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Does CenturyLink Throttle Your Connection? Why Slower Connection?

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CenturyLink throttling

Experiencing slow internet speed will seem like a routine if your ISP is CenturyLink. Looking for the actual reason that might be causing reduced speeds is never easy because you can never dig out the reason until you’ve heard about bandwidth throttling. 

Various internet service providers are involved in throttling which causes slow speeds and limits your internet activities. It is a highly frustrating situation that compels users to band their devices. Knowing the right tactic to trick the ISP is pretty helpful in this regard. 

Thus, to aid the readers, this article gives insight into bypassing CenturyLink throttling. So, let’s get started and know more about it. But before getting into many details, let’s learn more about CenturyLink. 

Like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast, CenturyLink lists the topmost internet service providers. The company has been serving users since 1968. It came into being due to a merger among two broadband providers named Embarq and CenturyTel. 

The company offers excellent internet speed and subscription plans like any other service provider operating in the US. It is one of the most popular users as of 2019; it had 4.68 million subscribers. Apart from this, like Spectrum, CenturyLink also offers home and television services to users. 

Despite having an impressive company profile, CenturyLink throttles customers’ internet speed on various occasions. There are various legal and illegal grounds on which the company might throttle your connection. If you want to expand your knowledge on ISP throttling, then follow this link.

Like any other internet service provider, CenturyLink throttles your internet speed during peak hours, i.e., between 7 pm onwards. During this time, most customers use the internet, resulting in greater network congestion. 

Moreover, many users are also busing in streaming videos on Netflix or playing online games after a hectic workday. As this takes much of the user bandwidth, CenturyLink throttles your bandwidth on specific websites to optimize the network. You experience frequent lagging, extended loading time, and reduced speeds.

CenturyLink providers offer users unlimited data and thus include no data caps on their internet plans. It means no matter if you are a residential or business customer who’s either using the CenturyLink Prism plan or DSL or fiber internet, you will always get unlimited data. Thus, if you experience slow speed without making any judgments, assume it to be bandwidth throttling. 

While searching the internet, you might come across various methods or tactics that you can adopt to get away with throttling. No doubt, by rebooting your router, sharing the router limit, or subscribing to an expensive data plan, you can somehow tackle the problem. However, they aren’t the permanent solution and might again start troubling you after some time. Thus, it would be best to look for a long-term solution to prevent CenturyLink throttling. 

At the moment, the best permanent solution to bypass throttling is to use a reputable VPN provider. A VPN masks your IP address and hides the content of your online communication, thus making you anonymous over the web. Your ISP knows that you’re using a VPN, but still fails to discriminate against the data and activities that consume much bandwidth. All you need to do is subscribe and install a reliable VPN provider onto your device and enjoy browsing the web with fast speeds. 

Final Thoughts

CenturyLink users are also the subject of data throttling that ruins their browsing experience. From the company’s perspective, there are several reasons for practicing throttling, but it isn’t the right thing to do from the users’ point of view. The best way to avoid throttling is to use a trustworthy VPN provider and boost your internet speed. A VPN hides your activities from your ISP and allows you to surf the web in the way you want. So, subscribe to a VPN and say goodbye to throttling. 

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