seeder; otherwise, your membership can get canceled permanently so, take care of it while using this site. 

15. YourBittorent

YourBittorent is the best torrent site consisting of almost two million torrent files in different categories like anime, ebooks, games, films, software, TV shows, and music. The interface is similar to iDope and is easy to use for beginners and advanced users. When you find a torrent file, it shows relevant information and similar torrent files to download. In this way, the site gives you the option and improves your downloading experience. 

The downloading speed is also reliable and won’t cause you much trouble. However, many users complain that you need a proxy server to access the torrent site. However, there are significant risks to using proxies. You might get caught since proxies only hide your IP address and don’t offer encryption. To maintain your digital privacy and safely access YourBittorent, connect to a VPN first. 

16. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is the best torrent downloading site founded in 2017 and offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. Despite being a relatively new torrent site, it is pretty popular among users and allows them to select from many torrents. The site enables the users to download their favorite games, software, films, and TV shows without hassle. The most impressive thing about this torrent site is that it doesn’t disturb your browsing experience with pop-up ads.

Besides this, SkyTorrents also offers a stable downloading speed which impresses the users the most. The site itself hosts the torrent files and doesn’t take the results from other torrent sites. You can even use the magnet links to download the torrent files or download them directly. There aren’t any significant drawbacks of using SkyTorrents, but it’s better to use a VPN to increase your security while downloading torrents. 

17. ISOHunt

ISOHunt ranks among the best torrent downloading sites consisting of many torrent files that you can download instantly. It has a vast content library comprising of apps, games, movies, songs, and software. 

The interface is also attractive and allows you to browse easily. The speeds are above average so, it won’t trouble you much. But to access torrent files, you need to download the ISO Hunt. The downloading process is simple and requires your email address. Users haven’t complained about pop-ads or malicious links, but using a reliable VPN provider is better. 

18. RuTracker

If you’re looking for Russian content, then RuTracker is the site you should use. The website has a great reputation among its users and offers an extensive content library that ranges from anime, apps, ebooks, music, movies, and TV shows.  It works as a general tracker that consists of content from various categories. What impresses the users most about RuTracker is its ability to classify the content based on its language and category. By doing so, it makes your searching process easier.  Moreover, it is undoubtedly a safe website to download torrents as it comes with an SSL certificate.  

The downloading speed is breakneck, and all this is because of the impressive seeders and leechers ratio.  The website offers a sleek interface and is easy to download and use. But since the website got blocked by the US ISPs, you might need a VPN to access it. 

19. ExtraTorrent

Another best torrent site is ExtraTorrent which has been in operation since November 2016. The site works like a mainstream search engine and, upon searching a torrent file, gives you a detailed description of the torrent file like users’ comments, number of seeders and leechers, and uploading time. 

The site offers a range of content in different categories and does come with an active user community. You can ask the community members if you want to ask about a torrent file or have other queries. In 2017, the website lost its domain because of which but soon the issue was resolved, and the site again started functioning like before. 

20. TorrentProject

TorrentProject is the best torrent downloading site that allows users to download games, songs, movies, and software. The website has a simple, modern interface that is sophisticated and easy to use. On the homepage, you can find the details about the torrent files, like the number of peers, file size, and the number of seeders.

Like other torrent sites, Torrent Project displays pop-up ads so, it’s better that you use an ad-blocker on this site. Apart from this, the website has experienced downtime in 2017, so it is best that you use it with a VPN. 

Precautions While Downloading Torrents

It is not a hidden fact that torrenting comes with significant security and privacy risks. To reduce these risks, it is crucial that you take some necessary precautions like:

  • Always use a VPN compatible with torrenting to prevent ISP monitoring and speed up the downloading process. 
  • Run reliable antivirus software on your device and avoid malware and viruses infecting your device. 
  • Beware of fake torrenting sites. 
  • Use the right filters.
  • Before proceeding with downloading, check the file size. The files with similar uploaded and downloaded sizes are more reliable for downloading, so go with them. 
  • Always choose torrent files that have a large number of seeders.
  • Check other users’ comments and decide the reliability of the torrent file. 
  • You can even use sandboxes to prevent malware infection.
  • Join private tracker communities instead of the public ones because they offer more authentic torrent files and are reliable to use. 

Following the above-discussed precautionary measures helps reduce the risks related to torrenting and ensures a safe and secure downloading experience. 

Are Torrenting Sites Safe to Use?

It isn’t easy to give a straightforward answer to this question since it depends on which torrenting sites you’re using. You might find various torrenting downloading sites on the web, but unfortunately, not all of them are reliable to use. The best torrenting sites are the ones that are not blocked by the higher authorities and don’t compromise your security. They come with some security-focused features that increase your anonymity level. 

Moreover, such sites offer reliability and refrain from serving ads to the users. You can find these sites easily because they’re popular among the users, and they always praise them for making their downloading experience worth amazing. 

Make sure that you end up using the best torrenting sites like the ones mentioned above and reduce the risk of downloading malware-infected files or risk your privacy. 

 How to Download Torrent Safely?

When you are accessing any torrent website to download torrents, it’s wise that you use a VPN to hide your IP address. Without a VPN, your ISP and the copyright trolls learn about your torrenting behavior, and if you accidentally end up downloading the copyrighted content, you will face legal consequences

Hence, to avoid all these troubles, it’s suggested that you use a VPN compatible with torrenting. It will not only mask your IP address but will also encrypt the torrent traffic, making you private and anonymous while downloading torrents. Moreover, a VPN also speeds up the downloading process and mitigates ISP throttling issues. They even come with torrent-centric features that enhance your online security and torrent downloading experience. 
You can even use the best antivirus software to ensure the safe downloading of torrents.

This software boosts your device security and prevents you from downloading malware or viruses that can even steal your data. It scans the torrent files for potential malware and viruses embedded within the files. If they detect any such threat, they inform you and block them from downloading. If you want to learn more about downloading torrents safely, follow this link. 

Final Thoughts

The guide mentioned above saves you from the hassle of searching for the best torrent downloading sites. All these sites offer an extensive content library that enables you to download your favorite torrent file from any category. Also, they offer pretty stable downloading speeds and make sure that you don’t have to wait much. However, some sites might show pop-up ads that can be intrusive and malicious, you can maintain your security by using a VPN and the best anti-virus software. So, choose the site that fits your criteria and enjoy downloading torrents.


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