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What Does A VPN Hide Actually?

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If you are on the web searching about VPN, then you might be aware of their most primary purpose. That is VPNs are used to hide: 

  1. IP address 
  2. Your internet traffic through encryption 

Well, internet privacy is indeed a legitimate concern nowadays. After all, why wouldn’t it be? Considering there are numerous privacy issues we face once we are online. Fortunately, we do have a solution to such problems, and that is to opt for a trusted VPN provider. This is because apart from hiding your IP address and encrypting your internet traffic, there are numerous other things that a VPN does, such as:

  • Secure your internet connection 
  • Help surpass geographical restriction on websites and content. 
  • It will secure your internet connection. 
  • Helps bypass ISP throttling and monitoring 
  • They allow anonymous torrenting 

Their functions are explained in more detail once you read along with the article. However, it is essential to take notice that only reputed VPN providers can ensure such privacy. If you are relying on a free VPN? You might as well offer your information on a silver platter!

Now some of you who marvel at yourself at being privacy-conscious person, are satisfied with the privacy offered to them by safe browsers. I do agree, using incognito mode or accessing the internet through a secure browser like Tor is indeed a smart idea. 

But the critical question here is, do they really protect you as well as a VPN service? After all, the ISPs, Government or anyone in charge of your data can still do so, even with private browsers. 

Furthermore, with Google facing privacy fines, then things are going downhill! Feeling violated yet? I know! 

So, turns out VPNs are the only thing you can rely on completely for privacy and security! 


Well, this article provides you with everything you need to know about what VPNs. 

What VPNs hide?

It is a known fact that our online data is the rarest diamond of the world, and everyone is after it. From the ISPs to the Government along with numerous other websites, are fervently spying on us and collecting our data. 

Now I know we are not up to anything illegal and have to be afraid. But our online activity is often a reflection of our thoughts and personalities. Apart from that, with the world so digital now, we have most of our personal information such as credit card numbers or our pictures and various other folders available online. Anyone hoarding and collecting that data is indeed a gross abuse of our privacy! 

Now using web browsers and assuming that you are entirely secure and private over the internet is total naivety. Yeah, I agree that there sure are various ways they provide that keep you protected to some extent. However, are you sure that the credit card number you put in just yesterday while shopping online not already stored by your ISP? 


Well, to get rid of such worries, it is better to use a VPN service. That’s because a VPN hides your online data and also helps you become anonymous. Therefore, with a VPN, you can rest easy knowing you are secure as your information is hidden through encryption. 

You can also enjoy anonymity as VPNs provide you with a fake IP address, instead of your real one. Furthermore, for the ISPs who online surveillance activity, your online traffic will be seen originating from VPN servers instead of the ISP server. 

However, although VPN hides your online information from prying eyes, it is better to remember that the VPN servers are aware of your online activity. Therefore, it is essential to choose a VPN service that you can trust. 

Do I need a VPN?

VPNs are the ultimate tool that allows you actual freedom over the internet. This is because as I have mentioned above, there are a lot more things that a VPN does. Apart from privacy, VPNs are also useful if you want to access blocked content, let it be at school or work or due to geographical barriers. 

Anyhow, here I have mentioned some of the main reasons why you need a VPN:

1 – VPN hide you while torrenting 

If you are keen on torrenting, then it is better to do it safely. After all, imagine having to pay a hefty fine for just downloading your favorite movie! This is because media companies are fervently on the whim of cracking down torrent traffic and all networks of peer to peer file sharing. 

 Therefore, with a VPN, you can torrent away safely. This is because VPNs provide you anonymity by hiding your IP address. This way, your torrenting activities also remain private! 

2 – VPNs hide your online data

As I have mentioned above, VPNs are known to provide encryption. And with this encryption, they hide your online data by anyone who is snooping. This is because a VPN carries online traffic in an encrypted and encapsulated tunnel that is impenetrable. This way, our data remain protected from prying eyes. 

3 – Hide from cyberattacks through VPN

Hackers and other cybercriminals are always looking for ways to exploit you. If you use the internet without any form of protection, then you are quite vulnerable. And if you are using a public Wi-Fi or a hotspot connection, then you are the perfect target of cyber-attacks. 

This is why using a VPN while you go online, especially while using public Wi-Fi, while in that case, it is imperative. 

4 – Hide and sneak past the geographical restriction

As VPNs hide your real location and IP address with a fake one, therefore it is easy to access sites that are banned or restricted within your country. Through a VPN, the geographical barriers are blurred, and you are can, therefore, access any content you want from anywhere in the world. 

5 – VPN hide you from snooping ISP

Apart from snooping into our data and collecting it, our ISPs are also guilty of throttling our bandwidth. However, a VPN can hide you from it. As while you are connected to a VPN, your ISP will view your data were coming out of a VPN server. Also, the traffic will be in an encrypted tunnel, and the ISP won’t be able to see what you are up to. Therefore, this way, your ISP is unable to throttle or track you. 

Final words

VPN is indeed crucial to ensure our well being online. However, finding a reliable VPN service can only allow you to use the internet in peace. Therefore, choose wisely before trusting your information with anyone and always strive to remain secure!



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