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How To Use A VPN Safely – Quick Guide

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how to use vpn safely

VPN is an excellent tool for online privacy and security, but is there anything that makes VPN unsafe? Well, there are some circumstances involved.

If you are using a VPN tool to get maximum anonymity, then make sure:

  1. VPN should have credibility: for checking the credibility of a VPN, it is best to read about it on communities like Reddit or Twitter. While doing so always looks for real user review or experiences with it as they are honest and clear.
  2. VPN Should Have LogLess Policy: read carefully there log policy, most provider misguided user by writing twisted stories. Check if the service has a logless policy not. Also, go for a VPN provider who is not in any 5 eyes, 7 eyes or 14 Eyes countries. 
  3. Data Leak: the VPN provider mustn’t have any previous data leaks reports on its record. 
  4. Must-Have Features: Provider must be equipped with “DNS Leak protection” as well as “kill switch” to prevent any IP leak while downloading or streaming through a VPN connection.
  5. Wide range of servers: provide should have a massive range of servers around the world. This will make sure that your provider gives you best speed while browsing around.
  6. Encryption Type: Make sure that your VPN provides all the encrypted protocols, like L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2 and other OpenVPN protocols.
  7. Payment Method: This is the most important thing to check; this will make your VPN usage safer and more anonymous. VPN provider should give anonymous payment option like Bitcoin. This will close all the doors that come back to you.

These are the must-have features that should have in a VPN. Also, I have prepared a list of trusted and reliable VPNs to use. You can check their credibility anywhere.

How To Use VPN Safely?

If you went through the steps that I mentioned above, you have already done 60% of your VPN safety. But there are a few more things to do…

There are lots of threats and concerns about your online privacy and security. A year or so, people use VPN for protecting themselves from hackers and snoopers, now there are other things also involved. Here are a few examples,

  1. Hackers and Snoopers are looking for your data from soft spots, like fake sites, fake download, fraudulent schemes to get your data and call for Ransome.
  2. ISP Tracking and Monitoring: now the bill has passed, which is called “Net Neutrality”. After this, ISP can legally record your activities logs and sell your information to ad companies. Yeah! You have read it correctly.
  3. The browser’s collecting your data: Even though your browser like Google Chrome, Firefox and safari collecting your data. And sell it to third parties to better track you with ads. Did you ever experience, whenever you search for any product or service in Google, after sometimes some relevant ads pop up in your social accounts, like Facebook, or even other sites? Yeah, your browser involved in inserting those ads.

Yes! They are watching you, your activities, your footsteps, each and everything is being, monitor. So the question is, how do we Use VPN safely enough to rid of these things. Well, that’s possible.

How To use VPN Safely – Tips

In this section, I will show you some of the expert practices while using VPN and enhance your privacy.

There are no doubts about VPN privacy and security, but what if you are doing something which is not encrypted? Let’s see those things…

  1. Only choose a credible and trustworthy VPN provider.
  2. Pay a VPN provider with Bitcoin.
  3. Use Chrome Privacy Extensions to prevent tracking.
  4. Use Private search engine to hide your browsing history.
  5. Don’t log in to any Google or other accounts.
  6. Use Tor browser For other activities.
  7. Don’t download anything from an untrustworthy source.

Final Words

VPNs are undoubtedly the best privacy tool on the internet. However, for optimum privacy and security, it is better to rely on a paid and reputable VPN service. This is because only such services care about their user’s privacy. Also, staying private over the internet is admittedly crucial, which is why it is better to always have your privacy at top-notch.



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