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Why Is My Internet Slow and How to Make Your Internet Fast?

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Why Is My Internet Slow

The world is rapidly digitizing, making the internet a core part of our lives. With almost everything from businesses to studies, largely happening online, facing a slow internet connection is nothing less than pure raw agony. 

The buffering of videos while streaming Netflix or waiting for a web page to load seems like instant transportation to old “dial-up internet” days. And while the aesthetics may seem pleasing at any other time, when it comes to the internet, you need blazing fast speeds to maintain your pace with the world.

But a sudden drop in internet speeds doesn’t happen “just because.” Maybe you just forgot to pay your dues for the month! But if that area is all clear, you might want to look further into the problem. Are you a victim of ISP bandwidth throttling? Or is there more to the picture than what meets the eye?

Therefore, If you want to fix your Internet speed, you need to conduct a few tests and go through a checklist to identify the issue. 

Checklist: Indentify The Cause Of Slower Internet

It is not always necessary that a slow internet connection means something drastic is at play here. At times the issue might not be very concerning, and in your frustration, you just can’t calm down enough to identify it. This checklist guides you through some of these reasons:

  • Overdue Bills: that’s the first thing to check! If you are overdue, your ISP will limit your Internet connection.
  • Streaming and torrenting: if you are doing a high level of streaming and downloading torrents along with other devices, that might sucks the Internet too. It’s also the cause of ISP throttling.
  • Too many users: check if there is any other unidentified device connected to your router, or disconnect all devices and take speed tests. 
  • Upgrade: check your device framework, if it’s updated or not, older versions sometimes slow the browsing and streaming speed.
  • Virus: give your device a antivirus scan to check if your device is infected or not.
  • Wifi Signals: check your device signal strength, and try to relocate it.

These are the all possible scenarios that might have choked your Internet connection. If you don’t have anything from this checklist, then you are the victim of ISP throttling. 

How Can I Make My Slow Internet Fast?

Speeding up the Internet seems like a tedious task, with many factors being the real culprit. However, if you have the right strategy, you can quickly get through the Internet. Here are the ten best ways to increase your Internet speed: 

Use a reliable VPN:

If you face a slow internet speed due to ISP bandwidth throttling issues, a VPN can help mitigate that by changing your IP address. Since ISPs throttle your connection by listing your IP address within the filtering list, changing your IP address through a VPN can help mitigate that issue. 

However, not all VPNs can help you mitigate these issues and ensure fast speeds. If you opt for a free VPN, you might even face slow speeds. Since free VPNs seem like an attractive option, many people tend to use them, which is why their servers are always congested. Therefore, while using a free VPN, you might face an even more frustratingly slow internet connection. 

Therefore, it is best to opt for a reliable VPN provider if you face slow internet due to ISP throttling issues.  Here is, how to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling with the fastest VPNs.

Upgrade Your Plan

The ISPs offer multiple data plans to the users. If you are not satisfied with the speeds, you can prefer using a plan that provides a higher or unlimited speedy connection to the users. Though it would cost more to your pockets, it can save you from the frustration you face while surfing the Internet. Pick up the phone, call your ISP and ask them to let you know plans with higher speed and subscribe to them. 

Change Your ISP

As mentioned earlier, your ISP is the primary source slowing down your Internet speed. Suppose your ISP is the one, and negotiating a better plan won’t make any difference. In that case, it’s advisable that you switch to another ISP. Look around for the best ISP available in your area and the monthly data plans they’re offering to you. You can even ask other people for their suggestions and then decide which ISP to choose. 

Unfortunately, all the popular ISP providers, AT&T, CenturyLink, or Verizon, are involved in throttling no matter which data plan you use. Hence, it’s better that you use a VPN along with it. 

Relocate Your WiFi

 At times your WiFi is placed in a direction where there’s poor reach of signals. As a result, your Internet speed suffers badly. Ensure that you place your WiFi in the middle of your house or somewhere in the air direction. You can even hang it out of place in a room where you spend most of your time. 

Use Ethernet

Another best way to increase your Internet speed is to use Ethernet. Cable connections like Ethernet offer a much faster connection than a wireless connection. While using Ethernet, your device gets direct signals and relies on on-air transmissions.

 Another benefit of using Ethernet is making your WiFi connection secure and private. So, do consider using it. 

Block Intrusive Ads

 Your activities are constantly interrupted by pop-up ads whenever you browse the web. Whether you’re browsing a website, web page, or videos, you always see endless ads and auto-played videos. They are way too annoying and ruin your experience. No one likes to watch them, but your Internet connection watches them. The Ad media results in slow Internet speed. The best way to get around this problem is to use the best adblocker. 

By using a reliable ad-blocker, you can get rid of intrusive ads and even maintain your online security, as most ads are malicious. So, next time, make sure you’ve turned on your ad blocker. 

Scan for Viruses

 Viruses and malware can also be a reason for slow Internet speed. If your device is infected with viruses or malware, it’ll consume more bandwidth. This especially goes when you’re uploading personal files or downloading malicious codes on your device. To prevent any such thing from happening, make sure you scan your system for potential malware and viruses. Download a reliable antivirus or antimalware software on your device and run it while downloading any device. They will examine the files and block threat actors from harming your device. 

Add a Password to Your WiFi

Too many users connected to the same WiFi can ultimately slow down your Internet speed. Set a password to your WiFi and restrict users you don’t want to use your WiFi connection. By doing so, you can enjoy a stable Internet connection. 

Clear Your Caches

 Caches can result in website loading slow or not loading at all. They increase loads on the browser and server and gradually decrease Internet speed. If you’re a Google Chrome user, here’s how you can clear the Caches: wipe out the browser’s caches and remove files that can be a sign of worry for you. 

  • 1. Open the Chrome browser and tap on the three dots on the right side.
  •  2. Click in More tools > Clear browser cache.
  •  3. Ensure that all the necessary cache data have been checked, like browsing history, cookies, and cached files. 
  • 4. Tap on the clear button. 

Update Your Firmware

Firmware updates have the potential to speed up your Internet speed. For this purpose, you have to access your browser interface, and after completing some steps, you can successfully update the firmware. 

What Are the Reasons for a Slow Internet?

A slow Internet connection is frustrating for the users. What if someone wants to send an important email or search for something, but when they see an unstable connection, which makes things worse. But what are the reasons that result in slow Internet speed?

Here are some of the leading causes of slow Internet speed: 

ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is a common practice where the ISPs deliberately slow down your Internet speed. There are various reasons for ISP throttling your Internet connection, but the most prominent ones include high bandwidth consumption and the repeal of net neutrality. If ever you are doing activities like streaming the blocked content or downloading torrents and start to experience sluggish connection, then assume it’s your ISP behind it.

You Have Reached Data Caps

Your ISP assigns your monthly data caps, and when the allocated data caps end up so, you start to experience slow Internet speed. So, next time, if any such thing happens with you before the month ends, take your mind towards the assigned data caps. To keep a check on your data caps, ask your ISP about the limit and monitor your activities. Try not to spend excessive time streaming, downloading, and gaming as these activities finish data caps soon. 

Device Infected With Viruses

Suppose your desktop PC or laptop has a slower speed, then one probable reason would be that it’s infected with some viruses. These programs hide in some files or downloads and pass the users’ eyes. They constantly work in the background and harm your device without your consent. 

Programs Running in the Background

 Like viruses, some programs or apps run even when you’re not using them. As a result of running in the background, they slow down your speed and trouble you in doing the desired activities. 

Outdated Modem

 Such routers and modems cause issues while establishing a connection with your WiFi. Using an outdated modem is also a reason for experiencing a slow Internet speed. Ensure that you upgrade to a recent modem model to improve your Internet speed.

How to Know If Your Internet Speed Is Slower Than Normal?

An Internet speed test is a great way to know if your Internet speed is slower than usual or not. If you doubt your Internet speed and can’t decide if it is low or some of your inner suspicions, you can conduct a speed test. In the test, your downloading and upload speeds are measured, and also you know about the ping time and latency. 

To perform a speed test, visit speedtest.net and run a speed test. Note the test results, repeat the test a few times in a day or week, and compare the results. A good downloading speed is around 25 Mbps, while the uploading speed is 3 Mbps. If the speed contrasts significantly, you’re experiencing a slower Internet connection. 

How to Fix Slow Internet?

There are several reasons behind your slow Internet speed. You’re not aware of slow speeds unless you perform a speed test most of the time. Once you’re sure that your speeds are slow, it’s high time to think of ways to make your Internet speed fast. ISP throttling is one prime reason behind your slow Internet speed, and to avoid it. A legitimate VPN connects you to a remote VPN server, masks your IP address and location, and thus ensures a fast connection. It is one of the best ways to increase your Internet speed and enjoy other added benefits. 

At times, there are background apps that are increasing loads on the server, and as a result, it impacts your speed. So, you can also check for such programs and close them to maximize your Internet speed. Besides this, you can even adopt other measures like deleting caches, scanning for viruses, and updating the firmware to fasten the Internet speed. 

Final Thoughts

Your Internet speed might get slow because of various reasons. Sometimes, it’s because of the ISP that’s throttling the connection, while at other times, maybe you’re using an outdated modem that is causing technical glitches. Whatever the reason might be, slow Internet speed badly impacts your browsing activities, and you’re unable to perform your desired activities. 

To enable users to enjoy the fast Internet speed discussed above are some of the best tips to boost your Internet speeds. These methods are tested and give maximum results, so give them a try and make your Internet connection fast. 

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