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Does Verizon Throttle Your Internet Connection? Here Is How You Can Deal With It.

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Does Verizon Throttle

Verizon Communications is among the three largest telecom providers in the US that have headquarters in New York. It successfully generates 129 billion US dollars annually and thus is famous for providing the best coverage to users in 2020. However, the question remains does Verizon throttle your connection

Although the company offers 4G coverage to almost 70% of the citizens, still, many users complain of slow internet speed. At times the slow speed may be due to some technical issue, but it’s not like that always. Considering these issues, it does seem like the telltale sign of ISP throttling

Does Verizon Throttle Your Data?

Despite being one of the prominent broadband providers in the US, Verizon throttles your data. As a result, users experience slow and sluggish speeds even if they’ve subscribed to a plan that offers unlimited data caps. The following mentioned below are some of the findings that further reveals that Verizon is involved in illegal data throttling:

  • The FCC successfully caught Verizon for blocking users from using the tethering apps in 2012.
  • A study conducted by researchers found that Verizon throttles 66% of the user connection when they are streaming on Netflix, 49% on YouTube, and 38% on Amazon Prime Video
  • In 2017, Verizon admitted that it throttles users’ data on YouTube as part of the video optimization program. After getting exposed, the company promised not to repeat the activity. Still, the customers report throttling while streaming on the service. 
  • In 2018, Verizon was exposed for throttling the Santa Clara Fire Department after they exceeded the provided 25 GB bandwidth. It was a shameful movement for the company because the event occurred while the department was busy combating a wildfire. Later, the fire department even filed a complaint against the company for its actions. 

It’s a common perspective that the majority of the ISPs have started throttling your connection since the repeal of Net Neutrality in the US. However, it isn’t true in the case of Verizon. In 2014, the famous broadband company announced that it would be introducing a network optimization practice that would eventually result in throttling.

This practice affected both the 3G and 4G LTE users. By issuing a statement, even the company clearly said that they are going to throttle all such connections that are connected to websites that use too much of the bandwidth. 

How Does Verizon Throttle Your Connection?

Verizon uses special software and filters like any other broadband provider that either throttles your speed or limits your bandwidth at a particular website. The bots and software used by the company efficiently monitor and detect your activities that consume much of the bandwidth. 

For example, if you’re downloading torrents from uTorrent, the bots will filter out your IP address and analyze your data packets. When they learn that you’re downloading torrents, they restrict your speed and bandwidth on that particular site. Similarly, if you stream a video in 4K quality on YouTube or Netflix, you might suddenly experience buffering and long loading time. This is how Verizon throttles your connection. As a result, you might get frustrated with slow speeds, and all your streaming experience gets ruined. 

Even if you think you should contact the customer support team and switch to a data plan with unlimited bandwidth or data cap, it won’t prove to be of much use. It’s because the company has already announced that they’d throttle the connection even if you use an unlimited plan. Hence, you should look for a permanent solution for bypassing Verizon throttling. 

How to Bypass Verizon Throttling?

There are a couple of ways by which you can prevent Verizon from throttling your connection. One such reliable method is to use a reputable VPN provider. If you want to learn more about bypass ISP throttling.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Verizon user, you’d frequently experience slow and reduced internet speed at times. It isn’t anything technical, but your ISP is throttling your connection for various reasons. As throttling is unacceptable from the users’ perspective, you should look out for methods to bypass it. You can use a legitimate VPN provider and can bypass ISP throttling.

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