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Best VPN Browsers With Built-in VPN Feature – 10 Best Options In 2022

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Best VPN Browsers With Built-in VPN

Built-in VPN is a security feature introduced by many private browsers, but none of them provide the actual data encryption as VPN does. If you need to hide your IP while browsing, a built-in VPN browser might serve you well. You can unblock a website, bypass the geographical restriction, but it will never secure your data.

However, the best VPN providers support browser compatibility and provide much better encryption, speed, security, and privacy while browsing the Internet.

Built-in VPN feature browsers provide a proxy-based routing system that fakes your real IP and prevents trackers, cookies, and increases your digital privacy. Some of the best browsers with built-in VPNs include:

Quick List Of VPN Browsers

  1. Epic Privacy Browser: Uses encrypted proxies for encrypting the data, has a no-log policy and prevents WebRTC leaks. 
  2. Tor Browser: Uses layered encryption to prevent tracking, prevents browser fingerprinting, but comes with vulnerabilities.  
  3. Aloha Browser: Pretty decent browsing speed, no ads, and secure your downloads with file manager feature 
  4. Mozilla Firefox: Follows a no-log policy, uses the WireGuard protocol and offers 400+ servers in 30 locations.  
  5. Opera Browser: Servers in five international locations, follows a strict no-log policy and has 500MB of data. 
  6. Brave Browser: Uses HTTPS site encryption, Brave Firewall + VPN feature blocks trackers and cookies.
  7. Globus Browser:  Built-in VPN uses strong 1028 or 2048 bit encryption, servers at prime locations, and firewall and encrypted proxy hide your IP address.
  8. Psiphon Browser:  VPN uses L2TP/IPSec protocol, servers in 21 locations, and uses the HTTPS SOCKS5 proxy.
  9. Tenta Browser: Uses AES-256 bit encryption and the SHA-384 authentication key, six servers location, and Tenta vault feature encrypt your downloads.
  10. UR Browser: Uses AES-256 GCM encryption, stable internet speed, and temporarily stores data on the RAM-only servers.

The built-in VPN browsers are best because they protect from browser security issues and ensure an anonymous browsing experience. 

10 Best Browsers With Built-in VPN

No other privacy tool can provide you ultimate privacy like a VPN. But, still, the built-in browser VPNs are pretty helpful in the following aspects:

They hide your actual IP address.

You can circumvent geo-blocks and access blocked websites and web pages. 

You can prevent trackers, malware, and adware. 

✖ No data encryption

✖ Slower than Internet speed

Minimum option of choosing IPs 

✖ Cant support Netflix and Torrenting

✖ No IPLeak protection

There’s a long list of companies that claim to provide the best browsers with built-in VPN features, but you can’t trust them all. After detailed research and testing, here’s the overview of the best browsers with built-in VPNs. So, let’s read about them and choose one for yourself:

01. Epic Privacy Browser

The Epic privacy browser is a chromium-based browser that is among the best secure browsers. It blocks intrusive ads, crypto mining, fingerprinting, and trackers with a single click. According to website claims,  the Epic browser blocks more than 600 tracking attempts in an average browsing session. 

The browser offers an impressive built-in VPN extension that keeps your online activities private and secure. It is the best browser VPN to use because: 

  • It uses encrypted proxies for encrypting the data, hides your IP address, and allows users to access the blocked sites. 
  • None of your browsing histories is recorded or sold to third parties. 
  • The Do Not Track feature prevents trackers from following you from website to website. 
  • The Epic browser protects from WebRTC leaks and strengthens your online security. 
  • The built-in VPN offers servers access in eight different locations. 
  • It permanently deletes your browsing data after every session. 

You can download Epic privacy browser now on your Android, Apple, and Windows devices and secure your browsing further with the built-in VPN feature.

02. Tor Browser

Tor browser is another best browser with a built-in VPN feature. It uses layered encryption to prevent tracking from the ISP, potential hackers, and government surveillance agencies. 

The browser even ensures that you surf the web anonymously. In this regard, it makes use of several amazing security and privacy-centric features like: 

  •  It uses No Scripts and HTTPS Everywhere extension to increase your digital privacy. 
  • The browser allows users to manually or automatically delete cookies and other browsing data stored on your device.
  • It protects from browser fingerprinting. 
  • You can increase the security level and improve your online security. 

However, there are two significant drawbacks of using the Tor browser. It doesn’t provide real data encryption. Tor offers layered encryption that encrypts the data within the onion network. When the data goes outside the Tor exit node, it’s in unencrypted form, vulnerable to online spying. Anyone monitoring those nodes can compromise your data traffic. 

Moreover, as Tor hops your traffic via three relay nodes, this impacts the overall speed, which is pretty frustrating. Hence, to maintain online security and fast speeds while using the Tor browser, you should first use a VPN.

03. Aloha Browser

Aloha is a private and secure mobile browser that enables users to surf the web without leaving any tracebacks. Its mobile device compatibility makes it the best browser VPN for Android. Also, it has a clean and easy-to-use interface, and both advanced and beginner users can use it easily. The Aloha browser offers an integrated VPN that makes you more private on the internet and enhances your web browsing experience. 

The Aloha browser built-in VPN provides a good user experience in several ways. Some of these reasons include: 

  • It encrypts the traffic and increases your online anonymity.
  •  It saves your mobile data by blocking ads. No ads also mean that you can load web pages faster.
  •  The browser prevents trackers and leaves no room for them to gather your data. 
  • The built-in VPN doesn’t log or share your browsing data. 
  • It uses hardware acceleration that loads pages up to two times faster than other browsers. 
  • You can secure your downloads using the file manager feature and even lock your folder with fingerprints or passcodes.

It even comes with a media player with a VR feature that is a fully-featured media player and allows you to enjoy movies and music in full swing. But since it’s only a mobile browser, not all users can benefit from it. Aloha browser should offer multiple device compatibility to stand out in the competition race.

04. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is among the most trusted browsers that recently announced releasing its VPN feature. The browser is easy to use and offers multiple privacy-focused features that take your digital security to the next level. 

It even prevents trackers and browser fingerprinting attempts while surfing the web. The built-in browser VPN is also a good option to use, and here are the reasons: 

  • The built-in VPN offers device-level encryption and uses the advanced WireGuard protocol to mask your IP address and encrypt your network activity. 
  • The browser VPN offers 400+ servers in 30 locations like Austria, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US.
  • It comes with no bandwidth restrictions, which means that you can browse the web at reliable speeds. 
  • The VPN follows a no-log policy and keeps itself away from logging and sharing your activity and connection logs. 

The VPN is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux. It offers excellent functionality on Linux and, thus, is the best browser VPN for Linux users. However, the Mozilla VPN feature is not free, and to avail of its benefits, you have to pay a small fee.

05. Opera Browser

Opera browser is the oldest browser serving users since 1995. The browser has more than 350 million active users, and the number of engaged users is likely to increase with each passing day. It offers a faster, smarter, and much secure browsing experience than many other default browsers. It comes fully featured for maximum privacy and security, which is why it is the best secure browser to use. 

Moreover, it also comes with a free VPN, making it yet another best browser with a built-in VPN. The free VPN protects your internet traffic within the Opera browser and stops you from downloading additional software or browser extensions. Here’s more about how Opera browser VPN is good for browsing: 

  • The browser VPN holds servers in five international locations: Canada, the US, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands. 
  • The Opera built-in VPN is free to download on Android and Windows. 
  • The VPN follows a strict no-log policy and doesn’t log your data and improve your privacy.
  • It uses an automatic ad and tracker blocker that prevents ads and trackers from disturbing you.
  • You browse the web with fast and consistent speeds.

To use the built-in browser VPN, you need to activate it. The browser provides excellent functionality and easy access points to enable privacy and security controls. However, the VPN comes with a 500MB data limit, which might restrict your activities.

06. Brave Browser

The brave browser is a secure and private chromium-based web browser that offers impressive security and privacy-centric features. It provides excellent functionality for the users and helps you retain greater online anonymity. It also offers a built-in VPN feature that’s not free and costs you $9.99 per month. Here are the reasons how it maintains the top-notch level of security while you browse using the brave browser:

  • It offers a Brave Firewall + VPN feature that blocks trackers, cookies, and malicious scripts to ruin your browsing experience and risk your security. 
  • The browser uses HTTPS site encryption to provide partial encryption and protects your data from getting tracked. 
  • It is among the few secure browser VPNs that even protect from WebRTC leaks. 
  • You can enable the Brave Shield feature and prevent irrelevant and unwanted ads from displaying and interrupting your browsing experience. 

The browser is easy to use and download. It offers a sleek user interface and is even lighter in weight, which means it won’t consume much of your space. You can download brave browsers on all popular operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. However, since it is not free, many users won’t find this pleasing. 

07. Globus Browser

Globus browser is a chromium-based browser that’s specially designed for streaming. If you’re an avid streamer, you should try this browser. It ensures a secure browsing experience by blocking trackers and pop-up ads. It even comes with a built-in VPN feature that is easy to use and also ranks in the list for the best browser with built-in VPN because:

  • The built-in VPN uses strong 1028 or 2048 bit encryption keys and OpenVPN protocol to safeguard your data from prying eyes.
  • The browser doesn’t store your trackbacks, and all the data is deleted after every session. 
  • It offers international VPN servers in all prominent locations like Canada, France, Germany, and the US and ensures that users don’t encounter speed issues. 
  • You can use it to access different online video streaming sites like YouTube and Dailymotion if they’re blocked in your region. 
  • It uses a firewall and encrypted proxy that hides your IP address and enables you to browse privately. 

The browser works on all major platforms. However, many users complain about its slow speed, which often frustrates them. 

08. Psiphon Browser

Psiphon is an open-source browser that is best to use on Android devices. Other than that, you can even download it on your Apple and Windows devices. 

It comes with a VPN that uses L2TP/IPSec tunneling protocol and SHA1 cryptographic hashes for maintaining data integrity. Here are some other features offered by the built-in VPN:

  • It doesn’t log and share your IP address.
  •  It uses the HTTPS SOCKS5 proxy to route your connection and data traffic.
  • The browser VPN provides access to the uncensored internet.
  •  You can connect to any servers located in 21 countries.

The browser also offers a premium plan, and if you upgrade to it, you can enjoy an ad-free browsing experience and boost speeds. Moreover, the Psiphon browser is owned by a company in Canada, an active member of the five eyes alliance, and subject to privacy laws.

09. Tenta Browser

Tenta browser is another reliable name that comes with a built-in VPN. The VPN features keep you private and secure over the web using AES-256 bit encryption and the SHA-384 authentication key. It also uses OpenVPN tunneling protocol to safeguard your data from snooping eyes. 

Some other reasons to use the Tenta browser are as follows: 

  • The built-in VPN comes with six servers located in Australia, the US, Netherlands, Japan, and Singapore. 
  • The impressive Tenta vault feature encrypts your download, notifications history, and bookmarks. 
  • With Tenta DNS over TLS, you can enjoy an unrestricted browsing experience. 
  • It comes with unlimited bandwidth, so the browser won’t limit your activities and thus speeds are also stable.

The thing that concerns the users about Tenta browser VPN is that its headquarters are in the USA, and as a member of the global surveillance alliance, it’s subjected to mass surveillance. Apart from this, the VPN does session logs of the users. These reasons might drift away from users from using Tenta browser VPN.

10. UR Browser

The last best browser with a built-in VPN in this list is the UR browser. It is an impressive browser to use on Apple and Windows devices. 

The browser with a built-in VPN feature secures and anonymizes your internet activities by using a variety of features such as: 

  • It uses AES-256 GCM encryption for protecting your data traffic. 
  • The built-in VPN uses RAM-only servers that neither log nor share your data traffic. 
  • The UR browser’s medium and high profiles block annoying ads and make your browsing experience free from disruption.
  • It ensures fast speed and less loading time because it blocks trackers, cookies, and ads. 
  • You can even unblock the blocked websites.

The only drawback of using the UR browser is that it doesn’t help get rid of caches and browsing history.

Why Do You Use a Browser With a Built-in VPN?

People constantly worry about ultimate privacy and security when they use any browser. Also, they look for some impressive features that ensure an excellent user experience. 

Browsers with built-in VPNs offer amazing benefits to the users. They improve your browsing experience by keeping you away from prying eyes and increasing digital security by hiding your online identity. Here are some of the benefits of using a browser with a built-in VPN:

  • It is cheaper and easy to use than most premium VPN providers. 
  • You can use them to unblock websites. 
  • They secure your browsing activities from various online security threats like malware, viruses, and trackers. 
  • Using a browser VPN doesn’t require installing a VPN client on your device. 
  • You’re free from the hassle of configuring settings necessary after connecting to a VPN provider. 
  • You don’t have to turn on the VPN before browsing the web. The browser VPNs start working automatically when you browse the web with that specific browser. 

The built-in browsers emerge as a great way to gain anonymity while browsing, but they are not best to use for the long term. The built-in VPNs are not real VPNs and are used to hide your IP address. They are proxy extensions that protect your online identity by routing your data via proxy servers. In this way, they change your IP address, but this isn’t enough to achieve the top-notch level of digital security. 

Moreover, browsers with built-in VPNs don’t provide encryption. They only fake your IP address and don’t encrypt it, and even if some do so, the encryption is partial and can’t match the encryption offered by a VPN provider. As a result, your data is left open for hacking and online surveillance. 

How to Choose a Reliable Browser With Built-in VPNs?

When you decide to use a browser with a built-in VPN, remember that not all are worth using. Many of them may be impersonating themselves as browser VPNs, while in reality, they tend to be bogus that steal your data, and make you a target of identity theft. Therefore, selecting the best browser with a built-in VPN is crucial by standing out specific criteria. 

Mentioned below are the essential points of the criteria that you need to follow while selecting the best browser with a built-in VPN:

  • Ensure that the browser VPN comes with some proxy or encryption-centric feature that can provide some encryption to safeguard your data from snooping eyes. 
  • It should come with excellent security-focused features essential for ensuring an anonymous browsing experience—for example, cookies, tracker, and browser fingerprinting blocker. 
  • While you browse the web, you come across numerous ads that can be malicious. The browser should block all intrusive ads and ensure an ad-free web browsing experience. 
  •  The browser should follow a strict no-log policy. It shouldn’t collect or record any data related to your browsing activities. 
  • The browser parent company shouldn’t belong to a jurisdiction that doesn’t respect users’ privacy and logs data under data retention or other internet privacy laws. 
  • Ensure that the browser is compatible with all major devices and operating systems. 
  • The browser VP should offer fast, reliable, and consistent speeds that don’t ruin your browsing activities. 
  • The built-in VPN should have servers at prime locations, so connectivity never becomes an issue.

The best browser VPNs having all the above-mentioned features will protect your privacy and enhance your browsing. So, don’t skip any of these features. 

Final Thoughts

The browser that comes with built-in VPNs might seem the perfect solution to use today since they don’t require any separate downloading process and allow you to browse anonymously by hiding your online identity. But, in reality, they’re not as secure as they seem. They work like a proxy and thus only hide your IP address. They lack robust encryption ability, making your activities known to the real world. Moreover, they don’t provide any extra-ordinary security-boosting features that can boost your digital presence. 


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