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Does Spectrum Throttle Your Connection? Warner Cable Slower

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Does Spectrum Throttle

If you’re a Spectrum user formerly called the Warner Cable Times, then you’d be experiencing frequent sessions of slow internet speed. If you think that it’s all your fault or your device, it isn’t. 

Shockingly, along with the big telecom providers like Verizon and Comcast, Spectrum also purposefully throttles users’ internet connection overall and on specific websites. Whether you’re streaming, downloading torrents, or playing games, your experience would be full of lagging and long loading times. Fortunately, there are several ways to bypass Spectrum throttling

How Good is Spectrum?

Time Warner Cable was one of the fastest-growing internet providers in the US, with more than 30 million people in 41 states. Such huge stats make it the second-largest internet broadband provider in the US. In 2016, the company was acquired by Charter Communications and was popularly known as Spectrum Internet service. 

Besides offering internet service, the company has also introduced Spectrum TV, allowing users to access 250 cable channels and TV shows and movies. The best part of this streaming TV was that you could easily access the content on multiple devices via the Spectrum TV app. The TV app was compatible with all major devices and operating systems like Android, Apple, Roku, Desktop devices, Samsung TVs, gaming consoles, and other streaming devices. 

Using Spectrum TV along with the internet brings several benefits to the users. You can enjoy fast, consistent, and reliable internet speed on multiple devices with both. It was another reason behind the company’s success. 

Everything was going smoothly until, in 2017, the US Senate abolished the broadband privacy laws. This, along with the repeal of Net Neutrality, allows the ISPs, including Spectrum, to control users’ online activities and slow down the internet speed. Under these laws, if the ISP catches users in actions against their TOS or consumes much of their bandwidth. 

Spectrum users have complained about being throttled on various forums like Reddit as they stream their favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix. It is something disturbing for the customers and spoils their browsing experience.

How Does Spectrum Throttle the Connection?

In 2015, with the approval of the FCC, Charter Communication and Time Warner Cable were given a new name, ‘Spectrum.’ Since then, the internet broadband provider has been involved in throttling users’ connections that are engaged in high-bandwidth consumption activities like streaming and downloading torrents. 

The company agreed to stop the data cap practice, and they even continued this practice for seven years. It means that Spectrum doesn’t impose data caps on any of its subscription plans, and you can stream and browse the web hassle-freely. 

However, they limit bandwidth for uploading data at times of high network traffic and lower the network traffic priority. Spectrum throttle your bandwidth if they catch you, causing congestion in the network. They justify it with a narrative that they throttle users’ connections to ensure that every customer gets the same level of service. 

How to Prevent Spectrum Throttling?

Throttling violates an individual’s right to access the open internet world. If you’re looking for the best ways to bypass Spectrum throttling, you need to install a trustworthy VPN provider onto your device. A VPN is the best anonymity software to obscure your IP address and location and encrypt your data traffic

It uses robust encryption supported by secure tunneling protocols, so your ISP won’t be able to monitor or track any of the high-bandwidth-related activities. It means that you can surf the web in the way you want without any restrictions. If you want more insight into ISP throttling and bypassing it, click on this link.

Final Thoughts

Throttling is a frustrating practice from the users’ perspective that limits them from browsing at full speeds. If your telecom provider is Spectrum and, despite knowing that it throttles your internet speed, you should consider using a VPN provider if you still want to continue using it. Make sure that you end up choosing the right VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth, blazing fast speed, and a range of features that helps in bypassing ISP throttling.

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